Understanding the Significance of Canary in Urdu – An In-depth Analysis and Exploration

Urdu is a beautiful language that is widely spoken in Pakistan and parts of India. It has its own unique vocabulary that is rich in meaning and cultural significance. One interesting word in Urdu is “Canary”.

In Urdu, the word “Canary” is known as “تاکا” (Taka). It is derived from the word “Takhta” which means “wooden box” in Urdu. The reference to a wooden box is because canaries were often kept in small cages made of wood.

On a deeper level, the word “Taka” is also used to refer to someone who is bright, cheerful, and vibrant, just like the song of a canary. It is often used to describe someone who brings joy and happiness to others with their presence.

In Urdu poetry and literature, the canary holds a special place. It is often used as a metaphor for love and beauty, symbolizing the bright and melodious nature of these emotions. The canary’s song is said to awaken feelings of joy and longing in the hearts of poets and lovers alike.

So, the meaning of “Canary” in Urdu goes beyond its literal definition. It captures the essence of happiness, cheerfulness, and the beauty of love. Truly, words in Urdu have a way of painting vivid pictures in one’s mind and heart.

What Does Canary Mean in Urdu?

Urdu is a language spoken primarily in Pakistan and India. It has a rich vocabulary and many unique words that are not directly translatable into English. One such word is “Canary”.

In Urdu, “Canary” is known as “چڑیا”. It is derived from the Persian word “cheeriya” which means “bird”. The term “Canary” specifically refers to a type of small songbird known for its melodious chirping.

In Urdu literature and poetry, the canary is often used as a metaphor for beauty, grace, and harmony. It symbolizes joy, happiness, and freedom. Its sweet singing is seen as a reflection of the poet’s emotions and the beauty of nature.

Canary in Urdu Culture

The canary holds a special place in Urdu culture and is often mentioned in traditional folk songs and poetry. It is admired for its vibrant yellow color and its ability to uplift the mood with its melodious tune.

Canaries are also a popular pet bird in Urdu-speaking households. Their presence brings a sense of joy and liveliness to the environment.


In Urdu, “چڑیا” or “Canary” represents the beauty of nature, joy, and happiness. It is a symbol of grace and harmony, often used in literature and poetry to evoke emotions and describe the wonders of the natural world.

Whether in the wild or as a pet, the canary continues to captivate the hearts of Urdu speakers with its vibrant colors and beautiful songs.

Definition of Canary

A canary is a small, brightly colored songbird that is native to the Canary Islands. It is known for its melodic singing, which is why it is often kept as a pet or used in bird competitions. The word “canary” also refers to the color yellow, particularly a vibrant shade of yellow similar to the bird’s plumage.

In a broader sense, the term “canary” can be used metaphorically to describe someone or something that serves as a warning or indicator of danger. This usage originates from the practice of miners taking canaries down into mines as an early warning system for the presence of toxic gases. If the canary became sick or died, it was a sign that the air quality was dangerous for humans as well.


The word “canary” is derived from the Latin term “Canariae Insulae,” which means “Islands of the Dogs.” This name was given to the Canary Islands by ancient Romans, possibly due to the presence of large dogs on the islands. Over time, the name became associated with the islands’ avian inhabitants, including the canary bird.

In Popular Culture

Canaries have been featured in various forms of art and literature. They have often symbolized joy, cheerfulness, and optimism. Their vibrant yellow color and melodious singing make them a popular motif in paintings, poetry, and songs. In addition, the phrase “canary in a coal mine” has entered common usage to describe a person or thing that serves as an early warning sign.

Overall, the canary holds a special place in both the natural world and popular culture, representing beauty, song, and vigilance against danger.

Origin and History of Canary

The canary is a small songbird that is native to the Macaronesia region, which includes the Canary Islands, Madeira, and the Azores. It is believed to have originated from the wild serin, a finch-like bird, and was first domesticated in the 17th century.

The name “canary” is derived from the Latin word “Canariae Insulae,” meaning “Islands of Dogs,” as the islands were known for their large population of wild dogs. The birds were initially known as “Island Dogs” or “Canary Dogs” before eventually being called “canaries.”

Canaries became popular as pets due to their vibrant plumage, cheerful singing, and easy-going nature. They were highly prized and were kept by nobles and royalty. The birds also gained fame as a source of wealth and became valuable assets in trade.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, canaries were extensively used in coal mines to detect poisonous gases. Due to their high sensitivity to toxic fumes, if the canaries showed signs of distress or died, it served as an early warning signal for the miners to evacuate. This practice saved countless lives and led to the popular phrase “canary in a coal mine,” referring to an early indicator of potential danger.

Canary in Urdu

In Urdu, a canary is known as “ابابیل” (Ababeel).


The canary has a rich history and cultural significance. From its origins in the Macaronesia region to its role in detecting toxic gases in coal mines, the canary has left a lasting impact on various aspects of human society.

Canary in Urdu Language

In Urdu language, the word “canary” does not have a direct translation. However, it is commonly referred to as “parinda-e-farang”, which loosely translates to “foreign bird”. This term is used to describe canaries because they are not native to Urdu-speaking regions.

Canaries are known for their melodious songs and vibrant colors. They are a popular choice for pet owners and bird enthusiasts due to their beautiful appearance and pleasant chirping. In Urdu, they are often associated with beauty, elegance, and grace.

While the word “canary” itself may not have a specific translation in Urdu, its meaning is generally understood by Urdu speakers. The canary is a beloved bird and its presence brings joy and happiness to many people.

English Urdu
Canary Parinda-e-farang
Bird Parinda
Beauty Husn
Elegance Nazakat
Grace Khuloos

Overall, the canary holds a special place in Urdu culture and is appreciated for its beauty and enchanting songs. While its exact meaning may not be captured in a single word, its significance is well understood by Urdu speakers.

Etymology of Canary in Urdu

In Urdu, the word “canary” is transliterated as “kanari”. The term “kanari” is borrowed from the English language and refers to the small songbird that is native to the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands, located off the northwest coast of Africa, are known for their rich biodiversity and unique flora and fauna. The name “Canary Islands” is believed to originate from the Latin word “canariae insulae”, which means “island of dogs”. This name was given to the islands by the ancient Romans, who were impressed by the wild dogs that inhabited the archipelago.

However, the name of the islands eventually became associated with the small yellow songbird, commonly known as the canary. The canary bird was first introduced to Europe in the 17th century and quickly gained popularity as a pet and a singing companion. Its melodious song and vibrant yellow plumage made it a beloved creature among bird enthusiasts.

Over time, the term “canary” came to be used not only for the bird, but also for the color yellow. In Urdu, the word “kanari” can also be used to describe the color yellow or something that is bright and cheerful.

Today, the canary bird remains a popular pet and a symbol of joy and happiness. Its name, “kanari”, serves as a reminder of its unique history and the connection between Urdu and the English language.

Symbolism and Meanings of Canary in Urdu

The canary is a beloved symbol in Urdu culture, carrying a variety of meanings and symbolisms. This small, bright yellow bird has captured the hearts of many in the Urdu-speaking community, and its significance goes beyond its appearance.

1. Warmth and Happiness

Canaries are often associated with warmth and happiness in Urdu culture. The bright yellow color of the bird symbolizes joy, positivity, and sunshine. The melodious song of the canary is also believed to bring happiness and positive energy to its surroundings.

2. Resilience and Courage

Canaries are known for their resilience and courage. In Urdu culture, the canary represents the ability to overcome obstacles and face challenges with strength and determination. The bird’s ability to survive and thrive in various environments serves as an inspiration for individuals facing difficulties in their lives.

The canary’s ability to sing despite its small size is also seen as a metaphor for courage and the power of one’s voice. This symbolism encourages individuals to express themselves fearlessly and stand up for their beliefs, no matter how small or insignificant they may feel.

3. Love and Affection

Canaries are often seen as symbols of love and affection in Urdu culture. Their beautiful appearance and melodious songs evoke feelings of warmth, tenderness, and care. In relationships, the canary represents the need for nurturing, love, and understanding.

Additionally, canaries have been associated with symbols of romantic love in Urdu poetry and literature. Their presence in poetic verses often signifies the beauty and purity of love.

Symbolism Meaning in Urdu
Warmth and Happiness گرمی اور خوشی
Resilience and Courage مضبوطی اور دلیری
Love and Affection محبت اور عواطف

Overall, the canary holds significant symbolism and meanings in Urdu culture. It represents warmth, happiness, resilience, courage, love, and affection. Its vibrant appearance and melodious song make it a beloved symbol that resonates deeply with the Urdu-speaking community.

Significance of Canary in Urdu Culture

In Urdu culture, the canary holds a deep meaning and significance. It is considered a symbol of joy, happiness, and prosperity. The beautiful and melodious songs of this bright yellow bird bring a sense of tranquility and peace to people’s lives.

The canary is often associated with celebrations and festive occasions in Urdu culture. Its vibrant color and cheerful chirping are believed to bring good luck and positive energy. It is not uncommon to find canaries being kept as pets in Urdu households, where they are cherished for their beauty and their ability to uplift the spirits.

Furthermore, the canary has also been a source of artistic inspiration in Urdu culture. Its graceful movements and enchanting melodies have been depicted in various forms of art such as paintings, poetry, and music. The canary’s symbolism is often used to convey emotions of love, joy, and optimism in Urdu literature.

In addition, the canary’s lustrous yellow color is associated with wealth and prosperity in Urdu culture. It is believed that having a canary in the house brings financial stability and abundance. Therefore, many people consider the presence of a canary as an auspicious sign and a blessing.

In conclusion, the canary holds great significance in Urdu culture. It represents joy, happiness, prosperity, and is a source of inspiration for artists and writers. Its presence is linked to celebrations, good luck, and financial stability. The canary’s vibrant colors and melodious songs continue to bring positivity and uplift the spirits of people in Urdu culture.

Canary as a Metaphor in Urdu

In the Urdu language, the term “canary” can be used as a metaphor to describe someone or something that serves as a warning or indication of a potential danger or problem. The metaphor is derived from the concept of a canary in a coal mine, which refers to the use of canaries to detect harmful gases in coal mines.

In Urdu literature and poetry, the metaphor of a canary is often employed to convey the idea of a sensitive and perceptive individual who can identify and highlight underlying issues or dangers. Just as a canary’s sensitivity allows it to detect toxic gases, this metaphor suggests that certain individuals possess a similar ability to detect hidden troubles in various aspects of life.

By comparing a person to a canary, Urdu speakers emphasize the individual’s role as a watchful observer, someone who can sense and alert others to potential hazards. This metaphor reflects the value placed on astuteness and perceptiveness in Urdu culture.

In addition to its metaphorical usage, the word “canary” also holds a literal meaning in Urdu. It refers to a small and colorful bird known for its melodious singing. This dual meaning of the word adds a layer of complexity and depth to its metaphorical usage, as it implies that the individual being described possesses both an acute awareness of danger and an innate beauty or talent.

In conclusion, the metaphor of a canary in Urdu highlights the importance of individuals who possess the ability to sense and communicate potential problems. This metaphor serves as a reminder of the value placed on perceptive individuals who can play a crucial role in identifying and addressing hidden dangers in various aspects of life.

Canary in Urdu Literature and Poetry

In Urdu literature and poetry, the canary bird holds a significant meaning. Known as “parveen” in Urdu, the canary is often used as a symbol of beauty, joy, and happiness.

Urdu poets and writers often draw inspiration from the canary’s melodious songs and vibrant colors to convey themes of love, longing, and optimism in their works. The canary serves as a metaphor for the beloved or the object of desire, representing an ideal or a source of happiness.

In Urdu ghazals, a form of poetry that focuses on themes of love and romance, the canary is frequently mentioned as a symbol of the lover’s voice and the beauty of music. The singing of the canary is often compared to the sweet and enchanting words of the beloved.

Furthermore, the canary’s bright and striking feathers are often used to describe the radiance and allure of a loved one. Urdu poets use vivid descriptions of the canary’s colors to evoke images of beauty and captivation.

Overall, the inclusion of canaries in Urdu literature and poetry adds depth and richness to the themes and emotions explored in these works. They serve to enhance the imagery and symbolism, creating a vibrant and enchanting narrative for the readers.

Canary in Urdu Literature and Poetry
• Symbol of beauty and happiness
• Metaphor for love and longing
• Represents the lover’s voice in ghazals
• Describes the radiance and allure of a loved one

Canary in Urdu Proverbs and Idioms

The word “canary” in Urdu is not commonly used in proverbs or idioms. However, there are several Urdu proverbs and idioms related to birds and animals that can convey similar meanings or concepts.

One such proverb is “Admi wahi jaal jata hai, jahan wo kudh phansa hai,” which translates to “A person falls into the same trap where he has set himself.” This proverb emphasizes the idea that one’s own actions or choices can lead to negative consequences.

Another idiom related to birds is “Aag me bithaya, phool kya khak khilaenge,” which translates to “If you sit in the fire, how will flowers blossom?” This idiom signifies that being in a negative or harmful environment will not yield positive or desirable outcomes.

While there may not be specific proverbs or idioms related to canaries in Urdu, these examples demonstrate how Urdu language and culture use various proverbs and idioms to convey similar meanings or concepts.

Canary as a Bird Species in Urdu

In Urdu, the word for “canary” is “تیزی” (tezi). The canary bird is a small songbird that is popular for its beautiful melodies and vibrant colors. It belongs to the finch family and is native to the Canary Islands, Madeira, and the Azores. Canaries are known for their pleasant singing abilities, which make them popular as pets.


Canaries come in various colors, including yellow, orange, white, and red. They are usually small in size, with a length of about 12-15 centimeters. The males are known for their vibrant plumage, while females have a more subtle appearance.

Singing Abilities

One of the main reasons why canaries are popular as pets is their melodious singing abilities. Male canaries are the primary singers and often break into song to attract females or establish their territories. These songs can vary in pitch, volume, and complexity.

Canaries are known for their ability to mimic sounds and learn new tunes, making them excellent companions for bird lovers who appreciate their musical talents.

Keeping Canaries as Pets

Canaries are relatively easy to care for and make great pets for bird enthusiasts of all ages. They require a spacious cage with enough room for flying and exercise. A balanced diet of seeds, fruits, and vegetables is essential for their well-being.

It is important to provide canaries with fresh water and a regular supply of clean birdseed. Regular veterinary check-ups are also important to monitor their health and ensure early detection of any potential issues.

Overall, canaries are delightful birds that bring joy and music to their owners. Their beautiful colors and captivating songs make them a favorite choice for bird enthusiasts around the world.

Canary as a Color in Urdu

In Urdu, the word “canary” refers to a bright yellow color. This vibrant and cheerful color is often associated with the canary bird, known for its distinctive yellow plumage.

Canary yellow is a popular color choice in many aspects of life, including fashion, interior design, and even food. It is often used to create a sense of warmth and positivity, as well as to grab attention and make a statement.

Canary yellow can be found in various traditional fabrics and garments in Urdu culture, such as sarees and shalwar kameez. It is also used in the design of home decor items, like curtains, cushions, and rugs.

Meaning of Canary Yellow

The color canary yellow is associated with various meanings, including:

  1. Optimism: Canary yellow is often seen as a color that represents optimism and positivity. It is believed to uplift moods and bring about a sense of happiness.
  2. Energetic: The vibrant and lively nature of canary yellow is often associated with energy and enthusiasm.
  3. Creativity: Canary yellow is also linked to creativity and inspiration. It is believed to stimulate the mind and encourage innovative thinking.

Uses of Canary Yellow in Urdu Culture

Canary yellow is a prominent color in various aspects of Urdu culture:

  • Festivals: During festivals and celebrations, you can often see canary yellow decorations adorning homes and public spaces. It is used to add a festive and joyful touch to the surroundings.
  • Weddings: Canary yellow is a popular color choice for wedding attire and decor. It symbolizes happiness and is believed to bring good luck to the newlyweds.
  • Art and Crafts: Many traditional art forms in Urdu culture incorporate canary yellow, such as embroidery, pottery, and painting. It adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to these artistic creations.

Overall, canary yellow holds a special place in Urdu culture, representing warmth, happiness, and creativity.

Canary as a Name in Urdu

The word “canary” in Urdu is not commonly used as a name. In Urdu, the word for canary, which refers to the small, colorful songbirds, is “bulbul”. The word “bulbul” is derived from the Persian word “bulbul”, which means “nightingale”.

In Urdu literature and poetry, the name “Bulbul” is often used to symbolize beauty, joy, and the melodious sounds of nature. It is also seen as a representation of love and romance. The name “Bulbul” is sometimes given to females, symbolizing their elegance and grace.

While the name “canary” is not commonly used in Urdu, the essence of the canary bird, its vibrant colors, and cheerful singing, is often evoked through the name “Bulbul”.

Canary as a Place in Urdu

In Urdu, the word “Canary” typically refers to the name of a place rather than having a specific meaning. The term “Canary” is not a commonly used Urdu word and does not have a direct translation. However, it may be used to represent a Canary Island or a Canary City.

Canary Island in Urdu

The Canary Islands are a group of Spanish islands located off the northwestern coast of Africa. In Urdu, the term “Canary Island” can be translated as “کنیری جزیرہ” (Canary Jaziera). These islands are known for their beautiful beaches, diverse landscapes, and pleasant climate. Each island has its own unique charm and attractions, making the Canary Islands a popular tourist destination.

Canary City in Urdu

Alternatively, the term “Canary City” in Urdu can be translated as “کنیری شہر” (Canary Shehr). This could refer to a fictional or imaginary city. It is not related to a specific Urdu word with a distinct meaning, rather it is a phrase used in Urdu to indicate a city named “Canary”.

In conclusion, “Canary” in Urdu is more commonly used as a name for a place, such as a Canary Island or a Canary City, rather than having a specific meaning in the language.

Urdu Word English Translation
کنیری جزیرہ Canary Island
کنیری شہر Canary City

Similar Words to Canary in Urdu

Canary is a bird known for its bright yellow color. In Urdu, there are several words that can be used to describe a canary:

1. زرد پرندہ (Zard Parinda) – This translates to “yellow bird” in English, which is an apt description for a canary.

2. گلابی پرندہ (Gulabi Parinda) – This translates to “pink bird” in English. While canaries are typically yellow, some can have a pinkish hue in their feathers.

3. شاداب پرندہ (Shadab Parinda) – This translates to “cheerful bird” in English. Canaries are often associated with happiness and joy due to their lively nature and melodious song.

4. رنگین شرابی (Rangeen Sharabi) – This translates to “colorful drinker” in English. This phrase is used metaphorically to describe the vibrant colors of a canary’s feathers.

These are just a few examples of the similar words to canary in Urdu. Each word captures a different aspect of the canary’s appearance or nature.

Canary in Other Languages

The word “Canary” translates to different languages around the world, including Urdu. In Urdu, the meaning of Canary would be:

Urdu: مسواک

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, and it is spoken by millions of people in the country. It is known for its rich vocabulary and linguistic history.

While the word “Canary” is not of Urdu origin, it can still be used in conversation and writing when referring to the yellow singing bird, which is commonly associated with the Canary Islands.

Learning the translations of words in different languages allows us to expand our linguistic knowledge and understand the cultural diversity that exists around the world.

Popular Phrases and Expressions with Canary in Urdu

In Urdu, the word “canary” is not commonly used in everyday phrases or expressions. However, it can be used metaphorically to convey certain meanings. Here are a few examples:

1. سوئي کمیز کي طرح رنگيں رنگنا

This phrase translates to “to color like a canary shirt.” It is used to describe someone who wears bright or flashy clothes, similar to the vibrant yellow of a canary bird.

2. ايک خوشبو دار پھول کي طرح گانا گانا

This expression means “to sing like a fragrant flower.” While it does not directly mention a canary, the comparison is made to emphasize the sweetness and melodious nature of a canary’s song.

While these phrases might not be widely used, they provide insights into how the imagery of a canary can be incorporated into Urdu language and culture.


What does “Canary” mean in Urdu?

In Urdu, “Canary” means “گانے کا پرندہ” which translates to “singing bird” in English.

How do you say “Canary” in Urdu?

The word for “Canary” in Urdu is “گانے کا پرندہ”.

What is the translation of “Canary” to Urdu?

The translation of “Canary” to Urdu is “گانے کا پرندہ”.

What is the meaning of “Canary” in Urdu?

The meaning of “Canary” in Urdu is “گانے کا پرندہ”, which refers to a singing bird.

Can you tell me the Urdu word for “Canary”?

The Urdu word for “Canary” is “گانے کا پرندہ”.

What is the meaning of Canary in Urdu?

Canary in Urdu is known as “بلدیا” (bulbul).

How do you say Canary in Urdu?

The word for Canary in Urdu is “بلدیا” (bulbul).

What is the Urdu translation of Canary?

The Urdu translation of Canary is “بلدیا” (bulbul).