Massive Swells in the Canary Islands Attract Surfers from Around the Globe

Pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and a thrilling big wave experience await avid surfers in the Canary Islands. Nestled off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, this archipelago is renowned for its world-class surfing spots and consistently big waves that attract adrenaline-seeking surf enthusiasts from around the globe.

The Canary Islands boast a unique geographical location that contributes to the formation of these massive waves. The islands are situated where the warm waters of the Gulf Stream collide with the cool waters of the North Atlantic, creating a perfect storm for wave development. This dynamic combination of currents and a diverse underwater terrain results in powerful swells that challenge even the most experienced surfers.

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, the islands offer a wide range of surfing opportunities for all skill levels. From beginners to professional surfers, there are waves suited to everyone’s taste. Whether you prefer the thrilling ride of the powerful reef breaks or the gentler waves at the pristine sandy beaches, the Canary Islands have it all.

Surfing in the Canary Islands is not just about catching big waves; it’s an experience that immerses you in the unique local culture and breathtaking natural beauty. After a day of exhilarating surf sessions, surfers can relax and unwind in the charming coastal villages, indulge in delicious local cuisine, or explore the awe-inspiring volcanic landscapes that define this paradise.

Exploring Big Waves in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, located off the west coast of Africa, are renowned for their incredible waves. Surfers from around the world travel to these volcanic islands in search of the perfect wave.

With their unique geographical location, the Canary Islands benefit from consistent swells and offshore winds, making it an ideal destination for surfers of all levels. From beginners to professionals, there are waves to suit everyone’s skill and experience.

One of the most famous surf spots in the Canary Islands is El Confital in Gran Canaria. This reef break offers powerful and hollow waves, attracting surfers who love the thrill of big barrels. Another popular surf spot is El Quemao in Lanzarote, which is known for its heavy and challenging waves.

In addition to these well-known surf spots, the Canary Islands offer a variety of breaks catering to different styles of surfing. Whether you prefer long point breaks, fast beach breaks, or big wave spots, you can find it all in the Canary Islands.

Surfing in the Canary Islands is not just about the waves, but also the stunning natural beauty of the islands themselves. Surfers can enjoy breathtaking views of volcanoes, rugged coastlines, and pristine beaches while waiting for the next set to roll in.

If you’re planning a surfing trip, the Canary Islands should be at the top of your list. With its consistent waves, beautiful landscapes, and welcoming surf community, it’s truly a surfer’s paradise.

Island Famous Surf Spots
Gran Canaria El Confital
Lanzarote El Quemao
Tenerife La Izquierda
Fuerteventura Rocky Point

The Unique Appeal of the Canary Islands for Surfers

The Canary Islands are renowned for their incredible waves, drawing surfers from all over the world to this surfer’s paradise. With its favorable location in the Atlantic Ocean, the islands are blessed with consistent swells that provide ideal conditions for both beginner and professional surfers.

One of the main attractions of surfing in the Canary Islands is the variety of waves available. From powerful reef breaks to mellow beach breaks, there is something for every surfer’s taste and skill level. The islands offer a wide range of breaks, including point breaks, reef breaks, and beach breaks, ensuring that surfers of all abilities can find their perfect wave.

Another unique feature of surfing in the Canary Islands is the year-round surf season. Unlike other popular surf destinations, the islands experience consistent waves throughout the year, thanks to their positioning in the Atlantic Ocean. This allows surfers to enjoy the thrill of riding waves no matter the season, making the Canary Islands an ideal destination for surfers looking for a year-round surf adventure.

In addition to the great waves, the islands also offer stunning natural beauty. Surfers can enjoy breathtaking views of volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters while catching waves. The combination of world-class surf breaks and picturesque surroundings creates an unforgettable experience for surfers visiting the Canary Islands.

Furthermore, the islands boast a vibrant surf culture, with a strong sense of community among surfers. Surf schools, surf camps, and local surf shops can be found throughout the islands, providing a welcoming and supportive environment for surfers of all levels. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Canary Islands offer a friendly and inclusive surf scene that will make you feel right at home.

Overall, the Canary Islands stand out as a top surf destination due to their consistent waves, diverse breaks, year-round surf season, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant surf culture. Whether you are a dedicated surfer or just starting out, the islands offer an unforgettable experience for anyone looking to ride the waves. So pack your board and head to the Canary Islands for a surf adventure like no other!

World-Class Surfing Spots in the Canary Islands

The big waves of the Canary Islands make it a paradise for surfers from all over the world. With its unique geographical location and consistent swells, the islands have become a hot spot for professional surfers and enthusiasts alike.

One of the top surfing spots in the Canary Islands is Fuerteventura. With its long sandy beaches and powerful waves, it offers ideal conditions for both beginners and experienced surfers. El Cotillo and Majanicho are two popular spots in Fuerteventura known for their consistent swells and challenging breaks.

Tenerife is another world-class surfing destination in the Canary Islands. One of the most famous surf spots on the island is Playa de Las Americas, which offers a variety of breaks for surfers of all levels. The reefs of El Medio and Los Cristianos are also popular among surfers looking for more advanced waves.

Lanzarote is known for its volcanic landscapes and fantastic waves. Famara Beach is the go-to spot for surfers in Lanzarote, with its long sandy beach and powerful waves. The reef breaks of La Santa and Playa Quemada provide challenging conditions for experienced surfers.

Island Surfing Spot
Fuerteventura El Cotillo
Fuerteventura Majanicho
Tenerife Playa de Las Americas
Tenerife El Medio
Lanzarote Famara Beach
Lanzarote La Santa
Lanzarote Playa Quemada

No matter which island you choose to surf in the Canary Islands, you’re guaranteed to find world-class waves and a vibrant surf culture. So grab your board and head to the Canary Islands for an unforgettable surfing experience!

Chasing the Perfect Wave in Fuerteventura

When it comes to surfing, the Canary Islands are known for their big waves and ideal conditions. And if you’re a surfer looking for the perfect wave, then Fuerteventura is the place to be.

The Perfect Location

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands and is renowned for its incredible waves. The island’s unique geography and position make it a prime spot for big swells and consistent surf breaks.

An Adventurer’s Paradise

Fuerteventura offers a diverse range of surf spots, catering to surfers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, you can find a spot that suits your style and skill level. The island’s long stretches of sandy beaches and volcanic rock formations create a variety of breaks, ensuring that every surfer can find their own slice of paradise.

So pack your surfboard and head to Fuerteventura, where big waves, beautiful scenery, and a thriving surf culture await you.

Adrenaline Rush: Surfing in Lanzarote

Located in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is a surfer’s paradise with its big waves and beautiful beaches. This volcanic island offers a unique and thrilling experience for surfers of all levels.

If you are a beginner, there are plenty of surf schools and instructors available to teach you the basics and help you catch your first waves. The warm water and consistent waves make learning to surf in Lanzarote an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

For more experienced surfers, the powerful waves and challenging breaks offer an adrenaline rush like no other. The famous break at Famara Beach is known for its world-class waves, attracting surfers from around the globe. It is a truly exhilarating experience to ride these massive swells and test your skills against nature’s forces.

Surfing in Lanzarote is not just about the waves, but also the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the island. From the rugged coastline to the vibrant marine life, there is so much to explore and appreciate. Whether you are waiting for your next set or taking a break from the waves, Lanzarote offers a breathtaking backdrop.

So pack your wetsuit and board and head to Lanzarote for an unforgettable surfing adventure. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the canary islands will provide the perfect setting for an adrenaline-fueled experience in the world of surfing.

Riding the Big Waves of Tenerife

If you’re a surfer looking for the ultimate thrill, head to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Known for its big waves, this paradise offers some of the best surfing conditions in the world.

The Power of Big Waves

The big waves in Tenerife are a result of the island’s unique geography. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife is exposed to powerful swells created by weather systems and ocean currents. This creates ideal conditions for big wave surfing.

World-Class Surfing Spots

Tenerife boasts several world-class surfing spots that cater to different skill levels. El Medano is a popular spot for beginners, offering consistent waves and a sandy bottom. For more experienced surfers, Playa de Las Americas provides challenging reef breaks and powerful waves that can reach heights of up to 6 meters.

Another must-visit spot for big wave enthusiasts is Punta de Teno. Located on the northwest coast of the island, this remote spot offers massive waves that can reach heights of over 10 meters. However, due to its challenging conditions, it is recommended for experienced surfers only.

Surfing Events and Culture

For those looking to witness the incredible skill of professional surfers, Tenerife hosts various surfing events throughout the year. The Tenerife Surf Pro is a prestigious event that attracts some of the world’s best surfers to compete in the island’s impressive waves.

Surfing is deeply embedded in the culture of Tenerife, with many locals being passionate about the sport. You’ll find surf schools, shops, and surfboard rentals throughout the island, making it easy for visitors to get involved and experience the thrill of riding the big waves.

Unleashing Your Skills in Gran Canaria

If you’re looking to test your abilities in the world of surfing, Gran Canaria is the perfect destination. With its big waves and stunning landscapes, this island offers a paradise for surfers of all levels.

Known for its consistent surf conditions, Gran Canaria attracts surfers from around the world. Whether you’re a beginner looking to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer seeking some adrenaline-pumping action, the island’s diverse breaks cater to all levels of expertise.

One of the best spots to unleash your skills is the iconic Pozo Izquierdo beach. This beach is famous for its powerful waves and strong winds, making it a haven for advanced surfers. The challenging conditions here will push your surfing boundaries and take your skills to new heights.

For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, head to Las Canteras beach. The waves here are milder and more gentle, perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their techniques. The long sandy beach is also ideal for longboarding and enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

Aside from the incredible waves, Gran Canaria boasts stunning landscapes that will leave you in awe. From volcanic mountains to picturesque coastal cliffs, the island offers a breathtaking backdrop for your surfing adventures. Take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty before paddling out into the waves.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Gran Canaria has something for everyone. With its big waves, beautiful beaches, and welcoming surf community, this island is a surfer’s paradise waiting to be explored.

Surfing Challenges in La Palma

La Palma, one of the Canary Islands, offers an exhilarating surfing experience for those seeking big waves and thrilling challenges. With its volcanic landscape and unique geography, this island provides surfers with an unforgettable adventure.

1. Powerful Waves

La Palma is known for its powerful and consistent waves, attracting surfers from around the world. The island’s rugged coastline and strong Atlantic swells create ideal conditions for catching big waves. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, you can find suitable breaks throughout the island.

2. Varied Surf Spots

La Palma boasts a variety of surf spots that cater to different skill levels and wave preferences. From the famous Playa de Las Monjas with its long, peeling waves to the challenging reef breaks at El Bunker, the island has something for everyone. Surfers can explore the diverse waves and discover new spots, adding excitement and exploration to their surfing journey.

Surf Spot Wave Type Difficulty
Playa de Las Monjas Point Break Intermediate
El Bunker Reef Break Advanced
Charco Azul Beach Break Beginner

Surfers can also enjoy the freedom of exploring uncrowded breaks and finding their own perfect wave, away from the hustle and bustle of more popular surf destinations.

Surfing in La Palma is not without its challenges, but the rewards are well worth it. The island’s natural beauty, powerful waves, and varied surf spots make it a paradise for surfers looking for an unforgettable experience.

Discovering the Hidden Waves of El Hierro

The Canary Islands are renowned for their big waves and vibrant surf scene. While most surfers flock to popular spots like Gran Canaria and Tenerife, the island of El Hierro offers a hidden gem for those seeking a more secluded surfing experience.

Nestled in the westernmost part of the Canary Islands, El Hierro boasts a rugged coastline and a unique blend of volcanic landscapes. Its remote location and lack of extensive development have helped preserve the island’s natural beauty and pristine waves.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, El Hierro is exposed to swells from various directions, making it a diverse playground for surfers of all levels. From gentle beach breaks to powerful reef breaks, the island offers something for everyone.

One of the standout surf spots on El Hierro is the famous Punta Grande. Located on the north coast of the island, this powerful reef break can produce big and hollow waves that attract experienced surfers from around the world. With its consistent swell and challenging conditions, Punta Grande is not for the faint-hearted.

If you prefer a more mellow surf session, head to the picturesque bay of La Maceta. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs, this sandy beach break offers a less intense but equally enjoyable surfing experience. The crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, exploring the hidden waves of El Hierro is a must for any avid wave rider. With its sheer natural beauty and uncrowded breaks, the island promises a unique and unforgettable surfing adventure.

Surfing Etiquette and Safety Tips in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are renowned for their big waves and are a surfer’s paradise. However, it is important for surfers to be aware of the proper etiquette and safety tips to ensure a positive and enjoyable surfing experience. Here are some key guidelines to follow when surfing in the Canary Islands:

  • Respect the locals: The Canary Islands have a strong surfing community, and it’s important to show respect to the local surfers. Don’t drop in on someone else’s wave and always wait for your turn.
  • Know your ability: The big waves in the Canary Islands can be challenging, so it’s essential to know your limits. If you’re a beginner or not comfortable with larger swells, stick to smaller breaks or consider taking lessons before tackling the bigger waves.
  • Wear appropriate gear: Always wear a leash to ensure your board stays with you in case of a wipeout. Additionally, wearing a wetsuit is recommended, as the water temperature can be cooler than expected.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to other surfers, swimmers, and any potential hazards in the water. Keep a safe distance from others to avoid collisions or accidents.
  • Follow the rules: Familiarize yourself with any local rules or regulations at the surf spot you’re visiting. Some breaks may have specific guidelines or time restrictions to ensure the safety of everyone in the water.
  • Respect the environment: Keep the beaches and ocean clean by picking up your trash and avoiding any harmful behaviors towards marine life or the ecosystem.
  • Be mindful of your surfing etiquette: Communicate with other surfers in the lineup and share the waves. Avoid snaking or cutting others off, and don’t hog all the waves for yourself.
  • Stay safe: Prioritize your safety by checking the weather conditions, tides, and swell forecasts before heading out. If the conditions are beyond your skill level or if you’re unsure, it’s best to wait for more suitable conditions.

By following these surfing etiquette and safety tips, you can have an incredible surfing experience in the Canary Islands while respecting the local community, staying safe, and enjoying the beauty of the waves.

Best Time of the Year for Big Waves in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are renowned for their big waves, attracting surfers from around the world. If you’re planning a surf trip to the Canary Islands, it’s important to know the best time of year to catch those epic waves.

The Canary Islands benefit from a unique geographical position, which creates consistent swells throughout the year. However, there are certain seasons that offer the best conditions for big waves.

From November to February, the Canary Islands experience larger swells due to the winter storms in the North Atlantic. These storms generate powerful waves that crash against the shores of the islands, creating perfect surf conditions.

During this time, the islands also enjoy relatively mild and pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal destination for surfers seeking both great waves and comfortable weather.

It’s important to note that while the winter months offer the biggest waves, they also attract larger crowds of surfers. If you prefer a quieter surf experience, you may want to consider visiting in the shoulder seasons, such as spring or autumn, when the waves are still good but the beaches are less crowded.

Each island in the Canaries has its own unique surf spots, and the best time for big waves may vary slightly between them. For example, spots like El Quemao in Lanzarote are known for their epic waves during winter, while spots like El Confital in Gran Canaria may offer great waves year-round.

Overall, the Canary Islands offer incredible wave consistency and a variety of surf spots suitable for all levels of surfers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, there’s a perfect wave waiting for you in the canary waves islands!

Essential Gear for Surfers in the Canary Islands

When it comes to surfing in the Canary Islands, having the right gear can make all the difference. With the big waves that can be found in this beautiful island chain, it’s important to be prepared with the essential equipment that will keep you safe and ensure a great surfing experience.

Surfboard: A good surfboard is essential for riding the big waves in the Canary Islands. Choose a board that is appropriate for your skill level and the type of waves you’ll be surfing. Whether you prefer a shortboard, longboard, or fish board, make sure it’s in good condition and suitable for the conditions you’ll be facing.

Wetsuit: The water in the Canary Islands can be quite chilly, especially during certain times of the year. A wetsuit is a must-have gear for surfers here to keep you warm and protected from the elements. Choose a wetsuit with the right thickness for the water temperature and make sure it fits you well to provide maximum flexibility and insulation.

Leash: A leash is an important safety device that keeps you connected to your surfboard. It prevents your board from getting away from you and helps you stay safe in the water. Make sure your leash is strong and securely attached to your board so that you don’t lose it in the powerful waves.

Sunscreen: The Canary Islands are known for their year-round sunny weather, which means you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun. Protect your skin from damaging UV rays by applying a waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF. Don’t forget to reapply regularly, as the water and sweat can wash it off.

Fins: The right set of fins can greatly enhance your surfing performance. Choose fins that match your style and the conditions you’ll be surfing in. Whether you prefer single fins, thruster fins, or quad fins, make sure they are in good condition and properly installed on your board.

Surf Wax: To maintain grip on your surfboard, you’ll need to apply surf wax. The warm water temperatures in the Canary Islands may require a tropical wax, which is stickier and more suitable for warm water conditions. Make sure to apply a fresh coat of wax before each session to ensure optimal traction.

With the right gear, you’ll be fully prepared to take on the big waves in the Canary Islands. Remember to always prioritize safety and have a great time experiencing the amazing surf that this island paradise has to offer.

Finding Accommodation for Surfers in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are known for their breathtaking natural beauty and world-class waves, making them a surfer’s paradise. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or an experienced surfer searching for the perfect wave, the Canary Islands offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit every surfer’s needs.

Hotels and Resorts

For those seeking luxury and convenience, there are plenty of hotels and resorts located throughout the Canary Islands. These establishments often offer amenities such as surfboard rentals, surf lessons, and guided excursions to the best surf spots. Many hotels also have breathtaking ocean views, allowing you to wake up to the sound of crashing waves every morning.

Surf Camps

If you’re looking to immerse yourself fully in the surf culture, a surf camp is a fantastic option. These camps cater specifically to surfers and provide a unique opportunity to learn from experienced instructors while connecting with like-minded individuals. Surf camps often include accommodation, meals, and surf lessons, making them a convenient and cost-effective choice.

Many surf camps in the Canary Islands also offer additional activities such as yoga sessions, beach clean-ups, and cultural excursions, allowing you to make the most of your time on the islands.

Local Guesthouses and Apartments

If you prefer a more independent and authentic experience, consider staying in a local guesthouse or renting an apartment. These options allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture and get a taste of island life. Many guesthouses and apartments are conveniently located near the best surf spots, ensuring you don’t have to travel far to catch those epic waves.

Staying in a local guesthouse or apartment also gives you the freedom to explore the islands at your own pace and discover hidden gems off the beaten path.

When looking for accommodation in the Canary Islands, it’s essential to consider factors such as proximity to surf spots, amenities offered, and budget. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to book in advance, especially during the peak surfing season.


The Canary Islands provide a wide range of accommodation options for surfers, catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you choose to stay in a luxurious hotel, a surf camp, or a local guesthouse, you’ll find yourself surrounded by stunning natural beauty and world-class waves. Start planning your surfing adventure in the Canary Islands today!

Exploring the Local Culture and Cuisine Between Surf Sessions

When you’re not riding the big waves in the Canary Islands, take some time to immerse yourself in the local culture and cuisine. These islands have so much more to offer than just amazing surf!

Start by exploring the unique culture of the Canary Islands. With a rich history influenced by the Spanish, African, and Latin American cultures, you’ll find a vibrant mix of traditions and customs. Visit local museums and art galleries to learn about the islands’ past and present, and don’t miss the chance to attend traditional musical and dance performances.

While you’re here, be sure to indulge in the delicious local cuisine. The Canary Islands are known for their fresh and flavorful seafood dishes, such as “papas arrugadas” (wrinkled potatoes) served with mojo sauce, and “pescado a la plancha” (grilled fish). Don’t forget to try some of the local cheeses and wines, which are highly regarded both locally and internationally.

To fully experience the local culture and cuisine, consider taking a cooking class or a food tour. Learn how to prepare traditional Canarian dishes using fresh, local ingredients, and get insider tips on the best places to eat and drink on the islands. You’ll not only satisfy your taste buds, but also gain a deeper appreciation for the culinary traditions of the Canary Islands.

Things to Do Places to Eat
Visit local museums and art galleries Try seafood dishes at La Terraza del Gato
Attend traditional musical and dance performances Taste local cheeses at Quesería Fausto
Take a cooking class or food tour Enjoy grilled fish at Restaurante El Rincón de Juan Carlos

Exploring the local culture and cuisine between surf sessions in the Canary Islands is a must-do for any traveler. Soak up the vibrant traditions, savor the delicious flavors, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Surfing Competitions and Events in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are renowned for their massive waves, making them a surfer’s paradise. This surfing destination attracts professional surfers from all around the world to participate in various competitions and events. The combination of the powerful Atlantic swells and the unique volcanic landscape sets the perfect stage for these thrilling contests.

Canary Islands Surfing Championship

One of the biggest surfing competitions in the Canary Islands is the Canary Islands Surfing Championship. This annual event brings together some of the best surfers in the world to showcase their skills and compete for the title. Held at different locations across the islands, the championship attracts a large number of spectators who come to witness the impressive waves and the incredible talent on display.

Big Wave Surfing Festival

Another popular event in the Canary Islands is the Big Wave Surfing Festival. As the name suggests, this festival is all about riding the biggest waves the islands have to offer. Surfers from around the globe gather here to challenge themselves and push the limits of the sport. The festival features exciting competitions where surfers battle it out on the enormous waves, creating a thrilling and unforgettable spectacle for both participants and spectators.

These competitions and events not only bring together the surfing community but also attract tourists and locals alike who are mesmerized by the adrenaline-filled performances. Whether you are a seasoned surfer or just a fan of the sport, experiencing these events in the Canary Islands is an incredible opportunity to witness the power and beauty of big wave surfing in one of the most stunning locations in the world.

Planning Your Unforgettable Surfing Trip to the Canary Islands

If you’re searching for the ultimate surfing experience, look no further than the Canary Islands. With its pristine beaches and world-renowned waves, this archipelago is a true paradise for surfers of all levels.

Choose the Right Time

The Canary Islands are blessed with consistent waves all year round, so you can plan your trip according to your preferences and skill level. The winter months, from November to February, offer the biggest and most powerful waves, making it the ideal time for experienced surfers. For beginners, the summer months provide smaller and more manageable waves.

Find the Perfect Spot

The Canary Islands are home to a variety of surf spots, each offering its own unique charm and wave conditions. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, you’ll find a spot that suits your needs. Some popular surf spots include El Confital in Gran Canaria, El Hierro in Tenerife, and Playa de Famara in Lanzarote.

El Confital is known for its hollow and powerful waves, making it perfect for experienced surfers. El Hierro offers a wide range of breaks for surfers of all levels. Playa de Famara is a beautiful sandy beach with consistent waves, making it a great spot for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Pack Your Gear

When planning your surfing trip to the Canary Islands, don’t forget to pack your surfboard and wetsuit. The water temperature varies throughout the year, so make sure to bring a wetsuit that suits the current conditions. It’s also a good idea to bring some sunscreen, a rash guard, and a leash for your surfboard.

If you prefer not to travel with your gear, the Canary Islands have plenty of surf shops and rental options available. You can easily rent everything you need upon arrival, ensuring a hassle-free surfing experience.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

While the waves are the main attraction in the Canary Islands, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. Explore the charming island towns, sample traditional Canarian cuisine, and learn about the islands’ rich history.

With its incredible waves, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant culture, the Canary Islands offer an unforgettable surfing experience. Start planning your trip today and get ready to ride the big waves in this surfer’s paradise!


What are the best surfing spots in the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands have several great surfing spots, but some of the best ones include Playa de Famara in Lanzarote, El Quemao in Fuerteventura, and La Santa in Lanzarote. These spots offer consistent and powerful waves that attract surfers from around the world.

What is the best time of year to surf in the Canary Islands?

The best time to surf in the Canary Islands is during the winter months, from October to March. This is when the islands receive the most consistent swells and bigger waves. The water temperature remains comfortable throughout the year, ranging from 18°C to 22°C, so you can enjoy surfing even during the colder months.

Are there surfing schools or instructors available in the Canary Islands?

Yes, there are surfing schools and instructors available in the Canary Islands. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, you can find professional instructors who can help you improve your skills and teach you the basics of surfing. Some surf schools even offer surf camps for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the surfing experience.

Are there any safety precautions to consider while surfing in the Canary Islands?

While surfing in the Canary Islands, it is important to consider some safety precautions. First, always check the weather and surf conditions before heading out. Strong currents and powerful waves can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced surfers. It is also recommended to surf with a buddy and to be aware of your limits. Wearing a leash and appropriate surf gear is also important for safety.

What other activities can you do in the Canary Islands besides surfing?

The Canary Islands offer a wide range of activities besides surfing. You can explore the beautiful volcanic landscapes, go hiking in the stunning national parks, or relax on the pristine beaches. The islands are also known for their vibrant nightlife and delicious local cuisine. Additionally, you can try other water sports such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, or scuba diving.

What are the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands are a group of Spanish islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of northwestern Africa.

Are the Canary Islands a popular destination for surfers?

Yes, the Canary Islands are considered a paradise for surfers due to their ideal wave conditions.