Who Plays Canary in Arrow Season Now? Find Out Who Takes on the Role of the Fierce Superhero!

When it comes to the character of Canary in the hit TV series “Arrow,” fans have been captivated since the show’s inception. The character, known for her incredible fighting skills and mysterious persona, has become a fan favorite.

But who plays Canary in “Arrow”? The actress behind this iconic role is none other than Katie Cassidy. With her strong and commanding presence, Cassidy brings the character of Canary to life in a way that captivates audiences.

Throughout the series, Cassidy’s portrayal of Canary has evolved and grown, allowing viewers to witness her transformation from a vigilante seeking justice to a key member of Team Arrow. Her performance is both powerful and emotionally charged, making her a standout among the ensemble cast.

With her exceptional acting skills and undeniable chemistry with her co-stars, Cassidy has proven time and time again that she is the perfect choice to play Canary in “Arrow.” Her portrayal of this complex character has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on fans worldwide.

The Actresses Who Play Canary in Arrow

Canary is a beloved character in the hit TV series “Arrow,” known for her fierce fighting skills and unwavering determination. Over the years, multiple actresses have taken on the role of Canary, each bringing their own unique interpretation to the character.

Katie Cassidy

One of the most well-known actresses to play Canary is Katie Cassidy. She portrayed Laurel Lance, who eventually takes up the mantle of Canary after her sister’s death. Cassidy’s portrayal of Canary showcased her growth from a grieving sister to a powerful vigilante determined to protect her city.

Juliana Harkavy

In later seasons of “Arrow,” Juliana Harkavy took on the role of Dinah Drake, another incarnation of Canary. Harkavy brought a strong presence to the character, showcasing her fighting skills and no-nonsense attitude. Her portrayal added a new dynamic to the team and further expanded the legacy of Canary.

These talented actresses, both Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy, have made their mark on the character of Canary in “Arrow.” Fans have grown to love and appreciate their performances, adding depth and complexity to the role.

The legacy of Canary continues to evolve in the Arrowverse, with other actresses taking on the mantle in spin-off shows such as “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” Each actress brings their own interpretation and adds to the rich history of the character.

Season 1: Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy plays the character of Laurel Lance, also known as Canary, in the television series “Arrow”. She first appears in Season 1 and continues to play an important role throughout the series.

Laurel Lance is a lawyer by profession and the former girlfriend of Oliver Queen, the main character in “Arrow”. After a series of events, she joins the fight against crime in Starling City and takes on the vigilante persona of Canary.

Throughout Season 1, Katie Cassidy’s portrayal of Laurel Lance showcases her character’s determination, intelligence, and strong will. As Canary, she uses her martial arts skills and sonic scream to protect the innocent and fight against injustice.

In addition to her crime-fighting duties, Laurel Lance also faces personal and emotional challenges throughout Season 1. She deals with the loss of her sister, Sara Lance, who was the original Canary. Laurel takes it upon herself to honor her sister’s legacy and becomes an important member of Team Arrow.

Relationship with Oliver Queen

One of the central storylines in Season 1 is the complex relationship between Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen. They have a complicated history, as Oliver had cheated on Laurel with her sister, Sara, before the series began.

Despite their past, Laurel and Oliver have a strong connection and share a deep love for each other. Throughout Season 1, they navigate their feelings and try to reconcile their differences while working together to protect the city.

Development as Canary

As Season 1 progresses, Laurel Lance’s transformation into Canary becomes more apparent. She trains under the guidance of Ted Grant, a former vigilante known as Wildcat, and hones her fighting skills.

Laurel’s journey as Canary is one of self-discovery and redemption. She embraces her sister’s legacy and steps up as a formidable protector of Starling City. While facing danger and adversity, she proves herself as a capable and fearless member of Team Arrow.

Katie Cassidy’s portrayal of Laurel Lance in Season 1 sets the foundation for her character’s growth and development throughout the series. Her performance captivates audiences and establishes Canary as a beloved and integral part of the “Arrow” universe.

Season 2: Caity Lotz

In the second season of Arrow, the character of Canary was played by Caity Lotz. Lotz took over the role after the departure of Katie Cassidy’s character Laurel Lance, who had previously portrayed the first incarnation of the Black Canary.

Caity Lotz’s portrayal of Canary in Arrow was highly praised by both critics and fans. Her performance brought a new energy and intensity to the character, making Canary one of the standout heroes in the series.

Lotz’s Canary was known for her exceptional combat skills, agility, and use of a staff as her weapon of choice. She became a valuable member of Team Arrow, working alongside Oliver Queen/Green Arrow to fight crime and protect Starling City.

Character Development

Throughout Season 2, Lotz’s Canary went through significant character development. She started out as a mysterious vigilante known as “The Woman in Leather” before revealing her true identity as Sara Lance, Laurel Lance’s presumed-dead sister.

Sara’s journey as Canary was intertwined with her efforts to reconnect with her family. She struggled with guilt and redemption, trying to make amends for her past mistakes while navigating the dangerous world of vigilantism.


Caity Lotz’s portrayal of Canary in Arrow left a lasting impact on the character’s legacy in the Arrowverse. Her character’s arc paved the way for the introduction of other versions of Black Canary in future Arrowverse shows such as Legends of Tomorrow.

Season 3: Katie Cassidy Returns

In Arrow season 3, Katie Cassidy returns to play the role of Canary. Cassidy’s character, Laurel Lance, takes on the mantle of Canary after her sister, Sara Lance, is killed. Laurel initially struggles with filling the shoes of her sister, but eventually becomes a skilled and formidable vigilante.

Throughout the season, Laurel’s transformation into Canary is depicted through intense training sequences and emotionally charged storylines. Cassidy’s portrayal of Laurel’s journey from mourning sister to crime-fighting hero is both compelling and inspiring.

As Canary, Laurel becomes an integral part of Team Arrow and works alongside Oliver Queen, also known as Arrow. Together, they fight against crime and protect Starling City.

Katie Cassidy’s return to the role of Canary in season 3 of Arrow showcases her versatility as an actress and cements her character as a fan-favorite in the series.

Season Actress Character
1 Katie Cassidy Laurel Lance
2 Caity Lotz Sara Lance
3 Katie Cassidy Laurel Lance

Season 4: Laurel Lance’s Death

In Season 4 of the television series “Arrow,” the character of Laurel Lance, who plays the role of Canary, tragically dies. Laurel Lance, portrayed by actress Katie Cassidy, had been a prominent character in the show since its inception and her death had a significant impact on the storyline.

The Death of Canary

Laurel Lance’s death in Season 4 shocked the fans of the show. After fighting crime alongside Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow, as Canary, she met her untimely demise.

The death of Laurel Lance was a turning point in the story, as it marked the end of the character’s journey and had a profound effect on the other characters. It served as a catalyst for many storylines in subsequent seasons.

Impact on the Characters

Laurel Lance’s death had a profound impact on both the protagonist, Oliver Queen, and the other characters in the show. It led to a sense of loss and grief, pushing the characters to reconsider their paths and motivations.

Oliver Queen, particularly affected by Laurel’s death, was driven to honor her memory by continuing the fight against crime. This event led to the emergence of new heroes and a shift in the dynamics of the show.

Continuing the Legacy

Although Laurel Lance’s death was a significant loss for the characters and the fans, her legacy continued to resonate throughout the series. Other characters, such as her sister Sara Lance, took on the mantle of Canary and carried on the fight in her honor.

The death of Laurel Lance in Season 4 of “Arrow” was a pivotal moment in the show’s storyline. It showcased the consequences of a hero’s journey and how their absence can impact those they leave behind.

Season 5: Dinah Drake

In the fifth season of Arrow, the character of Canary is played by Juliana Harkavy. She portrays the character of Dinah Drake, who becomes the new Black Canary. Dinah Drake is an exceptional meta-human fighter with a unique ability known as the Canary Cry, which allows her to emit high-frequency sonic waves.

Dinah Drake joins Team Arrow and plays a crucial role in fighting crime and protecting Star City. She brings a fresh perspective to the team and adds a new dynamic to their operations.

Throughout Season 5, Dinah Drake’s character development is explored, and her backstory as a former Central City Police Officer is revealed. She proves to be a valuable asset to Team Arrow and gains the trust and respect of her teammates.

Training and Skills

Dinah Drake undergoes rigorous training to refine her combat skills and to control her Canary Cry. She becomes an expert hand-to-hand combatant and displays impressive agility and strength in her fights against the adversaries of Star City.

Her ability to emit high-frequency sonic waves with her Canary Cry allows her to incapacitate opponents and shatter objects from a distance. This power becomes a powerful tool in the battle against crime.

Character Arc

As the season progresses, Dinah Drake’s character evolves and she becomes a key member of Team Arrow. She navigates her personal struggles, deals with her past, and forges strong relationships with her teammates.

Dinah Drake’s presence as Canary brings a sense of hope and inspiration to the citizens of Star City. She embodies the spirit of justice and stands for what is right, making her a true hero in her own right.

Actress Character
Juliana Harkavy Dinah Drake / Canary

Season 6: Juliana Harkavy

In Season 6 of the hit TV show Arrow, Juliana Harkavy plays the role of Canary. She takes on the mantle of the vigilante after the original Canary, Sara Lance, leaves the team. Harkavy’s portrayal of Canary is strong and powerful, bringing a new energy to the character.

Harkavy’s Canary is a skilled fighter and expert in hand-to-hand combat. She uses her skills to protect Star City and fight against crime and corruption. Her canary cry, a powerful sonic scream, is her signature move and helps her take down enemies.

Throughout Season 6, Harkavy’s Canary faces numerous challenges and obstacles as she navigates her role as a vigilante. She forms strong bonds with the other members of Team Arrow and becomes a vital part of the team.

Harkavy’s performance as Canary in Arrow has received praise from fans and critics alike. Her portrayal of the character brings depth and layers to Canary, making her a fan favorite. Harkavy’s strong presence on screen and her dedication to the role make her a standout performer in the show.

Arrow fans can look forward to seeing more of Juliana Harkavy’s Canary in future seasons of the show, as she continues to play a pivotal role in the fight against crime in Star City.

Season 7: Katherine McNamara

In season 7 of Arrow, the actress Katherine McNamara plays the role of Canary. She takes on the iconic character and brings her own unique interpretation to the role. McNamara’s portrayal of Canary is a fierce and determined hero, fighting for justice in Star City.

With her powerful presence and impressive martial arts skills, McNamara embodies the strength and resilience of Canary. Her character’s journey is filled with challenges and obstacles, but McNamara’s performance brings a sense of empowerment and determination to Canary’s story.

As the latest actress to take on the role of Canary, Katherine McNamara has received praise for her portrayal. She brings depth and complexity to the character, showcasing both her physical prowess and emotional vulnerability.

McNamara’s portrayal of Canary in season 7 of Arrow is a testament to her talent as an actress. She brings a fresh energy to the role and leaves a lasting impression on audiences. Fans of the show will certainly not be disappointed with McNamara’s performance as Canary.

Season 8: Mystery Canary

As Arrow heads into its eighth and final season, the mystery of who plays the Canary continues to intrigue fans. Throughout the series, several actresses have taken on the mantle of this iconic superhero character.

From the beginning, Katie Cassidy portrayed Laurel Lance, who eventually becomes the Black Canary. However, her character met a tragic end in Season 4. This opened the door for new canaries to emerge.

First, Juliana Harkavy stepped into the role of Dinah Drake, a character with a sonic scream and martial arts skills. She brought a new layer of depth to the Canary legacy.

Then, Katherine McNamara joined the show in Season 7 as the character Mia Smoak. As the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, she took up the mantle of the Green Arrow. However, in Season 8, it was revealed that she is also the new Canary.

The identity of the Canary has remained a mystery throughout Season 8, with various characters taking on the mantle for different missions. This has kept fans guessing and excited to see who will ultimately be revealed as the true Canary.

Season 8 of Arrow promises to answer this question and bring the story of the Canary to a satisfying conclusion. Fans will have to tune in to find out who ultimately plays this iconic character.

The Canary Network

The Canary Network is a group of vigilantes who fight crime in the fictional city of Starling City. They are led by Oliver Queen, who plays the Green Arrow in the popular TV show Arrow. The team includes several members, one of whom is the character Laurel Lance, who plays Canary in Arrow.

Canary is a skilled fighter and has the ability to emit a high-pitched sonic scream, which is her signature move. She is known for her black leather costume and blonde wig, which she wears to conceal her identity.

Canary’s role in the Canary Network is crucial as she brings her unique set of skills and fearless determination to the team. She is a valuable asset in their fight against crime and injustice in Starling City.

The Canary Network operates in secret and uses their skills and resources to protect the citizens of Starling City. They work closely together to bring down dangerous criminals and restore peace and order in the city.

Being a member of the Canary Network is not easy, as it requires extensive training and the willingness to put one’s life on the line. However, those who join the team are driven by a strong sense of justice and a desire to make their city a safer place.

In conclusion, the Canary Network is a group of vigilantes who fight crime in Starling City. They are led by Oliver Queen, who plays the Green Arrow in Arrow. Laurel Lance, who plays Canary, is a crucial member of the team. Together, they work to bring down criminals and protect the citizens of Starling City.

The Evolution of Canary’s Costume

Throughout the popular TV show Arrow, the character of Canary has gone through several changes, both in terms of her role in the series and her iconic costume. Let’s take a look at how her costume has evolved over the seasons.

Season 1

In the first season of Arrow, Sara Lance, played by Caity Lotz, is introduced as the first Canary. Her costume reflects her background as a member of the League of Assassins, with a sleek and functional design. The black leather suit features a mask, a jacket, and pants, along with gloves and boots. It gives her a fierce and dangerous look, perfectly matching her impressive combat skills.

Season 3

As the show progresses, Sara’s sister Laurel Lance takes on the mantle of Canary. Her costume, designed by Cisco Ramon, evolves to reflect her own persona and her desire to honor her sister’s legacy. The suit still retains the black outfit, but with some modifications. The mask becomes a domino-style mask, and the jacket is replaced by a corset-like top. The addition of a longer jacket and a blonde wig completes her transformation into the new Canary.

Season 5

In the fifth season, Dinah Drake joins the team as the new Canary. The costume undergoes another transformation to suit her character. The black leather suit is improved with added details, such as a more intricate mask and an emblem on the chest. The outfit also gains more flexibility and protection, allowing Dinah to unleash her sonic scream without any hindrance. The evolution of Canary’s costume continues to adapt and grow along with the character.

Overall, the evolution of Canary’s costume in Arrow showcases the progression of the character and the different individuals who have taken on the role. Each version of the costume captures the essence of Canary while incorporating unique elements that reflect the wearer’s personality and story arc.

Canary’s Abilities and Skills

Canary, who plays a crucial role in the series Arrow, possesses a wide range of abilities and skills that make her a formidable force in combat.

Physical Abilities

Canary is a highly trained and skilled fighter, with exceptional agility, strength, and speed. She is proficient in a variety of martial arts, including Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Her training allows her to effectively handle multiple opponents and overpower them with her lightning-fast strikes.

Canary Cry

One of Canary’s most notable abilities is her Canary Cry. This sonic scream is a result of a device implanted in her throat, which allows her to emit a high-frequency sound wave capable of disorienting and incapacitating her enemies. The power of her Canary Cry is so strong that it can shatter glass and even cause structural damage.

The Canary Cry is not only a powerful offensive weapon but also serves as a means of communication and signaling for Canary and her allies.

Expert Marksmanship

In addition to her impressive hand-to-hand combat skills, Canary is also an expert markswoman. She is highly adept at using a variety of firearms, including pistols, rifles, and crossbows. Her accuracy and precision make her a deadly opponent at long range, allowing her to take down enemies with lethal precision.

Stealth and Espionage

Canary is skilled in the arts of stealth and espionage, making her an invaluable asset when it comes to gathering information and infiltrating enemy hideouts. Her ability to move silently and blend into her surroundings makes her an elusive and dangerous opponent.

Overall, Canary’s abilities and skills make her a formidable fighter and a vital member of the Arrow team. Her physical prowess, Canary Cry, expert marksmanship, and stealth skills make her a force to be reckoned with.

Canary’s Relationships and Love Interests

In the television show Arrow, the character of Canary is played by several actresses throughout the series. The first actress to portray Canary is Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance, also known as Black Canary. Another actress who takes on the role of Canary is Juliana Harkavy, who plays Dinah Drake, the second Black Canary.

Throughout the series, Canary has had several relationships and love interests. One of her most notable relationships is with Oliver Queen, who is also known as the Green Arrow. Canary and Green Arrow share a complicated and passionate love story, with ups and downs throughout the series.

Canary’s relationship with Green Arrow is not the only love interest she has had. She has also been romantically involved with other characters, such as Tommy Merlyn and Adrian Chase. These relationships add depth to her character and showcase different aspects of her personality.

Overall, Canary’s relationships and love interests are an important part of her story in Arrow. They contribute to her character development and play a significant role in the overall narrative of the show.

Canary’s Impact on the Arrowverse

Canary, who plays a prominent role in the television series Arrow, has had a significant impact on the Arrowverse. In the show, Laurel Lance, portrayed by Katie Cassidy, takes on the mantle of the Black Canary, becoming a crucial member of Team Arrow.

One of the key ways Canary has influenced the Arrowverse is through her strong and empowering character. As the Black Canary, Laurel is a skilled fighter and uses her abilities to protect Star City from criminals and metahumans. Her determination, resilience, and willingness to sacrifice for others have made her a beloved figure among fans.

Canary’s Impact on Women in Superhero TV Shows

Laurel Lance’s portrayal as Canary in Arrow has also had a significant impact on the representation of women in superhero TV shows. Her character breaks the stereotypical damsel in distress trope by being a strong and capable hero in her own right. Canary’s presence has paved the way for other female characters in the Arrowverse, such as Sara Lance (the original Canary) and Dinah Drake (the third Canary).

By showcasing complex and multifaceted female characters, the Arrowverse has challenged gender stereotypes and given women a more prominent role in the superhero genre. Canary’s impact has extended beyond the confines of the show, inspiring other TV series to include strong and independent female characters.

Canary’s Legacy

Canary’s impact on the Arrowverse can be seen in the legacy she leaves behind. Even after her tragic death in the series, Laurel Lance’s character continues to influence the storyline and the heroes she left behind. Other characters have taken up the mantle of Canary, honoring Laurel’s memory and carrying on her fight for justice.

Overall, Canary’s impact on the Arrowverse is undeniable. Through her empowering character, she has not only inspired fans but also paved the way for greater representation of women in superhero TV shows. Her legacy lives on, and her influence will continue to shape the Arrowverse for years to come.

Canary-Related Storylines and Arcs

In the television series “Arrow,” the character of Canary has played a significant role in various storylines and arcs. Over the course of the show, we have witnessed several exciting and thrilling narratives involving the Canary.

The Transformation into Canary

One of the most compelling storylines surrounding Canary is her transformation from a regular citizen to a skilled vigilante. In the early seasons of the show, we learn that the original Canary, Sara Lance, was presumed dead after a shipwreck. However, she resurfaces as a master of combat and uses her skills to fight crime in the city of Starling City.

Another significant character arc related to Canary’s transformation is the passing of the mantle to Laurel Lance, Sara’s sister. Laurel takes on the role of Canary to honor her sister’s memory and continues the fight against injustice.

Canary’s Relationships and Alliances

Throughout the series, Canary forms crucial relationships and alliances with other characters, which greatly influence the story. One of the most impactful relationships is her romantic connection with the show’s protagonist, Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow. Their bond evolves through various trials and challenges, adding depth to both characters.

Additionally, Canary develops a strong partnership with other superheroes and vigilantes in Starling City, such as Arsenal and Spartan. Together, they form a formidable team, known as the “Arrow Team,” and work together to protect their city from threats.

Furthermore, Canary’s connection to the League of Assassins, a secret organization, adds another layer to her character and storylines. Her involvement with the league brings intense conflicts and tests her loyalty to her loved ones.

These various storylines and arcs contribute to the rich character development of Canary and make her a compelling and integral part of the “Arrow” series.

Canary’s Character Development

The character of Canary on the TV show Arrow has seen significant development over the course of the series. Initially, portrayed as Sara Lance, the character goes through a transformation when her sister Laurel takes over the mantle. Laurel, played by Katie Cassidy, brings a different dynamic to the role as Canary.

Canary’s character development can be seen in her journey from being a vengeful vigilante to becoming a symbol of hope and justice in Star City. As Canary, she learns to channel her anger and grief into fighting for the greater good, using her skills and abilities to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Throughout the series, Canary’s character exhibits growth and resilience, overcoming personal tragedies and facing her inner demons. She becomes a source of inspiration for others and a valuable member of Team Arrow.

Played by multiple actresses, Canary’s character evolves with each portrayal, adding depth and complexity to the role. The different actresses bring their own unique interpretations, giving Canary a multi-dimensional personality that resonates with audiences.

Overall, Canary’s character development in Arrow showcases the power of transformation and the strength to rise above adversity. Through her journey, she becomes a symbol of strength and determination, embodying the spirit of a true hero.


Who plays Canary in Arrow?

The character of Canary in the TV show Arrow is portrayed by actress Caity Lotz.

What is the name of the actress who plays Canary in Arrow?

The actress who plays Canary in Arrow is Caity Lotz.

Can you tell me who portrays Canary in Arrow?

Caity Lotz is the actress who portrays Canary in the TV show Arrow.

Who is the actress playing Canary in Arrow?

The role of Canary in Arrow is played by Caity Lotz.

Who is the actress that plays the character of Canary in Arrow?

Caity Lotz plays the character of Canary in the TV show Arrow.

Who plays Canary in Arrow?

Canary is played by actress Katie Cassidy. She portrays Laurel Lance/Black Canary in the television series Arrow.

What is the name of the actress who plays Canary in Arrow?

The actress who plays Canary in Arrow is Katie Cassidy.