Discover the Best Tenerife Airport – Your Gateway to Paradise

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, you will likely be arriving by air. With several airports to choose from, finding the best Tenerife airport for your travel needs is essential. Whether you are in search of convenience, efficiency, or a wide range of amenities, Tenerife offers a variety of airports to suit every traveler’s preferences.

One of the top choices is Tenerife South Airport, also known as Tenerife Sur Airport. This airport serves as the primary gateway for international flights, offering connections to major cities all around the world. Tenerife South Airport boasts a modern infrastructure and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a seamless travel experience. With excellent transportation links, including bus services and car rental options, getting to your destination from Tenerife South Airport is a breeze.

For those looking for a more local experience, Tenerife North Airport, or Tenerife Norte Airport, is another fantastic option. Located in the northern part of the island, this airport offers a serene and picturesque arrival experience. Tenerife North Airport is the main hub for inter-island flights, making it a popular choice for travelers exploring the Canary Islands. With its charming architecture and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and coastline, Tenerife North Airport provides a unique and unforgettable welcome to the island.

No matter which Tenerife airport you choose, you can expect a warm welcome and friendly service from the moment you arrive. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and world-class attractions, Tenerife is a true paradise for travelers. So, book your flight and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on this enchanting island!


What is the main airport in Tenerife?

The main airport in Tenerife is Tenerife South Airport, also known as Tenerife Sur Airport (TFS).

What airlines operate flights to Tenerife South Airport?

Several airlines operate flights to Tenerife South Airport, including British Airways, Ryanair, EasyJet, and TUI Airways.

How far is Tenerife South Airport from the city center?

Tenerife South Airport is located about 60 kilometers south of the city center of Tenerife. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes by car.

What facilities are available at Tenerife South Airport?

Tenerife South Airport offers a range of facilities, including shops, restaurants, bars, car rental services, currency exchange, and duty-free shopping.

Is there public transportation available from Tenerife South Airport to the city?

Yes, there are several public transportation options available from Tenerife South Airport to the city, including buses and taxis. Buses are a more affordable option, while taxis provide a more convenient and direct service.

Which is the best airport in Tenerife?

The best airport in Tenerife is Tenerife South Airport, also known as Tenerife Sur Airport. It is the larger of the two airports on the island and offers more international flights and connections.