Geordie Pride Tenerife – A Celebration of Newcastle Culture in the Heart of the Canary Islands

Welcome to Geordie Pride Tenerife, where the vibrant and lively culture of both Tenerife and Geordieland collide! Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is famous for its stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and exciting nightlife. But did you know that it also has a strong Geordie community that brings a unique flavor to the island?

Geordie Pride Tenerife offers a fascinating blend of Geordie culture and the laid-back island lifestyle. Whether you’re a Geordie native looking for a taste of home or simply someone curious about this distinctive culture, you’ll find a plethora of activities and events that celebrate Geordie pride.

From traditional Geordie cuisine to iconic Geordie sports, Geordie Pride Tenerife has it all. Indulge in mouthwatering classics such as stotties, pease pudding, and saveloys at one of the many Geordie-inspired restaurants. And don’t forget to wash it all down with a refreshing pint of Newcastle Brown Ale, a true Geordie icon.

Join the Geordie community in Tenerife as they gather to support their beloved Newcastle United Football Club. Experience the electric atmosphere as fans come together to cheer on their team, sing their hearts out, and show off their Geordie pride. It’s an unforgettable experience that truly embodies the passion and spirit of Geordieland.

Geordie Culture in Tenerife

Tenerife is a popular holiday destination known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse cultural scene. One unique aspect of Tenerife’s culture is the strong presence of Geordie culture.

The Geordie culture originated in Newcastle, England, and has made its mark on the island of Tenerife. Geordies, as the locals are called, bring their distinctive dialect and traditions to the island, creating a unique blend of cultures.

Geordie pride is evident throughout Tenerife, with various establishments showcasing their affinity for Geordie culture. From Geordie-themed bars and restaurants to Geordie-inspired events, visitors can immerse themselves in the Geordie way of life while enjoying the warm and sunny climate of Tenerife.

One of the most iconic symbols of Geordie culture in Tenerife is the famous black and white stripes associated with Newcastle United Football Club. Geordies proudly display their love for their team by wearing jerseys, scarves, and other merchandise while watching matches at local pubs or attending football events.

Another aspect of Geordie culture that can be experienced in Tenerife is the warm and friendly nature of the locals. Geordies are known for their hospitality and welcoming attitude, making visitors feel right at home on the island.

Geordie cuisine also has its place in Tenerife, with restaurants offering traditional Geordie dishes such as stotties, pease pudding, and Greggs’ sausage rolls. These culinary delights give visitors a taste of Geordie culture while indulging in delicious meals.

Whether you are a Geordie yourself or simply interested in experiencing a different culture, Tenerife offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Geordie culture. From the distinctive dialect to the warm hospitality, there is something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Geordie Influence in Tenerife

The pride and influence of Geordie culture can be seen and felt all across Tenerife. Geordies, hailing from Newcastle and the surrounding areas in Northeast England, have made their mark on this Spanish island with their vibrant and unique traditions, music, and language.

Geordie Music

One of the most significant ways Geordie culture has influenced Tenerife is through its music. Geordies are known for their love of music and have introduced their favorite genres to the island. Visitors can enjoy live performances of traditional Geordie folk music, featuring instruments such as the fiddle, accordion, and Northumbrian smallpipes.

Geordie Language

The Geordie accent and dialect have become part of the fabric of Tenerife. Visitors may hear Geordie phrases and slang spoken by locals and even find some Geordie words incorporated into everyday conversations. This influence adds an extra element of charm to the island’s cultural diversity.

Geordie pride is evident in the local businesses and establishments that have sprung up, catering to the Geordie community and those who embrace the culture. From Geordie-style pubs serving traditional dishes like stottie sandwiches and pease pudding to Geordie-themed merchandise shops, Tenerife has embraced its Geordie influence and made it a part of its identity.

  • Geordie-style pubs serving traditional dishes
  • Geordie-themed merchandise shops

Overall, the Geordie influence in Tenerife adds a unique and lively flavor to the island’s cultural landscape. Visitors can immerse themselves in the music, language, and traditions of this proud community and experience a truly authentic taste of Geordie culture in the heart of Tenerife.

Geordie Traditions in Tenerife

Tenerife, known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, has become a popular destination for Geordies seeking a taste of home away from home. While the island has its own unique traditions, Geordie pride can still be found in the hearts of many expats who have made Tenerife their home.

The Great Newcastle Brown Ale Challenge

One of the most beloved Geordie traditions in Tenerife is “The Great Newcastle Brown Ale Challenge”. This annual event brings together Geordies from all walks of life to test their drinking prowess. Participants compete to see who can drink the most pints of Newcastle Brown Ale in a single evening. The winner is awarded the title of “Geordie Ale King” and earns the respect and admiration of their fellow expats.

The Geordie Tenerife Football League

Football is a passion that unites Geordies all around the world, and Tenerife is no exception. The Geordie Tenerife Football League is a fiercely competitive league where expat teams representing different Geordie neighborhoods compete for glory every weekend. The league is known for its intense matches, heated rivalries, and passionate fans. For Geordies in Tenerife, football is not just a sport but a way of life.

Geordie Food and Drink Geordie Language and Music
Tenerife may have its own delicious cuisine, but Geordies in Tenerife still crave their favorite traditional foods. Fish and chips, stotties, pease pudding, and Greggs pasties are just a few of the Geordie delicacies that can be found on the island. Expats have even opened their own Geordie-themed cafes and restaurants to satisfy their cravings. While English may be the dominant language in Tenerife, Geordies take great pride in keeping their unique dialect alive. The Geordie language, with its distinctive accent and vocabulary, is heard regularly in expat gatherings and events. Geordie music, including songs by local legends like Sting and Mark Knopfler, is also cherished by expats as a way to connect with their roots.

Geordie traditions have found a home in Tenerife, blending seamlessly with the island’s own rich culture. Through events, sports, food, language, and music, Geordies in Tenerife continue to celebrate their heritage and share their pride with the world.

Geordie Cuisine in Tenerife

When you think of Geordie culture, one of the first things that comes to mind is their unique and delicious cuisine. And even though you may be in Tenerife, you can still indulge in some Geordie pride through their distinctive dishes.

One of the most famous Geordie dishes is the stotty cake. This round loaf of bread is made with a heavy, chewy texture, perfect for stuffing with all sorts of fillings. Whether you prefer bacon, sausage, or a good old ham and pease pudding, a stotty cake is a must-try experience.

Another Geordie classic is the saveloy dip. This dish consists of a fried sausage served in a bread roll, with the option to dip it in pease pudding or curry sauce. It may sound simple, but the combination of flavors and textures is sure to leave you craving for more.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try the singin’ hinnies. These griddle cakes are made with flour, lard, and currants, and are traditionally cooked on a hot griddle. The name “singin’ hinnies” comes from the sizzling sound they make while cooking, and they are usually enjoyed with a cup of tea.

And of course, no Geordie meal would be complete without a side of chips. Geordies take their chips seriously, and you can expect them to be thick, fluffy, and perfectly golden. Whether you enjoy them on their own or as a companion to your main dish, Geordie chips are a true delight.

So if you’re in Tenerife and craving some Geordie pride, make sure to sample these delicious dishes. You’ll not only get a taste of Geordie culture, but also a satisfying and fulfilling dining experience.

Geordie Music in Tenerife

Tenerife, known for its vibrant culture and diverse music scene, has become a hub for Geordie pride. Geordie music enthusiasts flock to this sunny destination to indulge in the rich musical heritage of their homeland.

With its lively bars and clubs, Tenerife offers a variety of venues where Geordie music can be heard. From traditional folk tunes to contemporary pop and rock, there is something to please every Geordie music lover. Local bands and musicians often pay homage to Geordie culture, infusing their performances with the distinctive Geordie dialect and themes.

One popular venue for Geordie music in Tenerife is the Geordie Pride Bar, where Geordie musicians often gather to perform. This bar not only offers a taste of Geordie music, but also serves as a meeting place for Geordies living in Tenerife. Here, they can bond over their shared love for their culture and music.

Geordie music events and festivals are also a common occurrence in Tenerife. These events celebrate Geordie music in all its forms, bringing together both locals and visitors who share a passion for the music. From outdoor concerts to intimate acoustic sessions, these events showcase the best of Geordie music and provide a platform for emerging Geordie artists.

For many Geordies living in Tenerife, the music serves as a reminder of their roots and a way to stay connected to their homeland. It serves as a source of pride and joy, allowing Geordies to celebrate their culture and share it with others. Whether you’re a Geordie living in Tenerife or a visitor interested in experiencing Geordie music, you’re sure to find something that will make you tap your feet and sing along.

So, if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the lively Geordie music scene, Tenerife is the place to be. Come and join the Geordie pride as you dance to the beats of Geordie music under the sunny skies of Tenerife.

Geordie Dance in Tenerife

When it comes to the Geordie culture, dance is an integral part of the Geordie pride. In Tenerife, you can experience the vibrant and energetic Geordie dance scene that will surely get your feet tapping and your body moving.

Traditional Geordie Dance

The traditional Geordie dance forms are deeply rooted in the history and heritage of the region. These dances have been passed down from generation to generation, preserving the unique Geordie identity. With their lively music and intricate footwork, traditional Geordie dances like the jig and the reel will transport you back in time.

Whether you’re a skilled dancer or a beginner, there are plenty of opportunities in Tenerife to learn and participate in traditional Geordie dance workshops and events. Immerse yourself in the Geordie culture and learn the steps from experienced dancers who are passionate about preserving this rich dance tradition.

Modern Geordie Dance

While traditional Geordie dance forms are still celebrated and practiced, the Geordie dance scene in Tenerife has also embraced modern styles. From hip hop to contemporary dance, Geordie dancers have evolved and incorporated new techniques and influences into their dance routines.

Join a Geordie dance class or watch a Geordie dance performance in Tenerife to witness the fusion of traditional and modern dance styles. The Geordie pride in their dance can be seen in the high energy, precision, and passion that these dancers bring to the stage.

So, if you’re looking to experience the Geordie culture in Tenerife, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the Geordie dance scene. Step out of your comfort zone, embrace the rhythm, and let the Geordie dance pride take hold of you.

Geordie Language in Tenerife

If you’re a Geordie in Tenerife, you don’t have to worry about feeling homesick. The Geordie language is alive and well on this sunny Spanish island. The Geordie dialect originates from the Tyneside region in the northeast of England, and its unique vocabulary and pronunciation have become synonymous with the people of Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Geordies who have made Tenerife their home have brought their distinctive language with them, creating a sense of community and a taste of the North East in this sunny holiday destination. Whether you’re enjoying a pint in a local bar or chatting with new friends on the beach, you’ll no doubt hear some Geordie phrases and expressions being thrown around.

If you’re not familiar with Geordie, don’t worry, it’s not too difficult to pick up some of the basics. Here are a few common Geordie phrases you might come across during your visit to Tenerife:

1. “Howay, man!” – This is a friendly greeting that translates to “Come on, man!” It’s often used as an encouragement or to get someone to hurry up.

2. “Gan radgie”(going crazy) – This phrase means you’re going crazy, losing control, or acting out of character. It’s often used to describe someone who’s behaving in an over-the-top or outrageous manner.

3. “Canny”(good) – This word is used to describe something that’s good or nice. For example, if someone asks you how your meal was, you might respond with “Aye, it was canny.”

4. “Haway the lads!” – This phrase is often heard during football matches or other sporting events. It’s a way of cheering on the team and showing support.

These are just a few examples of the Geordie language you might encounter while exploring Tenerife. Whether you’re a Geordie yourself or just interested in learning more about the local culture, embracing the Geordie language is a fun and unique way to connect with the community and immerse yourself in the local lifestyle.

Geordie Hospitality in Tenerife

When visiting Tenerife, you can experience a unique blend of geordie pride and warm hospitality. The Geordie community in Tenerife is known for its friendly and welcoming nature, making everyone feel at home.

Warm Welcome

Geordies in Tenerife pride themselves on their warm welcome, ensuring that visitors feel instantly at ease. Whether it’s a friendly smile, a helpful gesture, or a cheerful greeting, the geordie hospitality is unmistakable. You can expect to be treated like family from the moment you set foot on the island.

Shared Culture

One of the reasons behind this exceptional geordie hospitality is the shared culture between Tenerife and the Geordie region. Many geordies have made Tenerife their second home, and their influence can be seen throughout the island. From Newcastle Brown Ale pubs to fish and chips shops, Tenerife has embraced geordie culture, further enhancing the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Geordie Hospitality Highlights
1. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere
2. Shared culture between Tenerife and Geordie region
3. Influence of geordie culture on the island
4. Warm and genuine welcome
5. Geordie pride evident in the hospitality

So, if you’re planning a trip to Tenerife, be ready to experience geordie hospitality at its finest. You’ll be embraced by a warm and genuine welcome that will make your stay even more memorable.

Geordie Humor in Tenerife

In Tenerife, Geordie humor is celebrated with pride. Geordies, or people from the The North East of England, are known for their unique sense of humor. Whether it’s a quick-witted one-liner or a sarcastic remark, Geordies love to make each other laugh.

Visitors to Tenerife will often hear Geordie humor in the many bars and pubs that cater to the large number of Geordie tourists. It’s not uncommon to hear Geordie jokes and banter being exchanged between locals and visitors alike.

One popular form of Geordie humor in Tenerife is the use of playful insults. Geordies are known for their ability to tease and joke with their friends in a friendly manner. It’s all part of the Geordie charm and sense of camaraderie.

Another aspect of Geordie humor in Tenerife is its self-deprecating nature. Geordies often poke fun at themselves and their own quirks, laughing at their own expense. This shows the Geordie pride and the ability to not take themselves too seriously.

Geordie humor in Tenerife is also showcased in the local entertainment scene. Many bars and clubs feature comedians who specialize in Geordie humor, entertaining the crowd with their quick wit and hilarious anecdotes.

Overall, Geordie humor in Tenerife is a cherished part of the local culture. It brings people together and creates a sense of camaraderie among Geordies. So the next time you visit Tenerife, make sure to embrace the Geordie humor and join in the laughter and banter.

Geordie Festivals in Tenerife

Tenerife is not only a beautiful island destination but also a melting pot of cultures. One of the fascinating cultures that can be found on the island is the Geordie culture. Geordies, who are people from the Northeast of England, have brought their unique traditions and festivities to Tenerife.

Geordie festivals in Tenerife are a lively celebration of Geordie culture, where locals and tourists alike come together to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere. These festivals showcase the best of Geordie music, dance, food, and traditions.

One of the most popular Geordie festivals in Tenerife is the “Geordie Pride Festival”. This festival takes place annually and features live performances by Geordie musicians and bands. Attendees can enjoy a range of music genres including rock, folk, and traditional Geordie songs. The festival also includes dance performances, where festival-goers can learn some Geordie dance moves and join in the fun.

The “Geordie Food Festival” is another highlight of Geordie culture in Tenerife. This festival celebrates the authentic Geordie cuisine, which includes dishes such as stotties, pease pudding, and Newcastle brown ale. Visitors can indulge in a variety of Geordie delicacies and learn about the rich culinary history of the region.

Geordie festivals in Tenerife are not just about music and food, but also about embracing the Geordie spirit. The “Geordie Pride Parade” is a colorful and vibrant procession that showcases Geordie pride. Participants dress up in Geordie-themed costumes and march through the streets of Tenerife, displaying their love for Geordie culture and traditions.

Whether you are a Geordie who wants to celebrate your heritage or a visitor looking to immerse yourself in the unique Geordie culture, the Geordie festivals in Tenerife offer a fantastic opportunity to do so. From music and dance to food and parades, these festivals are an unforgettable experience that celebrates the best of Geordie pride.

Geordie Sports in Tenerife

Tenerife is not only a popular holiday destination for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather, but it also offers a wide range of sports activities for Geordie visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of football, golf, or water sports, there’s something for everyone to get their adrenaline pumping.


Football is a sport that holds a special place in the hearts of Geordies. In Tenerife, you can cheer on your favorite team at one of the local sports bars or join a friendly match at a nearby pitch. You can also take part in football tours and tournaments organized for Geordie visitors, giving you the chance to showcase your skills and make some new friends along the way.


Tenerife is home to several world-class golf courses, offering stunning views and challenging fairways. Geordies who are passionate about golf can tee off at courses designed by top architects, such as Costa Adeje Golf or Abama Golf, and test their skills against the backdrop of the island’s volcanic landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, there are options available for golfers of all levels.

Water Sports

With its crystal-clear waters and favorable wind conditions, Tenerife is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Geordies can try their hand at thrilling activities such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and jet skiing. There are plenty of rental shops and local surf schools that offer equipment and lessons, making it easy for Geordies to dive into the world of water sports.

Whether you’re a Geordie looking to stay active or simply want to try something new during your holiday, Tenerife’s sports scene has something for everyone. Embrace the Geordie pride and get involved in the vibrant sports culture of Tenerife!

Geordie History in Tenerife

Geordie culture has a strong presence in Tenerife, thanks to the large number of Geordies who have made the island their home over the years. The history of Geordies in Tenerife dates back to the early 20th century, when many Geordie sailors and workers were drawn to the island for its thriving ports and mining industry.

One of the first major waves of Geordies to settle in Tenerife occurred in the 1920s and 1930s, when many were recruited to work in the island’s coal mines. Their strong work ethic and expertise in mining made them highly sought after, and they played a crucial role in the development of the industry in Tenerife.

Geordie influence can also be seen in the architecture and infrastructure of Tenerife. Many buildings and structures on the island were constructed by Geordie builders and engineers, who brought their skills and knowledge from the shipbuilding and construction industries in the northeast of England.

Geordie culture is celebrated in Tenerife through various events and activities. One of the most notable is the annual Geordie Pride festival, which brings together Geordies from all over the island to celebrate their heritage with music, food, and entertainment. The festival is a vibrant display of Geordie pride and is a testament to the strong sense of community among Geordies in Tenerife.

Geordie history in Tenerife is a rich and important part of the island’s cultural heritage. The contributions of Geordies to the island’s economy and community are significant, and their presence continues to shape and enrich Tenerife’s cultural landscape.

Geordie History in Tenerife
Geordie sailors and workers arrived in Tenerife in the early 20th century.
Geordies played a vital role in the development of the coal mining industry in Tenerife.
Geordie builders and engineers contributed to the construction of many buildings and structures on the island.
The annual Geordie Pride festival celebrates Geordie culture in Tenerife.
Geordie history is an important part of Tenerife’s cultural heritage.

Geordie Landmarks in Tenerife

Tenerife, with its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, is a popular destination for Geordie holidaymakers. The island is home to several landmarks that have become synonymous with the Geordie community in Tenerife.

Landmark Description
The Geordie Strip Located in the heart of Playa de las Americas, The Geordie Strip is a famous street lined with bars and clubs that are popular among Geordie tourists. The vibrant atmosphere, lively music, and friendly atmosphere make it a must-visit for any Geordie looking for a taste of home.
The Geordie Shore Situated in Los Cristianos, The Geordie Shore is a picturesque beach known for its stunning views and clear blue waters. It has become a favorite spot for Geordie holidaymakers to relax and soak up the sun. The beach is also surrounded by a variety of Geordie-owned businesses, including restaurants serving traditional Geordie cuisine.
The Geordie Tower Standing tall in the town of Costa Adeje, The Geordie Tower is a landmark that offers panoramic views of the entire island. It has become a popular spot for Geordie visitors to capture memorable photos and take in the breathtaking scenery. The tower also houses a Geordie-themed souvenir shop where visitors can purchase mementos of their trip.
The Geordie Market Located in the bustling town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, The Geordie Market is a vibrant marketplace where Geordie vendors sell a variety of goods, including traditional Geordie crafts, clothing, and souvenirs. It is a great place for Geordie tourists to explore and pick up unique items to take back home.

These Geordie landmarks in Tenerife not only provide a taste of home for Geordie holidaymakers but also serve as a testament to the strong bond between the Geordie community and the island. Whether you’re a Geordie looking to reconnect with your roots or a curious traveler wanting to learn more about Geordie culture, Tenerife offers a wealth of experiences and landmarks that celebrate Geordie pride.

Geordie Art in Tenerife

Tenerife may be known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture, but it is also a hub for geordie art. The geordie community in Tenerife has brought their unique artistic talents to the island, creating an eclectic mix of artwork that celebrates both geordie culture and the beauty of the Canary Islands.

One of the most prominent geordie artists in Tenerife is John Smith. His vibrant and colorful paintings capture the essence of geordie life, depicting scenes of everyday life in Tenerife with a geordie twist. From bustling markets to serene coastal landscapes, John’s artwork is a celebration of both geordie culture and the stunning surroundings of Tenerife.

Another talented geordie artist is Sarah Thompson, whose stunning ceramic sculptures are inspired by the geordie spirit. Sarah’s artwork often features geordie icons such as the Angel of the North and iconic landmarks from Tenerife, creating a unique blend of geordie culture and the beauty of the island.

Geordie art can also be found in the form of street murals across Tenerife. These vibrant and eye-catching murals depict geordie icons and symbols, adding a touch of geordie flair to the streets of Tenerife. Whether it’s a mural of the Tyne Bridge or a geordie flag, these street art pieces are a visual representation of the geordie pride found in Tenerife.

If you’re interested in experiencing geordie art in Tenerife, there are several galleries and art spaces that showcase the work of geordie artists. From traditional galleries to pop-up exhibitions, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the creative talents of the geordie community in Tenerife.

Geordie art in Tenerife is a true reflection of the geordie spirit and the beauty of the island. From vibrant paintings to intricate sculptures, the geordie community in Tenerife has made a lasting impact on the artistic scene, creating a unique blend of geordie culture and island aesthetics.

Geordie Fashion in Tenerife

When it comes to fashion, Geordies in Tenerife certainly know how to turn heads. With a unique style that combines elements of Newcastle upon Tyne’s iconic fashion scene with the vibrant energy of the island, Geordie fashion is a true representation of individuality and cultural pride.

Tenerife offers a fantastic variety of options for the fashion-conscious Geordie. From stylish beachwear to trendy evening outfits, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to strut your stuff on the sandy shores or paint the town red at one of Tenerife’s lively nightclubs, Geordie fashion has got you covered.


When it comes to hitting the beaches in Tenerife, Geordies know how to make a statement. Brightly colored swimwear paired with oversized sunglasses and straw hats is a popular choice among Geordie beachgoers. The vibrant colors and bold patterns reflect the lively and energetic nature of Geordie culture.

Geordie beachwear also often features quirky slogans or phrases that showcase the unique sense of humor that the Geordie community is known for. Whether it’s a funny phrase related to Newcastle or a cheeky saying that puts a smile on everyone’s faces, Geordie beachwear is always sure to turn heads.

Evening Attire

When the sun sets and the night comes alive, Geordies in Tenerife know how to dress to impress. Geordie evening attire is all about making a statement and embracing the bold and vibrant spirit of both Geordie and Tenerife culture.

Geordies often opt for stylish and trendy outfits that showcase their individuality. From sequined dresses to sharp suits, Geordie fashionistas command attention wherever they go. Accessories such as statement jewelry and sleek handbags complete the look, adding an extra touch of glamour to their outfits.

Another notable aspect of Geordie evening attire is the love for comfortable footwear. Geordies often choose to wear stylish but comfortable shoes, ensuring they can dance the night away in style without any discomfort

In conclusion, Geordie fashion in Tenerife is a unique blend of Newcastle’s iconic style and the vibrant energy of the island. Whether it’s beachwear or evening attire, Geordies in Tenerife always make a statement with their bold and stylish choices.

Geordie Shopping in Tenerife

If you’re a Geordie and proud of your roots, you’ll be glad to know that you can find a taste of home right here in Tenerife. The island has a thriving Geordie community, which means there are plenty of shops and businesses that cater to Geordies’ unique tastes and preferences.

From Geordie merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs, to Geordie-themed souvenirs that you can take home as a reminder of your time in Tenerife, there’s something for every Geordie shopper. You’ll find shops that sell traditional Geordie snacks like stotties and pease pudding, as well as Geordie craft beers and spirits.

If you’re looking to stock up on your favorite Geordie brands, you’re in luck. Many shops in Tenerife stock popular Geordie products like Greggs pastries, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Parma Violets. You might even find shops that sell Newcastle United merchandise, so you can show your pride for your favorite football team.

But it’s not just about buying Geordie products – it’s also about supporting Geordie-owned businesses. There are several Geordie-run shops and businesses in Tenerife, ranging from clothing stores to cafes and hair salons. By shopping at these establishments, you’re not only getting a taste of home but also supporting the Geordie community.

So, if you’re a Geordie in Tenerife and looking for some retail therapy, head to the Geordie shopping hotspots. You’ll find a wide range of products and services that will make you feel right at home. Whether you’re stocking up on your favorite Geordie treats or showing off your Geordie pride with some merchandise, shopping in Tenerife is a must-do for any Geordie visitor.

Geordie Nightlife in Tenerife

Tenerife, known for its vibrant nightlife scene, is a popular destination for Geordies looking to have a great time on their holidays. Whether you’re a fan of trendy clubs, laid-back bars, or lively pubs, there’s something for everyone in Tenerife’s nightlife.

Trendy Clubs

If you’re in the mood to dance the night away, Tenerife has a range of trendy clubs that cater to different music tastes. From EDM to R&B, you’ll find clubs that play the latest hits and keep the dance floor packed all night long. Popular clubs like Linekers and O’Neill’s offer a great atmosphere and often host guest DJs to keep the party going.

Laid-back Bars

If you prefer a more relaxed vibe, Tenerife has plenty of laid-back bars where you can unwind with a drink. The Geordie Pride Bar, located in Playa de las Americas, is a popular spot for Geordies and locals alike. With a friendly atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks, it’s the perfect place to socialize and meet new people.

Lively Pubs

For those who enjoy the traditional pub experience, Tenerife has a range of lively pubs that serve up cold beers and hearty pub grub. The Geordie Pride Pub, located in Los Cristianos, is a favorite among Geordies. From karaoke nights to live sports screenings, there’s always something happening at this lively pub.

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, relax with a drink, or enjoy a pint at a lively pub, Tenerife offers a diverse and exciting nightlife scene that celebrates Geordie culture. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to have a great time in Geordie Pride Tenerife!

Geordie Beaches in Tenerife

Tenerife, the geordie paradise, is not just known for its vibrant geordie culture but also for its stunning beaches. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly beach or a secluded spot to relax, Tenerife has it all.

One of the most popular geordie beaches in Tenerife is Playa de Las Vistas. With its golden sand and crystal clear waters, it’s the perfect place to soak up the sun and enjoy a swim. The beach is also equipped with all the amenities you need, including sun loungers, umbrellas, and beach bars.

If you’re looking for a more lively geordie beach experience, head to Playa de Troya. This beach is known for its vibrant atmosphere and is a popular spot for beach parties and water sports. You can try your hand at jet skiing, banana boat rides, or even take a dip in the clear waters.

For those seeking a quieter geordie beach, Playa de La Tejita is the perfect choice. This natural beach is surrounded by beautiful sand dunes and offers a more tranquil setting. It’s a great spot for sunbathing and swimming, away from the crowds.

Lastly, for geordie beach lovers who are also nature enthusiasts, Playa Bollullo is a must-visit. Located in the picturesque town of Puerto de la Cruz, this beach is surrounded by cliffs and lush greenery. It’s a hidden gem that offers a unique geordie beach experience.

So whether you’re a geordie or not, Tenerife’s geordie beaches have something to offer for everyone. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the sun, sand, and geordie culture in this beautiful island paradise.

Geordie Nature in Tenerife

Tenerife, known for its stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems, is a paradise for nature lovers. Geordie pride shines through in the appreciation of the island’s natural beauty, with Geordies flocking to Tenerife year after year to soak in its breathtaking scenery.

Exploring Mount Teide

One of the must-visit destinations for Geordies in Tenerife is Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain. This majestic volcano, surrounded by a vast national park, offers awe-inspiring views that will leave you speechless. Geordies can embrace their love for adventure by hiking to the summit of Mount Teide or taking the cable car for a bird’s-eye view of the island.

Marveling at Los Gigantes

Another natural wonder that captures the Geordie spirit is Los Gigantes, a series of towering cliffs that plunge into the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Geordies can take a boat trip to witness these dramatic cliffs up close, or simply relax on one of the nearby beaches and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Whether it’s exploring the volcanic landscapes of Mount Teide or marvelling at the dramatic cliffs of Los Gigantes, Geordies visiting Tenerife can fully immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty. This connection to nature is a true reflection of Geordie pride and their appreciation for the world around them.

So, if you’re a Geordie looking to connect with nature and experience the beauty of Tenerife, don’t miss out on these incredible natural attractions. They are bound to leave you with unforgettable memories and a deep sense of pride in being a Geordie.

Geordie Adventure in Tenerife

If you’re a proud Geordie and planning a trip to Tenerife, you’re in for an exciting adventure. Tenerife, a beautiful island in the Canary Islands, offers a unique blend of Geordie culture and stunning natural landscapes. From the sandy beaches to the vibrant nightlife, Tenerife has something for every Geordie traveller.

Start your adventure by soaking up the sun on the famous Geordie Pride Beach. This golden sandy beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the warm Tenerife weather. Grab an ice-cold pint of Newcastle Brown Ale and embrace the Geordie spirit as you bask in the sun.

For the more adventurous Geordies, Tenerife offers plenty of outdoor activities. Hop on a quad bike and explore the rugged terrain of the island, or go hiking in the stunning Anaga Mountains. Feel the adrenaline rush as you zip-line through the treetops and embrace your inner Geordie daredevil.

No Geordie adventure is complete without indulging in some delicious local cuisine. Tenerife boasts a wide range of restaurants and bars serving traditional Geordie favourites like stotty sandwiches and pease pudding. Don’t forget to try the famous Tenerife black pudding, a delicacy that combines the flavours of Geordie and Canarian cuisine.

After a day of adventure, unwind with some Geordie-style entertainment. Tenerife is home to several Geordie-themed bars and pubs, where you can sing along to Geordie anthems and dance the night away. Don’t be surprised if you hear familiar Geordie accents in the crowd – Tenerife is a popular destination for Geordies looking to let their hair down.

So, if you’re looking for a Geordie adventure with a touch of sunshine, Tenerife is the perfect destination. Embrace your Geordie pride and discover the best of Geordie culture in Tenerife.

Geordie Excursions in Tenerife

If you’re a Geordie and you’re visiting Tenerife, you’re in for a treat! This vibrant Spanish island offers plenty of opportunities for Geordie pride and cultural exploration. From enjoying traditional Geordie delicacies to experiencing the local Geordie hospitality, there’s something for everyone.

Geordie Food and Drink

Treat yourself to some classic Geordie cuisine during your Tenerife trip. Head to one of the local Geordie restaurants or bars to indulge in favorites such as stotties, pease pudding, and saveloys. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a pint of Geordie Brown Ale or a Newcastle Brown Ale.

For those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss the opportunity to try a Geordie delicacy – the famous Greggs sausage roll. Many local bakeries and cafes in Tenerife offer their own version of this beloved treat.

Geordie Entertainment

While in Tenerife, immerse yourself in Geordie culture by enjoying some traditional Geordie entertainment. Attend a Geordie stand-up comedy show or catch a performance of the Geordie dialect play “Geordie Broon” at one of the local theaters.

If you’re a fan of Geordie music, look out for local pubs and bars hosting live performances of Geordie bands and artists. Dance the night away to the sounds of Geordie classics and modern tunes.

Geordie Sightseeing

Take a break from the bustling city and explore the natural beauty of Tenerife with a Geordie twist. Join a Geordie-themed hiking tour and discover hidden gems, such as the Geordie viewpoint with stunning panoramic views of the island.

Visit the Geordie-themed markets and shops to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts that celebrate both Tenerife and Geordie culture. From Geordie t-shirts to local crafts, you’ll find something special to bring back home.

Geordie Hospitality

Experience the legendary Geordie hospitality during your stay in Tenerife. Whether you’re at a hotel, restaurant, or local shop, you’ll be greeted with a warm Geordie welcome. Don’t be surprised if you hear friendly Geordie accents and phrases along the way.

Make sure to engage with the locals and share stories about your Geordie heritage. You may even meet fellow Geordies who are also enjoying the beautiful island of Tenerife.

No matter where you go in Tenerife, you can embrace your Geordie pride and have an unforgettable experience. From indulging in Geordie delicacies to immersing yourself in Geordie entertainment and sights, the possibilities are endless. So pack your bags and get ready for a Geordie adventure in sunny Tenerife!

Geordie Accommodation in Tenerife

If you’re a Geordie planning a trip to Tenerife, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of accommodation options that cater to your taste. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a budget-friendly apartment, Tenerife has something for everyone.

Luxury Resorts

Tenerife boasts a wide range of luxury resorts that offer Geordie visitors a taste of home away from home. These resorts often feature amenities such as spacious rooms, breathtaking views of the sea, and top-notch entertainment options. Some popular luxury resorts for Geordies include:

  • The Geordie Bay Resort: This luxurious resort is located on the beautiful beachfront and offers stunning views of the ocean. It boasts spacious suites, a spa, and a range of dining options.
  • Geordie Paradise Hotel: Situated in a prime location, this hotel offers Geordie guests a luxurious stay with its stylish rooms, rooftop pool, and exclusive access to a private beach.

Budget-Friendly Apartments

If you’re traveling on a budget, don’t worry as there are plenty of affordable accommodation options in Tenerife. Geordies can find budget-friendly apartments that provide comfortable and convenient stays without breaking the bank. Some popular choices for budget-friendly apartments include:

  • Geordie Retreat Apartments: These cozy apartments offer affordable accommodation with fully equipped kitchens, comfortable beds, and easy access to local attractions.
  • Tenerife Geordie Hostel: Perfect for solo travelers or groups on a budget, this hostel offers shared dormitory rooms at a reasonable price. It also provides a communal kitchen and a social area where guests can mingle and meet fellow Geordies.

When booking your Geordie accommodation in Tenerife, it’s essential to consider your preferences, budget, and desired location. Whether you choose a luxury resort or a budget-friendly apartment, you’ll be able to experience the best of Geordie culture while enjoying the sun, sea, and stunning landscape that Tenerife has to offer.

Geordie Climate in Tenerife

Tenerife is known for its beautiful climate and sunny weather, making it an ideal destination for Geordies looking to escape the unpredictable weather of the northeast. The island is located off the coast of Africa and enjoys a warm, subtropical climate throughout the year.

Geordies visiting Tenerife can expect plenty of sunshine and temperatures that rarely dip below 20 degrees Celsius. The summers in Tenerife are hot and dry, with temperatures often reaching the mid-30s. Geordie visitors will feel right at home in the sun, soaking up the rays and enjoying the warmth.

The winter months in Tenerife are mild and pleasant, with temperatures averaging around 20 degrees Celsius. Geordies can trade in their jackets and umbrellas for shorts and t-shirts, and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the rain and cold. The island’s proximity to the equator ensures that the winters are never too harsh, making it a popular destination for Geordies seeking a winter escape.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore the island’s natural beauty, or indulge in the vibrant nightlife, Tenerife’s climate provides the perfect setting for Geordies to enjoy their time away. Soak up the sun, embrace the warmth, and experience the pride of Geordie culture in the beautiful climate of Tenerife.

Geordie Transportation in Tenerife

Tenerife offers various transportation options for Geordie visitors to explore the island and experience its vibrant culture. Whether you prefer public transport or renting a vehicle, there are plenty of ways to get around and discover the beauty of Tenerife.

1. Public Transportation

Tenerife has a well-developed public transportation system that includes buses and trams. The bus network covers the entire island, making it an affordable and convenient way to travel between different Geordie hotspots. The tram system operates in the capital city, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, providing an efficient way to navigate around the city.

2. Renting a Car

If you prefer to have more freedom and flexibility in your travels, renting a car is a great option. There are several car rental companies in Tenerife that offer a variety of vehicles to suit different Geordie preferences. Renting a car allows you to explore the island at your own pace and discover hidden gems that may not be easily accessible by public transportation.

3. Bicycle Rentals

Tenerife has a well-connected network of cycle paths that offer a unique way to explore the island. Many Geordie tourists enjoy renting bicycles and cycling along the coastal promenades or through the picturesque towns and villages. It’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tenerife while getting some exercise.

4. Taxis

Taxis are readily available in Tenerife and can be a convenient mode of transportation, especially for shorter journeys or when you have a lot of luggage. Taxis are generally safe and reliable, and many Geordie visitors find them to be a convenient option for getting around the island.

With these transportation options in Tenerife, Geordie tourists can easily navigate the island and discover all that it has to offer. Whether you prefer exploring by bus, renting a car, cycling, or taking a taxi, there are plenty of ways to create your own Geordie adventure in Tenerife.

Geordie Tips for Tenerife

If you’re planning a trip to Tenerife and you’re from Geordie land, here are some tips to make the most out of your vacation:

1. Embrace the Sunshine: Tenerife is known for its year-round sunny weather, so make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses. Geordies might not be used to such intense heat, so it’s important to protect yourself while enjoying the beautiful beaches.

2. Take a Break from Stottie: While we all love a good stottie back home, Tenerife offers a wide variety of delicious local cuisine. Don’t miss out on trying the traditional Canarian dishes like papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) or mojo sauce. Venture outside of your comfort zone and indulge in the flavors of the island.

3. Learn Some Spanish: While many locals in Tenerife speak English, it’s always appreciated when visitors make an effort to speak the local language. Geordies are known for their friendly nature, so brush up on some basic Spanish phrases to enhance your cultural experience.

4. Explore the Island: Tenerife is more than just stunning beaches. Take the time to discover its diverse landscapes, from the volcanic landscapes of Teide National Park to the picturesque villages of Masca and La Orotava. Geordies love an adventure, so be sure to explore every corner of this beautiful island.

5. Join in on the Fiesta: Geordies know how to have a good time, and Tenerife is no different. The island hosts various festive celebrations throughout the year, like the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Get into the party spirit and join the locals in their lively parades and vibrant festivities.

6. Be Respectful: As a Geordie, you know the importance of being kind and respectful to others. While Tenerife is a popular tourist destination, remember to be considerate of the local customs and traditions. Show respect to the locals, and they will welcome you with open arms.

So, pack your bags, grab your passport, and get ready to experience the best of Tenerife with your Geordie charm! Enjoy the sun, the food, and the friendly locals on this unforgettable vacation.

Geordie Memories in Tenerife

Tenerife is a popular destination for Geordies looking to escape the cold weather and soak up some sun. Many people from Newcastle have fond memories of their time in Tenerife, whether it’s from family holidays, stag or hen parties, or simply a weekend getaway.

There is a strong sense of Geordie pride in Tenerife, with many bars and restaurants catering specifically to the North East culture. From the moment you step off the plane, you can find familiar accents and friendly faces, making you feel right at home.

One of the most iconic memories for Geordies in Tenerife is the vibrant nightlife. The strip in Playa de las Americas is filled with bars and clubs that are always bustling with Geordies looking for a good time. The atmosphere is electric, with everyone singing and dancing to their favorite Geordie tunes.

For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, there are plenty of beautiful beaches in Tenerife where you can unwind and enjoy the sunshine. Geordies can often be found lounging on the sand, sipping on a cold beer, and reminiscing about their Geordie roots.

Another memory that Geordies hold dear is the delicious food in Tenerife. Many restaurants serve traditional Geordie dishes, such as stotties, pease pudding, and bacon sarnies. Geordies can satisfy their cravings for home while enjoying the beautiful weather and stunning views of Tenerife.

Geordies in Tenerife also love to explore the island and take part in various activities. From hiking in Mount Teide National Park to diving in the crystal-clear waters, there is always something exciting to do. These adventures create lasting memories for Geordies and make their time in Tenerife even more special.

Overall, Geordies have a deep love for Tenerife and the memories it holds. The combination of Geordie pride and the beauty of Tenerife creates a unique and unforgettable experience for anyone who visits.


What is Geordie Pride Tenerife?

Geordie Pride Tenerife is an event that celebrates Geordie culture in Tenerife, bringing together people from Newcastle, England and locals in Tenerife to showcase the best of Geordie culture.

When and where does Geordie Pride Tenerife take place?

Geordie Pride Tenerife takes place annually in Tenerife, usually in the summer months. The exact dates and locations may vary each year, so it’s important to check the official website or social media pages for the latest information.

What can people expect to see at Geordie Pride Tenerife?

At Geordie Pride Tenerife, visitors can expect to see a range of Geordie-themed events and activities. These may include live music performances by Geordie bands, traditional Geordie food and drink stalls, and various entertainment options such as stand-up comedy and dance performances.

Is Geordie Pride Tenerife only for people from Newcastle?

No, Geordie Pride Tenerife is open to anyone who wants to join the celebration of Geordie culture. While it does attract a lot of people from Newcastle, it also welcomes locals and tourists who are interested in experiencing and learning about Geordie traditions.

Are there any specific traditions or customs that are highlighted at Geordie Pride Tenerife?

Geordie Pride Tenerife aims to celebrate a range of Geordie traditions and customs. This may include showcasing the unique Geordie dialect, traditional Geordie songs and dances, and highlighting famous Geordie landmarks and icons. The event aims to create a sense of pride and unity among Geordies and those who appreciate Geordie culture.

What is Geordie Pride Tenerife all about?

Geordie Pride Tenerife is an event that celebrates Geordie culture in Tenerife. It showcases the best of Geordie music, food, and entertainment.