Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022 – Discover the Amazing Cruise Ships Arriving and Departing from Tenerife Next Year!

If you’re dreaming of a getaway on the high seas, look no further than the Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022. Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is a paradise destination offering breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and a wealth of exciting activities. Whether you’re an avid cruiser or a first-timer, the Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022 has the perfect voyage for you.

With a wide variety of ships and itineraries to choose from, the Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022 caters to every type of traveler. Whether you prefer a luxurious ocean liner with all the amenities or a smaller, more intimate vessel, there is something for everyone. Set sail from popular ports across Europe and embark on a journey to Tenerife that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

With the Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022, you can explore the stunning beauty of Tenerife and its surrounding islands. From the striking volcanic landscapes of Mount Teide National Park to the golden sandy beaches of Los Cristianos, there is no shortage of natural wonders to discover. Immerse yourself in the local culture with visits to charming villages, indulge in delicious Canarian cuisine, and experience thrilling water sports activities.

Plan Your Dream Journey to Tenerife

If you’re a fan of the open sea and want to experience the beauty of Tenerife, a cruise ship is the perfect way to do it. With its stunning coastline, vibrant culture, and unique landscapes, Tenerife offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers.

With the Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022, you can easily plan your dream journey to this incredible destination. Whether you’re looking for a short weekend getaway or a longer adventure, there are plenty of options to choose from. From luxury liners to smaller, more intimate vessels, there’s a ship and a cruise itinerary that will suit your preferences.

As you explore the Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022, you’ll discover a wide range of exciting voyages. From exploring the volcanic landscapes of Mount Teide to lounging on the beautiful beaches of Los Cristianos or Costa Adeje, each cruise offers a unique itinerary that showcases the best of Tenerife.

During your journey, you can enjoy onboard amenities such as swimming pools, spas, gourmet dining options, and entertainment venues. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or indulge in exciting activities, there’s something for everyone on a Tenerife cruise ship.

In addition to the incredible destinations and onboard experiences, a cruise ship allows you to travel in comfort and style. You’ll have your own private cabin with all the necessary amenities, and you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of unpacking once and having your accommodations travel with you.

So why wait? Start planning your dream journey to Tenerife by exploring the Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022 today. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first cruise, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Get ready to set sail and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Explore Tenerife’s Vibrant Culture and History

When planning your Tenerife cruise in 2022, be sure to take some time to explore the vibrant culture and rich history of this beautiful island. Tenerife offers a fascinating blend of influences from its indigenous Guanche people, Spanish conquerors, and African and Latin American immigrants.

Cultural Highlights

One of the must-visit cultural highlights of Tenerife is the UNESCO-listed city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. This historic city is home to stunning examples of colonial architecture, including the beautiful Cathedral of San Cristóbal de La Laguna and the Bishop’s Palace. Take a stroll through the narrow streets lined with colorful buildings and discover charming plazas filled with cafés and shops.

Another cultural gem not to be missed is the Auditorio de Tenerife, an iconic modernist building located in the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This architectural masterpiece hosts a variety of cultural events, including concerts, dance performances, and theater shows.

Historical Sites

To delve into Tenerife’s fascinating history, visit the Castillo de San Felipe in Puerto de la Cruz. This 17th-century fortress played an important role in defending the island from pirate attacks. Take a walk along the fortress walls and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding coastline.

For a deeper understanding of the island’s past, head to the Museum of History and Anthropology in the town of La Orotava. This museum showcases the island’s archaeology, ethnography, and history, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of Tenerife’s rich cultural heritage.

Local Cuisine

No exploration of Tenerife’s culture is complete without trying the local cuisine. Indulge in traditional Canarian dishes such as papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), mojo sauce, and freshly caught seafood. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of local wine or a refreshing tinto de verano, a popular Spanish summer drink.

Month Vessel Port of Call Arrival Date Departure Date
January Navigator of the Seas Santa Cruz de Tenerife January 5 January 7
February MSC Fantasia Los Cristianos February 10 February 11
March Norwegian Epic Santa Cruz de Tenerife March 15 March 16

So, when you plan your visit to Tenerife in 2022, make sure to not only enjoy the stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches, but also immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and history that this island has to offer.

Discover Tenerife’s Stunning Natural Beauty

Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. With its diverse landscapes, the island offers an array of stunning sights that are sure to captivate cruise passengers in 2022. Whether you’re drawn to lush forests, dramatic cliffs, or volcanic landscapes, Tenerife has it all.

Lush Forests and National Parks

One of the highlights of Tenerife’s natural beauty is its lush forests and national parks. The Anaga Rural Park, located in the northeastern part of the island, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and features dense forests, hiking trails, and stunning viewpoints. The Teide National Park, home to Spain’s highest peak, Mount Teide, is another must-visit spot for nature lovers. Here, you can explore volcanic landscapes, marvel at unique rock formations, and take in panoramic views of the island.

Dramatic Cliffs and Coastal Views

Tenerife’s coastline is dotted with dramatic cliffs that offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Los Gigantes, located on the western coast, is famous for its towering cliffs that reach heights of up to 800 meters. From a cruise ship, you can admire the sheer magnitude of these cliffs and the beauty of the surrounding sea. The cliffs of Anaga, located in the northeastern part of the island, are equally impressive and offer panoramic views of the rugged coastline.

Volcanic Landscapes and Unique Rock Formations

Tenerife’s volcanic origins are evident in its diverse landscapes, making it a paradise for geology enthusiasts and nature lovers. The Las Cañadas del Teide caldera, located within the Teide National Park, is a vast volcanic crater that stretches for miles. Here, you can explore unique rock formations, such as the Roques de García, which are a result of volcanic activity. The Malpaís de Güímar, a volcanic field on the southeastern coast, is another fascinating area to visit, with its black lava landscapes and volcanic cones.

When planning your 2022 cruise to Tenerife, make sure to take the time to discover the island’s stunning natural beauty. From lush forests and national parks to dramatic cliffs and volcanic landscapes, Tenerife offers a wealth of natural wonders that are sure to leave you in awe.

Indulge in Tenerife’s Delicious Cuisine

When you’re on a cruise ship visiting Tenerife, one of the highlights of your trip will undoubtedly be the chance to sample the delicious cuisine that this vibrant island has to offer. Tenerife is known for its diverse culinary scene, influenced by its rich history and unique geographical location.

Canarian Cuisine

One of the culinary highlights of Tenerife is Canarian cuisine. This local cuisine is characterized by its simple yet flavorful dishes that make use of locally-sourced ingredients. Canarian potatoes, known as “papas arrugadas,” are a must-try. These small, wrinkled potatoes are boiled in saltwater and served with a tasty mojo sauce.

Another popular dish in Canarian cuisine is “gofio,” a toasted flour made from roasted grains like wheat or corn. Gofio is often used as an ingredient in various dishes and gives a unique nutty flavor. Don’t miss the opportunity to try “puchero,” a hearty stew made with a variety of meats, vegetables, and legumes. It’s the perfect comfort food after a day of exploring Tenerife.

Fresh Seafood

Being an island, Tenerife is renowned for its fresh seafood. From succulent prawns to grilled octopus, there’s a variety of delicious dishes to try. The coastal towns boast an abundance of seafood restaurants, where you can savor the catch of the day cooked to perfection.

Wine Tasting

Tenerife is not only known for its cuisine but also for its wine production. The island has a long tradition of winemaking, and its vineyards produce unique wines thanks to the volcanic soil. Take the opportunity to visit a local winery and indulge in a wine tasting session. Sample the excellent white and red wines produced on the island, such as Listán Blanco and Listán Negro.

With its diverse range of culinary options, Tenerife offers a gastronomic experience sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. From traditional Canarian dishes to fresh seafood and delicious wines, indulging in Tenerife’s cuisine is a must during your cruise ship visit.

Experience Tenerife’s Thrilling Water Sports

Tenerife, with its stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters, is the perfect destination for adrenaline junkies and water sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced thrill-seeker, the island offers a wide range of thrilling activities that will get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping.

Jet Skiing

One of the most popular water sports in Tenerife is jet skiing. Imagine feeling the wind in your hair as you speed across the ocean, exploring hidden coves and beautiful beaches. Tenerife has several rental companies that offer jet ski tours, allowing you to discover the island’s coastline in a unique and exhilarating way.


If you’re looking for a bird’s-eye view of Tenerife, parasailing is the way to go. Strap yourself into a harness, and as a powerful boat takes off, you’ll ascend into the sky. From up high, you’ll have breathtaking views of the island’s volcanic landscapes and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Activity Duration Price
Jet Skiing 30 minutes $50
Parasailing 15 minutes $60


Tenerife’s world-class waves make it a mecca for surfers from around the globe. Whether you’re a beginner looking to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer seeking a challenge, the island’s diverse coastline offers something for everyone. Grab your board, wax it up, and get ready to ride the waves of Tenerife.

With its warm climate and favorable wind conditions, Tenerife is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. So, if you’re visiting the island on a cruise in 2022, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill of jet skiing, parasailing, or surfing in the beautiful waters of Tenerife.

Relax on Tenerife’s Beautiful Beaches

When you’re not exploring the stunning landscape and charming towns of Tenerife on your 2022 cruise ship vacation, make sure to take some time to relax on the island’s beautiful beaches. With its year-round mild climate and diverse coastline, Tenerife offers a wide range of beach options for every type of beachgoer.

Spend a Day at Playa de las Americas

Located on the southwestern coast of the island, Playa de las Americas is the perfect beach destination for those looking for a lively atmosphere and plenty of amenities. With its golden sand, crystal clear waters, and a wide range of water sports activities, it’s no wonder why this beach is a favorite among tourists. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, take a dip in the ocean, or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenade, Playa de las Americas has something for everyone.

Escape to the Tranquility of Playa de las Teresitas

If you prefer a more serene and peaceful beach experience, head to Playa de las Teresitas. Situated in the northeastern part of Tenerife, this stunning beach is known for its golden sand imported from the Sahara Desert and its crystal clear waters. Surrounded by lush mountains, Playa de las Teresitas offers a tranquil setting where you can unwind, take long walks along the shore, and enjoy breathtaking views. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and make a day of it!

Discover the Natural Pools at Puerto de la Cruz

For a unique beach experience, visit Puerto de la Cruz and explore its natural pools. These unique formations are the result of volcanic activity and offer a safe and peaceful swimming environment. The pools are filled with clear seawater that is constantly replenished by the ocean, providing a refreshing and relaxing bathing experience. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try cliff diving into the pools!

No matter which beach you choose to visit on your Tenerife cruise ship vacation in 2022, you’ll be mesmerized by the natural beauty and tranquility that the island has to offer. So pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a good book, and get ready to relax on Tenerife’s beautiful beaches.

Visit Tenerife’s Iconic Landmarks

Explore the beautiful island of Tenerife and its iconic landmarks during your cruise ship visit in 2022! Tenerife is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and historical sites. Here are some must-see landmarks to add to your itinerary:

Teide National Park

One of the most famous landmarks in Tenerife is Teide National Park. Located in the center of the island, this UNESCO World Heritage site is home to Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain. Take a cable car ride up to the summit and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the island. The unique volcanic landscape and diverse flora and fauna make it a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

La Laguna Cathedral

Visit the historic town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna and admire the impressive La Laguna Cathedral. This stunning cathedral, constructed in the 16th century, showcases beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Explore the charming streets of the town and discover its rich history and culture.

Los Gigantes Cliffs

Prepare to be amazed by the impressive Los Gigantes Cliffs on the southwestern coast of Tenerife. These towering cliffs reach heights of up to 600 meters and provide a dramatic backdrop to the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Take a boat trip to get up close and personal with these natural wonders and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Masca Village

Hidden within the Teno Mountains is the picturesque village of Masca. This remote village is nestled in a deep gorge and offers breathtaking views of lush valleys and dramatic cliffs. Take a leisurely hike through the gorge and admire the traditional Canarian architecture of the village.

These are just a few of the many iconic landmarks that Tenerife has to offer. Whether you’re interested in natural wonders, historical sites, or cultural experiences, Tenerife has something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this unique and beautiful island during your 2022 cruise ship schedule!

Shop for Unique Souvenirs in Tenerife

When visiting Tenerife in 2022, don’t miss the opportunity to explore its vibrant local markets and shops to find unique souvenirs that will remind you of your unforgettable trip. Tenerife is renowned for its handicrafts, arts, and culinary delights, making it a haven for shoppers.

For those looking to take home a piece of Tenerife’s traditional culture, there are several markets that are worth a visit. The Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa is a bustling market in Santa Cruz, where you can find a wide variety of fresh produce, local crafts, and handmade products. It’s the perfect place to pick up some traditional Canarian pottery, colorful textiles, or even a bottle of the famous Tenerife mojo sauce.

If you’re more interested in fashion and trendy items, head to the shopping centers in the southern part of Tenerife, such as Siam Mall or Plaza del Duque. Here, you’ll find a plethora of international brands, as well as local designers showcasing their latest creations. Whether you’re looking for stylish clothing, accessories, or even beauty products, these shopping centers have it all.

For those seeking a unique shopping experience, Tenerife is also home to several artisanal shops and boutiques. These hidden gems offer one-of-a-kind items crafted by local artisans, including handmade jewelry, leather goods, and intricately woven baskets. Don’t forget to explore the small alleyways and side streets of the island’s towns to stumble upon these charming stores.

Before leaving Tenerife, make sure to stop by one of the island’s renowned wineries and bring home a bottle of its famous wines. Tenerife is known for its exceptional vineyards and produces a variety of wines that are sure to please any wine enthusiast. Whether you prefer a dry white wine or a rich red, you’ll find a bottle to suit your taste.

In conclusion, Tenerife offers a wide range of shopping experiences for every taste and interest. From traditional markets to modern shopping centers and artisanal boutiques, you’ll have no trouble finding unique souvenirs to cherish from your 2022 visit to Tenerife.

Unwind in Tenerife’s Luxurious Spas

After a day of exploring the beautiful island of Tenerife or enjoying the various activities offered on your 2022 cruise ship schedule, there’s no better way to relax than by indulging in the luxurious spas that the island has to offer. Tenerife is known for its stunning natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, making it the perfect destination for a spa getaway.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional spa experience or a cutting-edge wellness treatment, Tenerife has a wide range of options to choose from. From world-class resorts to boutique spas, there is something for everyone. Step into a state of utter bliss as skilled therapists transport you to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Take a dip in a heated indoor pool, surrounded by sublime views of the island’s lush greenery and breathtaking coastline. Unwind in a Jacuzzi or sauna, letting the warm waters and soothing steam melt away any tension. Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage or a rejuvenating facial, tailored to your specific needs.

For the ultimate pampering experience, opt for one of Tenerife’s many spa packages. Indulge in a day-long retreat that includes multiple treatments, access to spa facilities, and even a delicious gourmet lunch. These packages are designed to provide you with a complete and immersive wellness experience, allowing you to leave feeling refreshed and revitalized.

In addition to the traditional spa treatments, Tenerife also offers unique wellness experiences that harness the healing properties of the island’s natural resources. From volcanic mud baths to thalassotherapy, these treatments are known for their therapeutic benefits and are sure to leave you feeling restored.

So why not make the most of your 2022 cruise ship schedule and treat yourself to a day of pampering in one of Tenerife’s luxurious spas? With their serene settings, expert therapists, and extensive range of treatments, these spas are the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and unwind.

Benefits of Tenerife’s Luxurious Spas:
  • Relax and unwind after a day of exploring
  • Choose from a variety of traditional and cutting-edge treatments
  • Enjoy stunning views while you relax in heated pools or saunas
  • Indulge in a range of spa packages for a complete wellness experience
  • Experience the healing properties of natural resources with unique treatments

Learn About Tenerife’s Fascinating Wildlife

Tenerife, with its beautiful landscapes and diverse ecosystems, is home to a fascinating array of wildlife. Whether you’re a nature lover or simply curious about the local flora and fauna, a trip to Tenerife will not disappoint.

One of the most remarkable animals found in Tenerife is the Tenerife lizard (Gallotia galloti). This endemic species can only be found on the island and is known for its unique appearance and behavior. With its vibrant colors and ability to camouflage, the Tenerife lizard is a true marvel of evolution.

Another iconic creature that calls Tenerife home is the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). These majestic creatures can often be spotted in the waters surrounding the island, particularly during the nesting season. Watching a loggerhead sea turtle glide through the water is a truly unforgettable experience.

Tenerife is also a popular destination for birdwatchers, thanks to its diverse bird population. The island is home to several native and migratory bird species, including the Tenerife blue chaffinch (Fringilla teydea) and the Tenerife robin (Erithacus superbus). Bird enthusiasts will have plenty of opportunities to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

If you’re interested in marine life, Tenerife offers amazing opportunities for snorkeling and diving. The waters surrounding the island are teeming with marine biodiversity, including colorful fish, graceful rays, and even dolphins and whales. Exploring the underwater world of Tenerife is like stepping into a vibrant and diverse aquarium.

Whether you’re exploring the lush forests, rugged mountains, or crystal-clear waters, Tenerife’s wildlife never fails to impress. Take the time to learn about and appreciate the unique creatures that call this stunning island home. By doing so, you’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Tenerife’s natural beauty.

Participate in Tenerife’s Colorful Festivals

While exploring the beautiful island of Tenerife on your 2022 cruise ship schedule, make sure to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of its colorful festivals. Tenerife is known for its joyful celebrations, and participating in these events will give you a unique cultural experience.

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

One of the most famous festivals in Tenerife is the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, considered one of the world’s largest carnivals. The streets come alive with music, dancing, and elaborate parades, featuring stunning floats and costumes. Join the locals and tourists alike in the festivities, as you embrace the spirit of joy and celebration.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is another magnificent festival where the streets are beautifully adorned with carpets made of flower petals, sand, and colored salts. This religious celebration showcases the artistic talents of the locals and creates a breathtaking sight to behold. Participate in the processions and witness the intricate designs that cover the streets of Tenerife.

During your stay in Tenerife, take the opportunity to sample the delicious traditional cuisine and experience the warm hospitality of the locals. Explore the markets and exhibitions that accompany the festivals, where you can find unique crafts and locally produced goods.

Plan your 2022 cruise to Tenerife, and be a part of these memorable festivals!

Experience Tenerife’s Vibrant Nightlife

When visiting Tenerife in 2022, make sure to take advantage of the island’s vibrant nightlife scene. With its mix of international tourists and locals, Tenerife offers a variety of options for a memorable night out.

One popular spot is the Veronicas Strip in Playa de las Americas, known for its lively bars and clubs. Here, you can dance the night away to a mix of music styles, from EDM to reggaeton. The atmosphere is electric, with people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy the nightlife.

If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, head to Puerto de la Cruz. This charming town offers a more laid-back atmosphere with its selection of cozy bars and quaint cafes. Here, you can mingle with the locals and enjoy a more intimate setting while sipping on delicious cocktails.

For those who love live music, Tenerife has a vibrant music scene with a variety of venues to choose from. The Auditorio de Tenerife is a must-visit for any music lover, with its impressive architecture and world-class concerts. Whether you’re into classical music or contemporary bands, there’s something for everyone at this iconic venue.

If you’re feeling lucky, why not try your hand at one of Tenerife’s casinos? With a wide range of games and entertainment options, you can test your skills and maybe even win big. The Casino Playa de las Americas is a popular choice, offering a glamorous setting and a lively atmosphere.

No matter what your nightlife preference is, Tenerife has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re dancing the night away, enjoying live music, or trying your luck at a casino, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience in Tenerife’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Stay in Tenerife’s Top-notch Accommodations

When planning your trip to Tenerife, don’t forget to consider your accommodation options! Tenerife is home to a wide range of top-notch hotels and resorts that can make your stay truly unforgettable.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious beachfront resort or a cozy boutique hotel in the heart of the city, Tenerife has it all. With the cruise ship schedule for 2022, you can easily plan your stay to coincide with your desired itinerary.

Beachfront Resorts

For those who enjoy waking up to the sound of crashing waves and stunning ocean views, Tenerife’s beachfront resorts are the perfect choice. These resorts offer direct access to the beach, along with a variety of amenities such as swimming pools, spa facilities, and world-class restaurants. You can relax on the white sandy beaches, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or simply soak up the sun by the pool.

Boutique Hotels in the City

If you prefer a more urban experience, Tenerife’s boutique hotels in the city center are ideal. These hotels combine modern luxury with a unique charm, offering stylish rooms and personalized service. You can explore the vibrant streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife or visit the city’s historic sites and museums, all within walking distance from your hotel.

Whether you choose a beachfront resort or a boutique hotel in the city, Tenerife’s accommodations are sure to exceed your expectations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your stay in Tenerife truly memorable!

Embark on a Tenerife Island Hopping Adventure

While exploring Tenerife on a cruise ship is an amazing experience, why not take your adventure to the next level and embark on a Tenerife island hopping journey?

Tenerife, being the largest of the Canary Islands, offers a variety of enchanting destinations just waiting to be discovered. With a convenient ship schedule and numerous options for exploring, island hopping allows you to make the most of your visit to Tenerife.

Start your journey by hopping on a ship in Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz. From there, you can explore the neighboring islands of La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma, and Gran Canaria. Each island has its own unique charm and attractions, from dramatic volcanic landscapes to lush tropical forests.

La Gomera, known for its pristine beaches and untouched nature reserves, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. El Hierro, on the other hand, is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, with crystal-clear waters teeming with colorful marine life.

For those seeking a taste of authentic Canarian culture, a visit to La Palma is a must. This island is adorned with picturesque villages and charming historic sites. And if you’re looking for a vibrant city experience, head to Gran Canaria, known for its lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere.

With a well-planned ship schedule, you can easily hop from one island to another, allowing you to experience the diverse landscapes and unique experiences each has to offer. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or a culture enthusiast, Tenerife island hopping is sure to satisfy your wanderlust.

So, make the most of your Tenerife cruise and embark on an island hopping adventure. Explore the hidden gems of the Canary Islands and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Explore Tenerife’s Charming Villages and Towns

While enjoying your cruise to Tenerife, take the time to explore the island’s charming villages and towns. Each one offers its own unique atmosphere and cultural attractions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich local heritage.

One of the must-visit places is the historic town of La Orotava. Known for its beautiful colonial architecture and well-preserved historic center, La Orotava offers a glimpse into Tenerife’s past. Stroll along its cobblestone streets and admire the traditional Canarian houses with their balconies adorned with vibrant flowers.

If you’re interested in local crafts and traditional gastronomy, head to the village of Guía de Isora. This picturesque village is famous for its handmade pottery workshops and delicious local cuisine. Be sure to indulge in some traditional Canarian dishes, such as ropa vieja or papas arrugadas, while admiring the stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

For a taste of coastal charm, visit the fishing village of Los Abrigos. This quaint village is known for its fresh seafood restaurants and peaceful atmosphere. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, watch the local fishermen at work, and savor some of the best seafood dishes you’ll ever taste.

If you’re looking to experience the artistic side of Tenerife, head to the village of Garachico. Once a flourishing port, Garachico is now a cultural hub, boasting numerous art galleries and an annual arts and crafts fair. Explore the town’s charming streets, visit the historic San Miguel Castle, and enjoy the lively arts scene.

No visit to Tenerife would be complete without exploring the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This vibrant city offers a mix of modern attractions and historical landmarks. Visit the iconic Auditorio de Tenerife, take a refreshing walk in the beautiful Garcia Sanabria Park, and explore the colorful market of Mercado Municipal Nuestra Señora de África.

Village/Town Description Attractions
La Orotava A historic town with well-preserved colonial architecture and a charming center. Colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, traditional Canarian houses.
Guía de Isora A picturesque village known for its handmade pottery workshops and local cuisine. Handmade pottery, traditional gastronomy, stunning views.
Los Abrigos A fishing village famous for its fresh seafood restaurants and peaceful atmosphere. Fresh seafood, promenade, local fishermen.
Garachico A cultural village with numerous art galleries and an annual arts and crafts fair. Art galleries, San Miguel Castle, arts and crafts scene.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife The capital city of Tenerife with a mix of modern attractions and historical landmarks. Auditorio de Tenerife, Garcia Sanabria Park, Mercado Municipal Nuestra Señora de África.

Discover Tenerife’s Hidden Gems

Tenerife, a beautiful island located in the Canary Islands, is a popular cruise destination and attracts millions of tourists every year. While the island is known for its stunning beaches and tourist attractions, there are also hidden gems that offer a unique and authentic experience for visitors.

One of the hidden gems of Tenerife is the picturesque town of Garachico. This charming town is known for its rich history and beautiful architecture. Visitors can stroll through its narrow cobbled streets, admire the well-preserved buildings, and visit the iconic Church of Santa Ana. Garachico also offers natural pools formed by volcanic rock, where visitors can take a refreshing swim.

Another hidden gem that visitors can explore in Tenerife is the Anaga Rural Park. This lush green park is a paradise for nature lovers. Its rugged mountains, deep ravines, and ancient laurel forests make it a perfect destination for hiking and outdoor activities. The park is also home to a variety of flora and fauna, including unique bird species.

The town of Masca is another hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed. It is located in a remote area of Tenerife and is nestled amidst a stunning landscape. Visitors can embark on a challenging hike through the Masca Gorge, surrounded by towering cliffs and breathtaking views. At the end of the hike, they can relax on the black sand beach and enjoy the tranquility of the area.

The hidden gems of Tenerife also include its local cuisine. Visitors can indulge in traditional Canarian dishes such as papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), gofio (toasted grain flour), and fresh seafood. The island’s vineyards also produce delicious wines that can be enjoyed during a visit to the local wineries.

In conclusion, while Tenerife is famous for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions, there are hidden gems that offer a unique and authentic experience for visitors. From charming towns and natural parks to remote landscapes and local cuisine, Tenerife’s hidden gems are waiting to be discovered by those who venture beyond the typical tourist schedule in 2022.

Learn to Surf with Tenerife’s Expert Instructors

While exploring Tenerife’s stunning beaches during your cruise in 2022, why not take the opportunity to learn a new skill and ride the waves? Tenerife is a renowned surfing destination and offers a variety of surf schools with expert instructors who can teach you the art of surfing.

Experience the Thrill of Surfing

Surfing is not only a fun and exhilarating activity, but it also provides a unique perspective of Tenerife’s beautiful coastline. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, the expert instructors in Tenerife can tailor their lessons to suit your skill level.

With their guidance, you’ll learn essential surfing techniques, including paddling, balancing, and catching waves. They’ll also teach you about wave conditions, safety protocols, and surf etiquette, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience in the water.

Tenerife’s Surf Schools

Tenerife is home to several surf schools that offer lessons for all ages and levels of experience. Some of the most reputable surf schools include Surf School Tenerife, Tenerife Surf Academy, and North Shore Surf School.

These schools provide top-quality equipment, such as surfboards and wetsuits, ensuring you have everything you need for your lessons. Their instructors are experienced surfers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you become confident in riding the waves.

Each surf school offers different lesson packages, ranging from one-time lessons to multi-day courses. Whether you want a quick introduction to surfing or a more comprehensive training, there’s an option for everyone.

Surfing in Tenerife is an incredible way to connect with nature, challenge yourself, and create unforgettable memories during your cruise in 2022. So grab a surfboard, join a surf school, and get ready to ride the waves like a pro!

Go Whale Watching in Tenerife’s Pristine Waters

When visiting Tenerife on a cruise ship, one of the must-visit attractions is going on a whale-watching excursion in the island’s pristine waters. Tenerife is known for its diverse marine life, and taking a trip to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Why Choose Tenerife for Whale Watching?

Tenerife’s coastal waters provide the perfect habitat for a wide variety of whale species, including the impressive and iconic sperm whale. The island’s unique geographic location and favorable climate create a rich feeding ground for these magnificent creatures, making it a top destination for whale watching enthusiasts.

Not only does Tenerife offer a high chance of spotting whales, but the island also boasts clear and calm waters, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. With professional and knowledgeable guides, you can learn about these incredible animals and their habitats in depth as you observe them in their natural environment.

What to Expect on a Whale Watching Excursion

A typical whale watching excursion in Tenerife starts with a scenic cruise along the coastline, allowing you to take in the breathtaking views of the island from the water. As you venture further into the open sea, keep an eye out for signs of whale activity such as spouts of water or fluke splashes.

Once a whale is spotted, the ship will approach at a safe distance to ensure minimal impact on the animals. You may have the opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures breaching, tail-slapping, or traveling in groups, creating a memorable and awe-inspiring sight. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture these incredible moments!

During the tour, you may also encounter other marine species such as dolphins, sea turtles, and various seabirds, adding to the overall excitement and diversity of the experience. Some tours even offer the chance to snorkel or swim near marine creatures, providing a unique and immersive encounter with nature.

Booking a Whale Watching Excursion

To ensure you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, it’s advisable to book your whale watching excursion in advance. Many cruise ships that dock in Tenerife offer organized tours, or you can book directly with local tour operators for a more personalized experience.

When planning your Tenerife cruise schedule, be sure to allocate enough time for this unforgettable whale watching adventure. Whether you’re an animal lover, nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique and memorable experience, going on a whale-watching excursion in Tenerife’s pristine waters is an absolute must.

Tenerife Cruise Ship Schedule 2022: Departure Arrival
Ship Name 1 January 15, 2022 January 22, 2022
Ship Name 2 February 5, 2022 February 12, 2022
Ship Name 3 March 20, 2022 March 27, 2022

Embark on a Scenic Hike in Tenerife’s Mountains

While the Tenerife cruise ship schedule for 2022 may offer a wide range of exciting activities and destinations, one experience that should not be missed is hiking in the scenic mountains of Tenerife. As the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is home to a diverse landscape that includes stunning mountains, volcanic craters, and beautiful forests.

Exploring Mount Teide

A highlight of any hiking adventure in Tenerife is exploring Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trails on Mount Teide range in difficulty, offering options for hikers of all skill levels. Whether you choose to hike to the summit or explore the surrounding areas, you will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the island.

Discovering Anaga Rural Park

Another must-visit destination for hikers in Tenerife is Anaga Rural Park. This lush green oasis is known for its ancient laurel forests, breathtaking viewpoints, and charming villages. Hiking through the park allows you to immerse yourself in nature and discover hidden gems along the way. Be sure to bring your camera, as you won’t want to miss capturing the beauty of this unique landscape.

When planning your hike in Tenerife, it’s important to come prepared. Make sure to pack comfortable hiking shoes, plenty of water, sunscreen, and a map of the trail you plan to explore. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast before heading out, as conditions can change rapidly in mountainous areas.

  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes and clothing.
  • Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated during your hike.
  • Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.
  • Carry a map of the trail and familiarize yourself with the route beforehand.

Embarking on a scenic hike in Tenerife’s mountains is a unique and rewarding way to explore the natural beauty of the island. Whether you choose to conquer Mount Teide or discover the hidden treasures of Anaga Rural Park, you’re sure to create unforgettable memories and capture stunning photos along the way.

Enjoy Tenerife’s Mild Climate All Year Round

When planning your Tenerife cruise ship schedule for 2022, one of the biggest draws of this destination is its mild climate. Tenerife is known as the “Island of Eternal Spring” due to its year-round pleasant weather. Whether you visit in the winter or the summer, you can expect warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

Tenerife’s location off the coast of Africa provides it with a unique climate that is influenced by both the Atlantic Ocean and the trade winds. The result is mild temperatures that rarely drop below 20°C (68°F) in the winter or exceed 30°C (86°F) in the summer.

Perfect Weather for Exploring

With Tenerife’s mild climate, you can enjoy outdoor activities and explore the island’s natural beauty all year round. From hiking through the enchanting Anaga Rural Park to lounging on the stunning beaches of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas, there’s something for everyone.

The pleasant temperatures make Tenerife an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. You can go diving, snorkeling, or paddleboarding in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island. The calm breezes and gentle waves create the perfect conditions for sailing and windsurfing as well.

Variety of Flora and Fauna

Tenerife’s mild climate also supports a rich variety of flora and fauna. The island is home to diverse landscapes, ranging from lush forests and volcanic mountain ranges to picturesque coastal areas. This biodiversity creates an ideal habitat for many unique plant and animal species.

Exploring Tenerife’s natural reserves and national parks, such as Teide National Park and Masca Valley, allows you to witness the incredible beauty and abundance of life that flourishes in this mild climate. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the vibrant colors of the flowers, the singing of birds, and the occasional sighting of dolphins or whales along the coast.

So, whether you’re planning to visit Tenerife in the early months of 2022 or towards the end of the year, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be greeted by a mild climate that’s perfect for outdoor adventures and relaxation.

Immerse Yourself in Tenerife’s Rich History and Culture

When planning your 2022 cruise to Tenerife, make sure to take the time to explore the island’s rich history and vibrant culture. Tenerife is not only known for its stunning beaches and natural landscapes but also for its fascinating past and diverse traditions.

Historic Sites

Start your journey by visiting the historic sites that showcase Tenerife’s past. One of the must-visit spots is the UNESCO World Heritage site of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. This charming town is filled with beautiful colonial architecture and offers a glimpse into the island’s history. Don’t miss a visit to the iconic Plaza del Adelantado and the majestic Cathedral of La Laguna.

Another significant historical site to explore is the Castillo de San Juan Bautista, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This 16th-century fort was built to protect the island from pirate attacks and now houses the Military Museum. Take a guided tour to learn more about the fortress’s fascinating history and enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in Tenerife’s vibrant culture by attending one of the many traditional events and festivals that take place throughout the year. If you’re visiting in February, don’t miss the vibrant Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the most famous carnivals in the world. Experience the colorful parades, lively music, and elaborate costumes that make this event truly unforgettable.

For a taste of Tenerife’s local cuisine and traditions, explore the island’s markets and sample the delicious Canarian dishes. Visit Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where you’ll find a wide variety of fresh local products, including exotic fruits, cheese, and fish. Enjoy a stroll through the market and take the opportunity to mingle with the friendly locals.

Natural Beauty

While Tenerife’s history and culture are fascinating, don’t forget to appreciate the island’s natural beauty. Take a trip to Teide National Park, home to the iconic Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain. Explore the breathtaking volcanic landscapes and marvel at the stunning views from the summit. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a cable car ride to get a panoramic view of the island.

Another natural wonder not to be missed is the Anaga Rural Park, located in the northeastern part of the island. This lush green paradise is home to beautiful forests, breathtaking cliffs, and picturesque villages. Take a hike along one of the many trails and discover hidden gems tucked away in this enchanting area.

By immersing yourself in Tenerife’s rich history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. Start planning your 2022 cruise to Tenerife and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

Taste Tenerife’s Authentic Canarian Cuisine

When planning your schedule for a 2022 cruise to Tenerife, make sure to leave room in your itinerary to experience the incredible flavors of Canarian cuisine. Tenerife is home to a vibrant culinary scene that showcases the unique combination of Spanish, African, and Latin American influences.

Start your gastronomic adventure with a visit to one of the many traditional Canarian restaurants in Tenerife. These establishments offer a diverse menu featuring local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Be sure to try some of the island’s famous dishes, such as papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) served with mojo sauce, or gofio, a traditional flour made from roasted grains.

Local Ingredients

The key to Canarian cuisine lies in its fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Tenerife’s volcanic soil and favorable climate make it ideal for growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The island is known for its flavorful tomatoes, bananas, avocados, and aromatic spices like cilantro and cumin.

Seafood plays a prominent role in Canarian cuisine, thanks to Tenerife’s coastal location. Look out for dishes featuring fresh fish, including Vieja (parrot fish) and cherne (wreckfish), prepared in traditional Canarian style. Seafood lovers won’t be disappointed with the abundance of options available.

Traditional Canarian Dishes

Canarian cuisine is known for its hearty and flavorful dishes that highlight the island’s agricultural heritage. One must-try dish is ropa vieja, which translates to “old clothes” in Spanish. This slow-cooked stew combines tender shredded beef or chicken with chickpeas, vegetables, and a rich tomato sauce.

If you’re looking for something lighter, try a traditional gofio soup. Made with gofio flour, this thick and creamy soup is often flavored with vegetables, meat, or fish. It’s a comforting and filling dish that showcases the unique taste of gofio, a staple ingredient in Canarian cuisine.

For dessert, indulge in bienmesabe, a sweet almond cream topped with toasted almonds and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This traditional Canarian treat is the perfect ending to a meal filled with authentic flavors.

In conclusion, don’t miss the opportunity to taste Tenerife’s authentic Canarian cuisine during your 2022 cruise. By exploring the island’s local ingredients and traditional dishes, you’ll get a true taste of the rich culinary heritage that makes Tenerife a food lover’s paradise.

Marvel at Tenerife’s Stunning Sunsets

When visiting Tenerife in 2022 as part of your cruise schedule, one experience you simply cannot miss is witnessing the breathtaking sunsets that paint the island’s skies with vibrant colors. Tenerife is known for its stunning natural beauty, and its sunsets are no exception.

As the sun slowly sets behind the horizon, the skies of Tenerife come alive with hues of gold, pink, purple, and orange. Whether you are on the deck of your cruise ship or on one of the island’s beautiful beaches, the view is guaranteed to leave you in awe.

One of the best spots to catch the sunset is from the iconic Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the surrounding landscape, you’ll witness a truly magical moment. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this unforgettable sight.

Another popular spot for sunset viewing is the coastal town of Los Gigantes. Famous for its towering cliffs that plummet into the Atlantic Ocean, Los Gigantes provides a stunning backdrop for the setting sun. Head to one of the waterfront restaurants or cafes and enjoy a delicious meal while marveling at the ever-changing colors of the sky.

If you prefer a more secluded experience, consider taking a sunset boat tour around the island. With the gentle waves lapping against the boat and the sun casting its final rays, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility like no other. This is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Tenerife.

Whether you choose to witness the sunset from the top of Mount Teide, the cliffs of Los Gigantes, or the deck of a boat, one thing is for certain – Tenerife’s sunsets are a sight to behold. Don’t miss out on this magical experience during your cruise to Tenerife in 2022.

Experience Tenerife’s Unique Carnival Celebration

When visiting Tenerife on a cruise in 2022, one of the highlights of your trip should be experiencing Tenerife’s unique Carnival Celebration. This vibrant and colorful event is one of the biggest and most popular carnivals in the world, attracting visitors from all over the globe.

The Carnival in Tenerife: A Cultural Extravaganza

The Tenerife Carnival is a month-long celebration filled with flamboyant costumes, lively music, and energetic dances. The carnival showcases the rich cultural heritage of the island and its people, making it a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Each year, the carnival has a different theme, which sets the tone for the elaborate costumes and decorations. Participants spend months designing and creating their outfits, resulting in stunning displays of creativity and craftsmanship. From traditional Canarian costumes to fantasy-inspired ensembles, there is something for everyone to admire and enjoy.

Activities and Events During the Carnival

During the Tenerife Carnival, the streets of the capital city, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, come alive with parades, live performances, and street parties. The main highlight of the event is the Carnival Queen Pageant, where contestants compete for the title of Carnival Queen, showcasing their stunning costumes and stage presence.

Other notable events include the Carnival Parade, with colorful floats and music filling the streets, and the Burial of the Sardine, a symbolic ceremony marking the end of the carnival. Additionally, you can indulge in delicious local cuisine, enjoy live music performances, and participate in various cultural activities throughout the month-long celebration.

Join in the Festivities

When your cruise ship docks in Tenerife in 2022, make sure to plan your visit to coincide with the Tenerife Carnival. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, witness the spectacular costumes, and dance along to the infectious rhythms. Whether you choose to participate in the events or simply soak in the festive spirit as a spectator, the Tenerife Carnival promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Discover Tenerife’s Rich Arts and Music Scene

While exploring Tenerife on your 2022 cruise ship schedule, don’t miss the opportunity to delve into the island’s vibrant arts and music scene. Tenerife has long been a haven for artists and musicians, boasting a rich cultural heritage that is showcased in its numerous galleries, museums, and performance venues.

One of the must-visit places for art enthusiasts is the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, also known as TEA. This contemporary arts center features a diverse range of exhibitions showcasing local and international artists. From paintings and sculptures to interactive installations, TEA offers a unique and immersive art experience.

If you’re a fan of classical music, be sure to catch a performance at the Auditorio de Tenerife. This iconic concert hall, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, is not only a visual masterpiece but also a world-class venue for symphony orchestras and renowned soloists. Whether you prefer Mozart or Beethoven, the auditorium’s acoustics will transport you into a world of musical bliss.

Tenerife is also home to a vibrant street art scene, with colorful murals adorning the walls of its capital city, Santa Cruz. Take a stroll through the streets and discover the works of local and international artists, each piece telling its own unique story.

Another way to immerse yourself in Tenerife’s art and music culture is by attending one of the island’s many festivals. From the Tenerife International Film Festival to the Arona Summer Festival, these events showcase a variety of artistic expressions, from film screenings and live music performances to dance shows and art installations.

No matter your artistic preferences, Tenerife’s rich arts and music scene is sure to inspire and captivate you during your cruise ship visit in 2022. So don’t forget to add a cultural twist to your itinerary and uncover the hidden treasures of this vibrant island.

Relax and Unwind in Tenerife’s Picturesque Gardens

If you’re looking for a peaceful and serene escape during your cruise schedule in Tenerife in 2022, be sure to explore the island’s picturesque gardens. Tenerife is known for its stunning natural beauty, and the gardens are no exception.

1. Garden of La Orotava

One of the most famous gardens in Tenerife is the Garden of La Orotava. This beautifully landscaped garden is home to a variety of tropical plants and flowers. Take a leisurely stroll through the garden’s winding paths and enjoy the colorful blooms and fragrant aromas.

2. Palmetum of Santa Cruz

Located in the capital city of Santa Cruz, the Palmetum is a botanical garden dedicated to palm trees. With over 400 different species of palms from around the world, this garden is a paradise for plant enthusiasts. Relax under the shade of towering palm trees and admire the serene beauty of the garden.

In addition to these two must-visit gardens, there are many other hidden gems waiting to be discovered in Tenerife. Whether you’re a nature lover or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, Tenerife’s gardens offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

So, next time you find yourself in Tenerife during your 2022 cruise schedule, make sure to set aside some time to relax and unwind in the island’s picturesque gardens.

Explore Tenerife’s Exquisite Wine Regions

When visiting Tenerife on a cruise in 2022, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the island’s exquisite wine regions. With its unique volcanic soil and favorable climate, Tenerife is home to some of the best vineyards in the Canary Islands.

One of the main wine regions in Tenerife is the Valle de la Orotava, located in the north of the island. This region is known for producing high-quality red wines, especially from the Listán Negro grape variety. Take a tour of the vineyards and enjoy tasting the rich and fruity wines that this region has to offer.

If you prefer white wines, head to the region of Abona. Situated in the south of Tenerife, Abona is famous for its white wines made from the Listán Blanco and Malvasia grape varieties. The vineyards in Abona enjoy plenty of sunshine and a cool sea breeze, resulting in crisp and refreshing wines.

Another wine region worth exploring is Tacoronte-Acentejo, located in the northeast of Tenerife. This region is known for its unique microclimate, which contributes to the production of complex and aromatic wines. The vineyards here are planted on steep slopes, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

During your visit to Tenerife, make sure to visit some of the local wineries and learn about the wine-making process. Many of the vineyards offer guided tours and tastings, allowing you to experience the flavors and aromas of Tenerife’s wines firsthand.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy a glass of wine, exploring Tenerife’s exquisite wine regions is a must-do when cruising to the island in 2022. Discover the unique flavors and characteristics of the local wines and indulge in the rich wine culture of Tenerife.

Indulge in Tenerife’s Luxurious Spa Treatments

When you’re on a cruise ship to Tenerife in 2022, take some time to pamper yourself and unwind with the luxurious spa treatments available on board. Tenerife is known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, but it’s also a destination renowned for its world-class spas and wellness centers.

Embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation as you escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you prefer a deep tissue massage, a rejuvenating facial, or a soothing body wrap, Tenerife’s cruises offer a plethora of indulgent spa treatments to choose from. Step into a serene oasis where tranquility and wellness await.

Immerse yourself in pure bliss as skilled therapists work their magic using high-quality products and techniques. Feel the tensions melt away as your body and mind surrender to the gentle strokes and calming scents. Let the stress fade into the background as you immerse yourself in the ultimate pampering experience.

Spa Treatment Description
Hot Stone Massage Experience the soothing warmth of hot stones as they release tension and promote deep relaxation.
Aromatherapy Facial Indulge in the aromatic scents of essential oils as your skin is nourished and revitalized.
Seaweed Body Wrap Detoxify and rejuvenate your body with a nutrient-rich seaweed wrap that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
Deep Tissue Massage Relieve muscle tension and improve circulation with a deep tissue massage that targets specific areas of discomfort.

After your spa treatment, take advantage of the ship’s other amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, and jacuzzis to further enhance your relaxation. And don’t forget to stay hydrated by sipping on a refreshing fruit-infused water or herbal tea.

Indulging in Tenerife’s luxurious spa treatments while on a 2022 cruise ship is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and mind. So, sit back, relax, and let the trained professionals take care of you as you sail through the stunning waters of Tenerife.


How can I find the cruise ship schedule for Tenerife in 2022?

You can find the cruise ship schedule for Tenerife in 2022 by visiting the official website of the Tenerife Port Authority or by contacting the local tourist information office. They will have the most up-to-date information on all the cruise ships visiting Tenerife in 2022.

What are some popular cruise lines that visit Tenerife?

Some popular cruise lines that visit Tenerife include Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Line. These cruise lines offer a variety of voyages to Tenerife, ranging from short trips around the Canary Islands to longer cruises that include Tenerife as a port of call.

What are the main attractions in Tenerife that cruise ship passengers can visit?

Tenerife offers a variety of attractions for cruise ship passengers to visit. Some of the main attractions include the stunning beaches, such as Playa de las Americas and Playa de los Cristianos, the historic town of La Laguna, the Teide National Park with its iconic volcano, and the charming village of Masca. There are also opportunities for hiking, shopping, and enjoying the local cuisine.

Can I book a cruise to Tenerife directly through the cruise line?

Yes, you can book a cruise to Tenerife directly through the cruise line. Most cruise lines have their own websites where you can browse and book their available itineraries. You can also contact a travel agent who specializes in cruises to help you find the perfect voyage to Tenerife.

What is the best time of year to visit Tenerife on a cruise?

The best time of year to visit Tenerife on a cruise is during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. During these times, the weather is pleasant, the crowds are smaller, and the prices are often more affordable. However, Tenerife is a year-round destination, so you can visit on a cruise any time of the year and still have a great experience.

What is the cruise ship schedule for Tenerife in 2022?

The cruise ship schedule for Tenerife in 2022 is not available yet. You can check with the local port authority or the cruise line to get the most up-to-date information.