Tenerife South Arrivals – Everything You Need to Know About Arriving at the Astounding Tenerife South Airport

Welcome to Tenerife South Airport! If you have just landed here, you are among the thousands of passengers who arrive here every day. In this article, we will guide you through the arrivals process, from exiting the plane to collecting your baggage.

Once your flight has landed, you will make your way through immigration. Keep your passport and any necessary documents handy, as you will need to present them to the immigration officers. They will stamp your passport and allow you to enter Tenerife, welcoming you to the island with a smile.

After clearing immigration, you will proceed to the baggage reclaim area. Look for the monitors displaying your flight number and carousel number. Collect your luggage and double-check that it belongs to you. If you have any oversized or fragile items, make sure to inform the airline staff during check-in, so they are handled with extra care.

Once you have gathered your belongings, you can proceed towards the exit. Tenerife South Airport has a well-organized arrivals area with clear signs guiding you to the taxi stands, car rental counters, and public transportation options. Whether you are heading to a hotel, exploring the island, or continuing your journey elsewhere in Tenerife, you will find all the necessary facilities in close proximity.

Airport Information and Facilities

As the main airport in the south of Tenerife, Tenerife South Airport is an important gateway for both international and domestic flights. It serves as a major hub for arrivals, handling thousands of passengers every day.

Upon landing, passengers go through immigration control before collecting their baggage. The airport has several baggage claim areas, making it easy for passengers to locate their belongings. There are also ample seating areas for passengers to rest and wait for their bags.

For the convenience of passengers, Tenerife South Airport offers a range of facilities. There are multiple restaurants and cafes available for those looking for a bite to eat or a cup of coffee. Duty-free shops and retail stores offer a variety of products, including souvenirs, clothing, and electronics. Travelers can also find currency exchange services and ATMs throughout the airport.

In addition to these amenities, Tenerife South Airport provides excellent transportation options for arriving passengers. There are car rental desks where passengers can easily rent a vehicle to explore the island. Taxis and bus services are also conveniently located outside the arrivals area, offering hassle-free transportation to various destinations.

Overall, Tenerife South Airport ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for arrivals. With its well-equipped facilities and convenient transportation options, passengers can easily navigate their way through the airport and continue their journey in Tenerife.

Immigration and Customs Procedures

When you arrive at Tenerife South Airport, your journey through immigration and customs procedures will begin. These procedures are in place to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and their baggage.


After your flight to Tenerife has landed at the South Arrivals, you will proceed to the immigration area. Here, you will need to present your passport and any required travel documents to the immigration officer for inspection. The officer will stamp your passport, granting you permission to enter the country.

It is important to ensure that you have filled out any necessary immigration forms prior to landing. These forms are usually provided by the airline during your flight, and they are required for entry into Tenerife.

Baggage Claim

After completing the immigration process, you will proceed to the baggage claim area. Here, you will collect your checked baggage from the designated conveyor belts. It is important to carefully check all luggage tags and claim only the bags that belong to you.

If you have any oversized or special baggage that cannot be retrieved from the standard conveyor belts, there may be a separate area designated for the collection of such items. Be sure to follow any instructions provided by airport staff.

Customs Declaration

Once you have collected your baggage, you will proceed to the customs declaration area. Here, you may be required to declare any items that you are bringing into Tenerife that exceed the allowed limits or require special documentation.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the customs regulations of Tenerife before your trip. This will help you avoid any delays or issues during the customs process.

In general, it is prohibited to bring certain items, such as illegal drugs or weapons, into Tenerife. Failure to declare such items can result in serious consequences.

Remember to have your travel documents, passport, and customs declaration form readily available during the immigration and customs procedures. Following these procedures will ensure a smooth and stress-free arrival at Tenerife South Airport.

Transportation Options from the Airport

Once passengers have cleared immigration and collected their luggage at Tenerife South Airport, they have several transportation options to choose from. Whether you are arriving for a vacation or a business trip, there are convenient ways to reach your destination.


One of the most common and convenient transportation options from the airport is taking a taxi. Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals area and offer a quick and direct way to reach your final destination. The taxi fare is usually metered, and it is advisable to clarify the estimated cost before starting the journey.

Car Rental

If you prefer to have your own transportation during your stay in Tenerife, renting a car at the airport is a convenient option. There are several car rental companies located in the arrivals area. Booking in advance is recommended to ensure the availability of your preferred vehicle and to avoid any last-minute hassle.


For budget-conscious travelers, the bus is a popular option for getting from Tenerife South Airport to various destinations on the island. The bus stop is located just outside the arrivals area, and there are regular services to major tourist areas and towns. The bus fare is generally cheaper than a taxi or car rental.

Shuttle Service

Some hotels and resorts offer shuttle services to and from the airport, providing a convenient and hassle-free option for their guests. It is advisable to check with your accommodation beforehand if they provide this service and arrange the details in advance.

Transportation Option Advantages Disadvantages
Taxi Quick and direct Expensive during peak hours
Car Rental Convenience and flexibility Additional costs for fuel and parking
Bus Cost-effective May be crowded
Shuttle Service Convenient for hotel guests Dependent on hotel schedule

Popular Tourist Attractions in Tenerife

Tenerife, located in the Canary Islands, is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. With its stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant culture, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Tenerife:

  • Mount Teide – This is the highest peak in Spain and a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts. You can take a cable car to the summit and marvel at the breathtaking views of the island.
  • Siam Park – Known as one of the best water parks in the world, Siam Park offers thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and even a wave pool. It’s a perfect spot for families and adrenaline junkies alike.
  • Loro Parque – This animal park is home to a wide variety of animals, including dolphins, killer whales, parrots, and penguins. You can watch incredible shows and learn about conservation efforts.
  • Los Gigantes – These towering cliffs are a sight to behold. You can take a boat trip from the nearby town of Puerto de Santiago and get up close to these impressive rock formations.
  • Anaga Rural Park – If you’re a nature lover, this park is a must-visit. It offers beautiful hiking trails, stunning viewpoints, and a chance to see unique plant and animal species.
  • La Laguna – This historic town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a testament to Tenerife’s rich history. Explore its charming streets, visit the beautiful churches, and immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Playa de las Américas – This buzzing resort town is known for its vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and lively atmosphere. It’s a popular destination for party-goers and sun-seekers.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a thrill-seeker, or someone looking to relax on the beach, Tenerife has something to offer. Make the most of your time in this beautiful island by visiting these popular tourist attractions.

Weather and Climate in Tenerife

Tenerife, located in the south of the island, has a pleasant and mild weather throughout the year, making it a popular destination for travelers arriving at Tenerife South Airport.

The climate in Tenerife is classified as subtropical, with warm summers and mild winters. The average temperature ranges from 18°C (64°F) in winter to 25°C (77°F) in summer. The island is known for its consistent warm weather, making it a great place to escape the cold temperatures in other parts of Europe.

One of the main advantages of the weather in Tenerife is its low rainfall, especially in the southern part of the island. This dry climate creates ideal conditions for passengers arriving at Tenerife South Airport, as it means that flight delays due to weather are rare.

The weather conditions in Tenerife make it a popular destination for outdoor activities and beach holidays. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, go hiking in the stunning mountains, or explore the vibrant coastal towns.

When packing for your trip to Tenerife, it’s advisable to pack lightweight clothing, as the weather is usually warm and sunny. However, it’s also a good idea to pack a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings, especially during the winter months.

In conclusion, Tenerife’s weather and climate are ideal for travelers arriving at Tenerife South Airport. With its warm temperatures, low rainfall, and abundance of outdoor activities, it’s no surprise that Tenerife is a popular destination for passengers looking to escape to a sunny paradise.

Accommodation Options in Tenerife

After going through the immigration and baggage reclaim process at Tenerife South Airport, passengers arriving in Tenerife have a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, there is something to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.


Tenerife offers a variety of hotels located near the airport and in popular tourist areas. From luxury resorts to budget-friendly options, there is a hotel to cater to all preferences. Many hotels offer amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants, and spa facilities, providing a comfortable and convenient stay for visitors.

Apartments and Villas

For those looking for a more homely experience, there are numerous apartments and villas available for rent in Tenerife. These accommodations provide more privacy and flexibility, allowing visitors to have their own space and cook their own meals. Apartments and villas are a great option for families or those planning a longer stay.

Some websites and agencies specialize in short-term rentals, offering a wide selection of apartments and villas in different areas of Tenerife. It is advisable to book in advance to secure the best options and prices.


If you are a budget traveler or looking to meet fellow travelers, staying in a hostel can be a great option. Tenerife has a range of hostels that offer affordable accommodation and a friendly atmosphere. Hostels often have common areas where guests can socialize and exchange travel tips.

Booking a bed in a hostel can be a cost-effective solution, especially for solo travelers or young backpackers. Some hostels also offer private rooms for those who prefer more privacy.

Overall, Tenerife provides a variety of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer the comforts of a hotel, the privacy of an apartment, or the social atmosphere of a hostel, there is something for everyone in this beautiful island.

So, after landing at Tenerife South Airport and going through the arrivals process, take some time to explore the various accommodation options available. Make your stay in Tenerife comfortable and memorable!

Local Cuisine and Dining

Once passengers have cleared immigration and collected their baggage at Tenerife South Airport, they may want to explore the local cuisine and dining options available. The south of Tenerife offers a diverse range of food choices to suit all tastes and budgets.

Traditional Canarian Cuisine

For a taste of authentic local food, visitors can try traditional Canarian cuisine. Some popular dishes include papas arrugadas (wrinkly potatoes) served with spicy mojo sauce, gofio (a type of flour made from roasted grains), and fresh fish dishes such as sancocho (salted fish and potatoes) or cherne (wreckfish). These dishes reflect the island’s maritime history and use of local produce.

International Restaurants

In addition to traditional Canarian dishes, travelers can find a wide variety of international restaurants in the south of Tenerife. From Italian and French cuisine to Japanese sushi and American burgers, there is something to suit every palate. Many restaurants offer a fusion of flavors, combining traditional ingredients with international techniques and influences.

If passengers are looking for a quick bite to eat before or after their flight, they can also find fast food options such as burger chains and sandwich shops in the airport itself.

Local Markets and Street Food

Exploring local markets is another popular way to discover the flavors of Tenerife. These markets often feature stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, and other local products. Additionally, street food stalls can be found in popular tourist areas, offering a variety of snacks and meals to enjoy on the go.

Overall, passengers arriving at Tenerife South Airport will have no shortage of dining options. Whether they are craving traditional Canarian cuisine or international flavors, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Shopping and Souvenirs

After going through immigration and collecting your baggage at Tenerife South Airport, you may have some time to spare before your flight or while waiting for fellow passengers. Why not take this opportunity to explore the various shops and find some unique souvenirs?

The airport has a range of shops catering to different tastes and preferences. From designer clothing and accessories to local crafts and products, you can find something for everyone.

If you’re looking for high-end fashion, there are several boutiques offering brands known for their quality and style. You can browse through the latest collections or find a timeless piece to add to your wardrobe.

For those interested in local culture, there are shops specializing in traditional crafts and souvenirs. You can pick up handmade pottery, colorful textiles, or unique artwork that captures the essence of Tenerife.

Don’t forget to check out the duty-free shops, where you can find a wide selection of products at tax-free prices. Whether you’re looking for cosmetics, fragrances, or spirits, you’re sure to find a bargain.

If you’re in need of a quick bite or a refreshing drink, there are also cafes and restaurants where you can relax and recharge before your flight. Grab a coffee and a sandwich, or treat yourself to some delicious local cuisine.

Remember, shopping at the airport is a great way to make the most of your time before or after your flight. So take a stroll through the shops, support local businesses, and find that perfect souvenir to remember your trip to Tenerife South.

Beaches and Water Sports

Tenerife South Airport is not only a gateway to the island of Tenerife, but it is also a perfect starting point for enjoying the beautiful beaches and exciting water sports the island has to offer. After your baggage is collected in the arrivals hall and you have gone through immigration, you will be ready to explore all that Tenerife has in store for you.

Tenerife is famous for its stunning beaches, and there is no shortage of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a bustling tourist beach or a more secluded spot, Tenerife has it all. Playa de las Americas is one of the most popular beaches, known for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters. This beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying water sports.

If you are a fan of water sports, you will be in paradise in Tenerife. The island offers a wide range of activities, including surfing, windsurfing, diving, and snorkeling. You can rent equipment or take lessons from experienced instructors to make the most of your time in the water. With its ideal climate and constant winds, Tenerife is a top destination for wind and kite surfers.

Beaches Water Sports
Playa de las Americas Surfing
Los Cristianos Windsurfing
Playa del Duque Diving
Playa de Fanabe Snorkeling

After a day of fun in the sun, you can relax at one of the beachfront restaurants or bars, enjoying the delicious local cuisine and refreshing drinks. The beach towns of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas are known for their vibrant nightlife, with plenty of dining and entertainment options to choose from.

Overall, Tenerife offers an incredible blend of beautiful beaches and thrilling water sports activities. Whether you are a beach lover or an adrenaline junkie, there is something for everyone on this stunning island.

Hiking and Nature Exploration

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Tenerife South Arrivals is the perfect starting point for your hiking and nature exploration adventure. After a long flight and going through immigration, you’ll be ready to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the South of Tenerife.

Tenerife offers a wide range of hiking trails suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced hiker, you’ll find something that suits your abilities and preferences. From steep cliffs and volcanic landscapes to lush forests and coastal paths, there’s a trail for every type of adventurer.

One of the most popular hiking destinations is Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain and the third tallest volcano in the world. The trail to the summit offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and is a challenging but rewarding experience. Make sure to check the weather conditions before embarking on this adventure.

If you prefer a more relaxed hike, head to the Anaga Rural Park where you’ll find ancient laurel forests, stunning viewpoints, and picturesque villages. This area is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and offers a variety of well-marked trails that allow you to explore the unique flora and fauna of the island.

Before setting off on your hike, make sure to pack essentials such as comfortable walking shoes, sun protection, plenty of water, and a map or GPS device. It’s also a good idea to inform someone about your hiking plans and estimated return time.

After a day of hiking, you can unwind and relax at one of the charming villages or coastal towns near Tenerife South Airport. Indulge in delicious local cuisine, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or simply enjoy the breathtaking sunset views.

So, whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, Tenerife South Arrivals is your gateway to a world of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. Get ready to explore the stunning landscapes of Tenerife, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Nightlife and Entertainment

After a long flight and a smooth landing at Tenerife South Airport, passengers can look forward to exploring the vibrant nightlife and entertainment options that the island has to offer. Whether you are visiting for a relaxing holiday or seeking a more thrilling experience, Tenerife South has something for everyone.

As you go through immigration and collect your baggage, you can start planning your evenings on the island. Tenerife is famous for its lively nightlife scene, particularly in popular resort areas such as Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. Here, you will find a wide range of bars, clubs, and live music venues catering to diverse tastes.

If you enjoy dancing until the early hours of the morning, you won’t be disappointed. Tenerife South’s nightlife is renowned for its bustling clubs, where you can dance to the latest hits or enjoy live DJ sets. Some clubs even host famous international DJs, attracting party-goers from all over the world.

For a more relaxed evening, consider visiting one of the many bars and restaurants in the area. You can enjoy a refreshing cocktail as you take in the stunning views of the ocean or indulge in delicious local cuisine. Don’t forget to try the traditional tapas, which are small plates of savory snacks that are perfect for sharing.

In addition to the vibrant nightlife, Tenerife South also offers a variety of entertainment options during the day. From water parks and amusement parks to boat excursions and cultural tours, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Families can spend a fun-filled day at Siam Park, one of the largest water parks in Europe, while adrenaline junkies can try out thrilling activities such as paragliding or jet skiing.

Once you have had your fill of the island’s nightlife and entertainment, you can head back to Tenerife South Airport for your return flight. The airport’s modern facilities and efficient service ensure a smooth departure experience, allowing you to reminisce about your unforgettable time in Tenerife as you wait for your flight.

Why choose Tenerife South? Nightlife Highlights
Tenerife South Airport offers convenient access to popular resort areas – Playa de las Americas
– Los Cristianos
– Puerto de la Cruz
The island’s vibrant nightlife caters to all tastes – Clubs with live DJ sets
– Bars with ocean views
– Restaurants serving local cuisine
Daytime entertainment options for all ages – Water parks
– Amusement parks
– Boat excursions
– Cultural tours

Local Culture and Traditions

Tenerife South airport is not only a busy immigration hub for tourists arriving on the island, but it is also a gateway to experiencing the local culture and traditions of Tenerife. As passengers land at Tenerife South, they are greeted with a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the unique blend of Spanish and Canarian traditions.

Traditional Festivals

Tenerife is known for its lively and colorful festivals, which are deeply rooted in its history and traditions. One of the most famous festivals is the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is considered the second largest carnival in the world. During this festival, the streets come alive with parades, music, dance, and elaborate costumes. It is a celebration of local culture and the perfect opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant traditions of Tenerife.


The local gastronomy of Tenerife is a reflection of its diverse cultural influences. The island’s cuisine is a blend of Spanish, African, and Latin American flavors, resulting in a unique culinary experience. Visitors can indulge in traditional Canarian dishes such as papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), gofio (toasted grain flour), and mojo sauces. Exploring the local food scene is a must for anyone wanting to fully immerse themselves in the culture of Tenerife.

Art and Crafts

Tenerife is also known for its rich artistic and craft traditions. The island is home to many talented artisans who create beautiful pottery, textiles, and woodwork. Visitors can explore local markets and shops to find unique souvenirs that showcase the traditional craftsmanship of Tenerife. Whether it’s a hand-painted ceramic plate or a handwoven basket, these crafts not only make for beautiful mementos but also provide insight into the local culture.

Overall, Tenerife South is not only about flight arrivals and baggage collection. It is a gateway to experiencing the rich culture and traditions of Tenerife. From festive celebrations to delicious cuisine and traditional crafts, visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture and create lasting memories of their time on the island.

Language and Communication

In Tenerife South Airport, most of the airport staff and officials can speak English, as it is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, international passengers arriving at the airport should have no trouble communicating their needs and questions.


Upon landing at Tenerife South Airport, passengers will be guided through the immigration and baggage claim process. Immigration officers are fluent in English and will be able to assist passengers with any entry requirements or questions regarding their visas or passports.


After clearing immigration, passengers will proceed to the baggage claim area where they can collect their checked-in luggage. Airport staff at the baggage claim area are available to help passengers locate their bags or provide any necessary assistance in case of lost or damaged luggage.

Communication Services

Tenerife South Airport provides communication services to assist passengers in making local or international calls, sending faxes, or accessing the internet. These services are available throughout the airport and can be easily accessed by passengers.

If passengers have any specific language or communication needs, they can approach the information desks located around the airport. Staff members at these desks are multilingual and can provide assistance in English or other languages, ensuring that passengers have a smooth and hassle-free experience during their arrival at Tenerife South Airport.

Money and Currency Exchange

When landing at Tenerife South Airport, passengers arriving from international flights will have to go through immigration before collecting their baggage. Once through immigration, passengers will find themselves in the arrivals area where they can take care of their financial needs, including currency exchange.

Tenerife South Arrivals has several currency exchange booths where passengers can convert their money into the local currency, the Euro. These booths accept various types of currency, including US dollars, British pounds, and other major currencies.

It is recommended to have some cash in Euros before arriving at Tenerife South Airport, as not all businesses may accept credit or debit cards. Having cash on hand ensures that passengers can easily pay for services like transportation, meals, and other expenses. The currency exchange booths offer competitive rates and are a convenient option for passengers who need immediate access to local currency.

It’s important to note that there may be a small fee or commission associated with currency exchange services. Additionally, it’s advisable to compare rates between different booths to ensure the best deal.

Tip: Before exchanging currency, passengers should check with their bank or credit card provider to understand the fees and exchange rates associated with international transactions. This can help them make an informed decision and avoid unnecessary charges.

Health and Safety Tips for Visitors

When arriving at Tenerife South airport, it’s important for passengers to prioritize their health and safety. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Follow Arrival Procedures

Upon landing, passengers will go through immigration and passport control. It is crucial to follow all instructions and procedures given by the airport staff. This ensures a smooth and safe arrival process for everyone.

2. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Good personal hygiene practices are essential to prevent the spread of germs and ensure your own well-being. Remember to wash your hands frequently, especially before eating or touching your face. Hand sanitizers can also be a convenient option for maintaining cleanliness on the go.

3. Wear a Face Mask

In order to protect yourself and others, wearing a face mask is mandatory in many public areas. Make sure to bring an adequate supply of masks for the duration of your stay. Properly wearing a mask covers both the nose and mouth.

4. Practice Social Distancing

While at the airport and throughout your visit to Tenerife, it is important to maintain a safe distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from others. This helps to minimize the risk of virus transmission and keeps everyone safe.

5. Follow Health and Safety Guidelines

Stay informed about the current health and safety guidelines in place at Tenerife South airport and in the surrounding area. These guidelines may include restrictions on gatherings, capacity limitations, and other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases.

By following these health and safety tips, arrivals to Tenerife South can ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to the beautiful island. Remember to stay informed and adapt to any changes in guidelines to prioritize the health and well-being of yourself and others.

Recommended Day Trips from Tenerife

If you have just landed in Tenerife South airport, completed the immigration process, and collected your baggage, you are ready to explore the beautiful island of Tenerife. While Tenerife itself has a lot to offer, there are also several day trips you can take to explore the surrounding areas.

One popular day trip option is to visit the neighboring island of La Gomera. You can take a ferry from Los Cristianos, which is just a short drive from the airport. Once in La Gomera, you can explore the stunning Garajonay National Park, go hiking or take a scenic drive along the winding roads of the island.

Another option is to visit the historic town of La Orotava, located on the northern side of Tenerife. This town is known for its charming old buildings, beautiful gardens, and rich history. You can stroll through the cobblestone streets, visit the local museums, and enjoy traditional Canarian cuisine in one of the many restaurants.

If you are interested in nature and outdoor activities, a day trip to Teide National Park is a must. This park is home to Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain. You can take a cable car ride to the summit and enjoy breathtaking views of the island. There are also several hiking trails in the park that take you through volcanic landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

For those who want to relax and enjoy the beach, a day trip to Playa de Las Teresitas is a great option. This stunning beach is located on the northeastern part of Tenerife and is known for its golden sand and clear blue waters. You can soak up the sun, go for a swim, or simply relax and unwind.

These are just a few of the recommended day trips from Tenerife. Whether you are interested in nature, history, or simply relaxing, there is something for everyone on this beautiful island.

Best Time to Visit Tenerife

If you are planning to visit Tenerife, it is important to know the best time to go. The weather in Tenerife is generally pleasant throughout the year, with mild winters and warm summers. However, the peak tourist season in Tenerife is during the summer months, from June to September.

During this time, the island is bustling with tourists, especially at popular attractions such as immigration, Tenerife South Arrivals. Flights are frequent, and the airport is busy with passengers coming and going.

It is worth noting that the weather in Tenerife can be quite hot during the summer months, with temperatures often reaching up to 30 degrees Celsius. If you prefer cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, it is best to visit Tenerife during the spring or autumn months.


The spring months of March, April, and May offer milder temperatures and fewer tourists compared to the summer season. It is a great time to visit if you want to enjoy pleasant weather while avoiding the large crowds. The immigration process at Tenerife South Arrivals is usually quicker during this time.


September, October, and November are also good months to visit Tenerife. The temperatures are still warm, but not as hot as in the summer. The island is less crowded during this time, so you can enjoy a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Arriving at Tenerife South Arrivals is also easier during autumn, with fewer flights and landing passengers.

It is important to check the baggage restrictions and guidelines before your flight to Tenerife. This will ensure a smooth immigration process upon arrival at Tenerife South Arrivals. Always make sure to follow the rules and regulations to avoid any issues or delays.

Season Temperature Tourist Crowd
Summer Hot, up to 30°C Peak tourist season
Spring Mild Fewer tourists
Autumn Warm Less crowded

In conclusion, the best time to visit Tenerife depends on your preferences. If you enjoy hot weather and bustling tourist attractions, summer is the ideal time. However, if you prefer milder temperatures and quieter surroundings, spring or autumn would be the perfect seasons for your visit.

Local Events and Festivals

Tenerife is known for its vibrant culture and rich traditions, and there are plenty of local events and festivals that take place throughout the year. Whether you’re a tourist or a local resident, these events offer a chance to immerse yourself in the island’s unique atmosphere.

  • One of the most popular festivals in Tenerife is the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is held every February. This colorful and lively celebration attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Participants dress up in elaborate costumes and take part in music, dancing, and parades.
  • The Tenerife International Film Festival is another major event that showcases the best of international cinema. It features a diverse selection of films and hosts screenings, workshops, and panel discussions with filmmakers.
  • For music lovers, the Phe Festival is a must-visit. This annual music festival brings together local and international artists for a weekend of live performances and DJ sets. The festival is known for its eclectic lineup and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Another highlight on the Tenerife events calendar is the Tenerife Walking Festival. This event appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and offers guided hikes through the island’s stunning landscapes. Participants can explore volcanic terrain, lush forests, and breathtaking coastal paths.

These are just a few examples of the many events and festivals that take place in Tenerife throughout the year. Whether you’re interested in music, film, culture, or nature, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So if you’re visiting Tenerife, make sure to check the local events calendar and plan your trip accordingly.

Tips for Traveling with Children

Traveling with children can be a bit challenging, especially when going to Tenerife South Airport. Here are some tips to make your journey smoother:

  • Prepare extra baggage: Ensure you pack everything your child might need during the flight, including snacks, toys, and extra clothes in case of emergencies.
  • Arrive early: Give yourself plenty of time to go through immigration and security checks, as this can take longer with children.
  • Check flight regulations: Familiarize yourself with the airline’s policies regarding bringing items for children, such as strollers or car seats.
  • Keep important documents handy: Make sure you have all necessary travel documents for both you and your child easily accessible, such as passports and flight tickets.
  • Stay entertained: Bring activities, games, or electronic devices to keep your child occupied during the flight. This will help minimize any boredom or restlessness.
  • Choose appropriate seats: Opt for seats closer to the aisle, as it allows for easier movement and access to the washroom or stretching their legs.
  • Stay calm: Kids can get overwhelmed during travel, so it’s essential to remain calm and patient. Having a positive demeanor will help keep them calm as well.

By following these tips, you can ensure a more enjoyable journey for both you and your child while arriving at Tenerife South Airport.

Accessibility for Disabled Travelers

When it comes to traveling to Tenerife South, the airport strives to provide accessibility for disabled passengers. From the moment they land to the point they collect their baggage and go through immigration, every effort is made to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

The airport has designated parking spaces for disabled travelers, located close to the terminal building for easy access. Inside the terminal, there are elevators, ramps, and wide corridors to accommodate wheelchair users and those with mobility limitations.

Passengers with visual impairments can benefit from tactile paving, braille signs, and audible announcements throughout the airport. Additionally, there are trained staff members available to assist disabled travelers if needed. Just notify your airline or Tenerife South Airport in advance to arrange for additional assistance.

Furthermore, the airport provides accessible toilets equipped with grab rails and enough space for maneuverability. These facilities are conveniently located throughout the terminal, ensuring easy access for disabled passengers.

Overall, Tenerife South Airport is committed to ensuring a comfortable and accessible experience for all passengers, regardless of their disabilities. By providing a range of accessibility features and trained staff members, the airport aims to make travel easy and enjoyable for everyone. So, whether you have a flight to catch or just arriving to explore the beautiful island of Tenerife, rest assured that the airport has taken necessary measures to cater to the needs of disabled travelers.

Guidelines for Ecotourism in Tenerife

Passengers arriving in Tenerife through the South Airport should be aware of the guidelines for ecotourism in order to preserve the natural beauty of the island.

Tenerife is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it a popular destination for eco-conscious travelers.

Airport authorities have implemented certain measures to promote sustainable tourism in the region.

Baggage that contains any prohibited items, such as plastic bottles or non-biodegradable materials, should be disposed of properly before leaving the airport.

Landing on the island, visitors should respect the natural habitats and refrain from disturbing any wildlife they may encounter.

Flight operators and tourism companies in Tenerife are committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly travel options.

Arrivals should also be mindful of their consumption and waste generation during their stay, opting for reusable and sustainable products whenever possible.

Immigration authorities may request information regarding the purpose of your visit, including any ecotourism activities you plan to engage in.

In conclusion, by following these guidelines for ecotourism, passengers can contribute to the preservation of Tenerife’s natural environment and ensure a sustainable future for the island.

Photography and Drone Regulations

Tenerife South Airport welcomes thousands of passengers every year who arrive to enjoy the beauty of the island. Many of these visitors are eager to capture their travel experiences through photography, and Tenerife offers plenty of scenic spots for this purpose.

Passengers are allowed to take photographs in the airport as long as they follow the rules and guidelines. It is important to respect the privacy of other passengers and airport staff. Avoid taking photos of people without their permission, especially in sensitive areas such as the immigration section.

In addition, it is essential to comply with the regulations regarding the use of drones in Tenerife. Drones have become increasingly popular for capturing stunning aerial shots, but there are restrictions in place to ensure the safety and privacy of everyone.

Before flying a drone in Tenerife, it is important to familiarize yourself with the local regulations. Drones are not allowed near the airport or in highly populated areas. Flying drones over private properties is also prohibited without the owner’s permission.

It is recommended to fly drones in designated areas that are suitable for aerial photography. These areas include parks, beaches, and open landscapes. Remember to fly your drone responsibly and consider the safety of others.

By following the photography and drone regulations, passengers can enjoy capturing the beauty of Tenerife without causing any inconvenience or harm to others. So pack your camera or drone and get ready to create unforgettable memories during your arrival at Tenerife South Airport.

Traditional Arts and Crafts in Tenerife

Tenerife, known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, is also home to a rich tradition of arts and crafts. Visitors who have just landed at Tenerife South Airport and are waiting for their baggage can immerse themselves in the local culture by exploring these traditional crafts.

1. Embroidery

Embroidery is a popular craft in Tenerife that has been passed down through generations. Intricate designs are stitched onto fabrics using colorful threads, creating beautiful patterns. Visitors can find embroidered items, such as tablecloths, clothing, and accessories, in local markets and shops.

2. Pottery

Tenerife is also known for its pottery, which is made using traditional techniques. Skilled artisans shape clay into various forms, such as bowls, vases, and decorative objects. The pottery is then typically painted with vibrant colors and patterns, reflecting the island’s natural beauty.

3. Basket Weaving

Basket weaving is another traditional craft in Tenerife. Natural materials like palm leaves and cane are skillfully woven into baskets, mats, and other functional items. The intricate patterns and designs make these pieces both practical and artistic.

4. Woodcarving

Woodcarving is a craft that showcases the skill and creativity of Tenerife’s artisans. Intricate designs are carved onto various types of wood to create sculptures, masks, and furniture. Visitors can admire and purchase these unique pieces at local art galleries and craft markets.

Exploring the traditional arts and crafts of Tenerife is a great way to connect with the local culture. Passengers arriving at Tenerife South Airport can take the opportunity to discover and appreciate the island’s rich artistic heritage while waiting for their baggage.

Local Transportation in Tenerife

After landing at Tenerife South Airport, passengers go through immigration and collect their baggage before heading out to explore the island. Luckily, there are several local transportation options available for travelers to easily get around.

Once outside the airport, passengers can find taxis readily available. Taxis are a convenient and comfortable way to travel to different destinations in Tenerife. However, it is important to note that taxi fares in Tenerife can be quite expensive compared to other modes of transportation.

For budget-conscious travelers, there are also public buses that operate near the airport. These buses provide a more affordable option for getting around the island. The bus routes cover various destinations in Tenerife, making it easier for passengers to reach their desired locations.

In addition to taxis and buses, there are also car rental services available at the airport. Renting a car is a great option for those who prefer to have more flexibility and independence in exploring Tenerife. With a rented car, passengers can easily navigate the island at their own pace and convenience.

Lastly, for those who prefer a more eco-friendly mode of transportation, there are also bicycle rental services available near the airport. Renting a bicycle allows passengers to explore Tenerife while enjoying the scenic views and fresh air.

In conclusion, Tenerife South Airport offers a variety of local transportation options for passengers to choose from. Whether it’s taking a taxi, hopping on a bus, renting a car, or riding a bicycle, travelers can easily navigate the island and make the most of their time in Tenerife.

Cellular Network and Internet Access

If you are traveling to Tenerife South Airport, you will be happy to know that there is a strong cellular network available throughout the airport. This means that you can stay connected to the internet and make phone calls without any issues.

Upon your arrival at Tenerife South Airport, you can expect to find free Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal. This allows you to easily connect to the internet and check your emails, browse the web, or connect with family and friends.

Using Your Mobile Phone

If you have an unlocked phone or a SIM card that works internationally, you can easily use your mobile phone to stay connected. Simply insert your SIM card into your phone and you will be able to make calls, send texts, and access the internet as you would at home.

If you don’t have an international SIM card, you can still use your mobile phone to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Many cafes and restaurants in the airport offer free Wi-Fi access, so you can easily connect and stay connected throughout your time at the airport.

Keeping Your Devices Charged

It is important to make sure that your devices are fully charged before your flight to Tenerife South Airport. This will ensure that you can easily connect to the internet and stay connected during your journey.

If you need to charge your devices while at the airport, there are charging points available throughout the terminal. These charging points are equipped with USB ports, so you can easily plug in your devices and keep them charged.

Additionally, many cafes and restaurants in the airport offer charging facilities, so you can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee while charging your devices.

In conclusion, Tenerife South Airport offers a strong cellular network and free Wi-Fi access, allowing you to easily stay connected to the internet and make phone calls. Whether you have an international SIM card or need to rely on Wi-Fi, you can ensure that you are always connected during your time at the airport.

Recommended Travel Insurance Coverage

When traveling to Tenerife South Airport, it is highly recommended to have travel insurance coverage. This will provide you with financial protection and peace of mind in case of any unforeseen circumstances during your journey.

One of the main aspects to consider when choosing travel insurance is baggage coverage. Baggage loss or damage can happen, especially during the arrival process at the airport. Having insurance that covers the cost of lost or damaged baggage can save you from potential financial distress.

Another important factor to consider is medical coverage. Tenerife South Airport is a popular tourist destination, and accidents or unexpected illnesses can occur. With appropriate travel insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you will be financially protected in case of any medical emergencies.

In addition, travel insurance that covers trip cancellation or interruption is highly recommended. Circumstances beyond your control, such as flight delays, cancellations, or natural disasters, can disrupt your travel plans. Having this coverage will ensure that you are reimbursed for any non-refundable expenses.

Insurance Coverage Benefits
Baggage coverage Protection against loss or damage of baggage
Medical coverage Financial protection in case of accidents or illnesses
Trip cancellation/interruption coverage Reimbursement for non-refundable expenses due to unforeseen circumstances

Make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy to understand the full extent of its coverage. Compare different insurance providers to find the most suitable coverage for your needs. Remember, having travel insurance can be a small investment that can make a big difference in ensuring a smooth and worry-free trip to Tenerife South Airport for all passengers.

Important Contact Information

For passengers arriving at Tenerife South Airport, it is important to have the following contact information readily available:


Landing Assistance

  • Tenerife South Airport Lost & Found: +34 922 759 356
  • Tenerife South Airport Customer Service: +34 922 759 000

Flight Information

  • Tenerife South Airport Flight Enquiries: +34 922 759 351
  • Tenerife South Airport Flight Delay Assistance: +34 922 759 358

Other Important Contacts

  • Tenerife South Airport Medical Services: +34 922 759 353
  • Tenerife South Airport Police Station: +34 922 759 352

Passengers are advised to save these contact numbers in their mobile phones before their arrival to ensure a smooth travel experience. It is important to note that these contact numbers are subject to change, so it is always a good idea to double-check with the airport or relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information.

Useful Spanish Phrases for Travelers

When traveling to Tenerife South airport, it can be helpful to know some basic Spanish phrases to navigate through baggage claim, immigration, and other airport procedures. Here are some useful phrases for English-speaking travelers:

1. Baggage Claim

– Excuse me, where can I find the baggage claim area?

– How long does it usually take for the baggage to arrive?

2. Immigration

– Could you please tell me where the immigration counter is?

– Do I need to fill out an immigration form?

3. Airport Facilities

– Is there a lost and found office at the airport?

– Where can I find a currency exchange booth?

4. Flight Information

– Excuse me, can you tell me the gate number for my flight to Tenerife?

– What time is the boarding for the flight to Tenerife?

Remember to be polite when using these phrases and try your best to pronounce them correctly. The locals will appreciate your effort in speaking their language!


What airlines operate flights to Tenerife South?

A variety of airlines operate flights to Tenerife South, including Ryanair, EasyJet, TUI Airways, Norwegian, and Jet2.

How far is Tenerife South airport from popular tourist areas?

Tenerife South airport is located approximately 17 km from Playa de las Americas and 18 km from Los Cristianos, two popular tourist areas.

Is there public transportation available from Tenerife South airport?

Yes, there is public transportation available from Tenerife South airport, including buses and taxis. There is also a shuttle bus service that runs between the airport and popular tourist areas.

Are there car rental services at Tenerife South airport?

Yes, there are several car rental services available at Tenerife South airport. You can find the car rental desks in the arrivals hall.

What are the COVID-19 safety measures in place at Tenerife South airport?

Tenerife South airport has implemented several COVID-19 safety measures, including mandatory face masks, temperature checks, increased sanitization, and social distancing markers. It is recommended to check with the airport or your airline for the latest guidelines and requirements.

What is the Tenerife South airport?

The Tenerife South airport, officially known as Tenerife South-Reina Sofia Airport, is one of the two main airports on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain.

What airlines fly to Tenerife South?

Many airlines fly to Tenerife South, including Ryanair, EasyJet, TUI Airways, British Airways, and

How can I get from Tenerife South Airport to my hotel?

There are several transportation options available from Tenerife South Airport to hotels in the area. You can take a taxi, hire a car, or use public transportation such as buses.

What facilities are available at Tenerife South Airport?

Tenerife South Airport offers a range of facilities for travelers, including shops, restaurants, car rental services, Wi-Fi access, currency exchange, and a VIP lounge.