Tenerife to Dublin Flights – Discover the Best Deals and Tips

Are you looking to travel from Tenerife to Dublin? Look no further! We have the perfect flights for you. Whether you are planning a holiday or a vacation, our airline offers convenient and affordable flights from Tenerife to Dublin.

Located on the beautiful island of Tenerife, our airport is easily accessible and offers a wide range of amenities for travelers. From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted with friendly and professional service, ensuring a stress-free travel experience. Our airline is known for its top-notch service and we take pride in making every flight enjoyable for our passengers.

Once you arrive in Dublin, you will be amazed by the rich history and vibrant culture of this incredible city. From the iconic landmarks like Trinity College and Dublin Castle to the lively pubs and charming streets, Dublin has something to offer to every traveler. Whether you are interested in history, art, or simply enjoying a pint of Guinness, Dublin is the perfect destination for you.

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Tenerife to Dublin Flights

Are you planning a holiday to Tenerife and looking for flights to Dublin? Look no further! Our airline offers convenient and affordable flights from Tenerife to Dublin.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, our Tenerife to Dublin flights will get you there in no time. With our easy booking process and competitive prices, you can find the best tickets for your travel needs.

When you arrive in Tenerife, make your way to the airport to catch your flight to Dublin. Our flights are scheduled regularly, giving you flexibility in planning your trip. Spend your holiday exploring the vibrant city of Dublin, with its rich history, lively pubs, and friendly locals.

Why Choose Our Airline for Tenerife to Dublin Flights?

There are several reasons why choosing our airline for your Tenerife to Dublin flights is a great decision:

  1. Convenience: Our flights are designed to fit your schedule, allowing you to travel at your preferred time.
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  3. Competitive prices: We offer competitive prices, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.
  4. Excellent customer service: Our friendly and professional staff are ready to assist you throughout your travel experience.

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Plan Your Trip Today

Are you dreaming of a fantastic vacation filled with adventure and relaxation? Look no further than Tenerife to Dublin flights! Whether you’re planning a family holiday, a solo adventure, or a romantic getaway, this is the perfect destination for you.

Tenerife is not only known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, but also for its rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes. Explore the charming streets and discover the local cuisine, or embark on a thrilling hike in the mountains. There’s something for everyone in this diverse and beautiful island.

Booking your tickets is quick and easy. With a wide range of airlines offering Tenerife to Dublin flights, you can find the perfect option that suits your travel preferences and budget. Whether you prefer a direct flight or a layover, you can be sure to find a convenient schedule that fits your needs.

Once you arrive at Dublin airport, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and a warm Irish welcome. Dublin is a city filled with history, culture, and vibrant nightlife. Explore the famous Guinness Storehouse, visit the iconic Trinity College, or simply wander through the charming streets and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

So why wait? Start planning your trip today and embark on an unforgettable Tenerife to Dublin adventure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create lifelong memories and experience the best that both destinations have to offer. Book your flights now and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime!

Why Choose Tenerife for Your Vacation

Tenerife is a stunning destination that offers a perfect getaway for those looking for a memorable vacation. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a sun worshipper, or someone who loves to explore new cultures, Tenerife has something for everyone.

Beautiful Beaches

Tenerife is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The golden sands, crystal clear waters, and picturesque palm trees make it the ideal spot to relax and soak up the sun. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to unwind or a lively beach with water sports, Tenerife has it all.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Tenerife has a rich cultural heritage that is waiting for you to explore. From charming old towns to impressive historical sites, you will be captivated by the island’s unique history. Don’t miss the chance to visit Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital city, where you can discover beautiful architecture and indulge in delicious local cuisine.

When you choose Tenerife for your vacation, you can also benefit from its convenient location and excellent transportation options. Tenerife has a well-connected airport with flights from Dublin available throughout the year. This means that traveling to Tenerife is easy and hassle-free, allowing you to maximize your time on the island.

Airline Airport Travel Tickets Holiday Flights Dublin Vacation
Tenerife Airlines Tenerife South Airport Convenient Affordable Memorable Direct From Dublin Unforgettable

So why not book your Tenerife vacation today? With its stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, and convenient flight options from Dublin, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Discover Dublin – A Vibrant City

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a vibrant and exciting city that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and nightlife. Whether you’re visiting for a short stopover or planning a longer holiday, Dublin has something for everyone.

Located just a short distance from Dublin International Airport, the city is easily accessible for travelers from Tenerife. With a range of airlines offering flights between Tenerife and Dublin, getting to this vibrant city has never been easier. Book your tickets today and start your Dublin adventure!

Once you arrive in Dublin, you’ll find yourself immersed in a city that is both steeped in history and bursting with modern energy. From iconic landmarks such as Trinity College and Dublin Castle to the lively Temple Bar area, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

Take a stroll along the River Liffey and admire the beautiful architecture that lines its banks. Explore the charming streets of the city center, where you’ll find a mix of shops, restaurants, and traditional pubs. Don’t forget to sample some authentic Irish cuisine, such as hearty stews and fresh seafood.

Dublin also has a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries and theaters showcasing local and international talent. Visit the Guinness Storehouse to learn about Ireland’s most famous export, or take a tour of the Jameson Distillery to discover the secrets behind Ireland’s whiskey-making tradition.

For nature lovers, Dublin offers plenty of green spaces to explore. Stroll through Phoenix Park, one of the largest enclosed city parks in Europe, or take a boat trip down the Grand Canal. Escape the city for a day and visit the stunning Wicklow Mountains, just a short drive away.

As the sun sets, Dublin comes alive with its famous pub culture. Join the locals for a pint of Guinness or listen to traditional Irish music in a cozy pub. The city’s nightlife is diverse and lively, with a range of bars, clubs, and live music venues to suit every taste.

So, whether you’re looking for a city break, a cultural experience, or simply a fun night out, Dublin has it all. Start your Dublin adventure today and book your flights from Tenerife to Dublin!

Best Time to Visit Dublin

If you’re planning a vacation to Dublin, it’s essential to consider the best time to visit. Dublin experiences mild weather year-round, but the most popular time for tourists is during the summer months. From June to August, the city comes alive with festivals, outdoor events, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Booking your flights from Tenerife to Dublin during this time can be a bit more expensive, as it is the peak holiday season. However, if you’re looking for a lively and bustling city experience, it’s worth the investment. The Dublin Airport offers direct flights from Tenerife, making it convenient to travel between the two destinations.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds and want to save money on your tickets, you might consider visiting Dublin during the shoulder seasons. Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) offer milder temperatures and fewer tourists. This can be a great time to explore attractions like the Guinness Storehouse or take a stroll in the picturesque Phoenix Park.

Regardless of the time of year you choose to visit Dublin, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast and plan your activities accordingly. Dublin is known for its unpredictable weather, so be sure to pack layers and a raincoat, just in case.

When booking your airline tickets, it’s recommended to compare prices from different airlines to find the best deal. Many airlines offer direct flights from Tenerife to Dublin, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

No matter when you decide to visit Dublin, you can be sure to find something exciting to do. From exploring historical landmarks to enjoying traditional Irish music in a cozy pub, Dublin has something for everyone!

Month Average Temperature (°C) Rainfall (mm)
January 8 68
February 8 48
March 10 54
April 11 47
May 13 52
June 15 47
July 17 48
August 17 57
September 15 53
October 12 63
November 9 73
December 8 70

Top Attractions in Dublin

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is a vibrant and historical destination that offers a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy during their vacation. Whether you’re arriving on one of the many flights to Dublin Airport or exploring the city as part of a larger trip, there are plenty of sights to see and experiences to be had.

Attraction Description
The Guinness Storehouse A must-visit for beer enthusiasts, the Guinness Storehouse is a seven-story building that tells the story of Ireland’s most famous stout. Visitors can learn about the brewing process, enjoy a pint in the rooftop Gravity Bar, and take in stunning views of the city.
Trinity College Founded in 1592, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest university and a beautiful historic campus. The college is known for its library, which houses the famous Book of Kells, a beautifully illustrated manuscript dating back to the 9th century.
Temple Bar Located in Dublin’s cultural quarter, Temple Bar is known for its lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. This area is filled with traditional pubs, live music venues, and a variety of restaurants and cafes. It’s the perfect place to experience the city’s famous hospitality.
Dublin Castle Originally built in the 13th century, Dublin Castle has played a significant role in the city’s history. Visitors can explore the State Apartments, wander through the beautiful gardens, and learn about Ireland’s past through various exhibitions and guided tours.
Phoenix Park As one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe, Phoenix Park offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city center. Visitors can enjoy picnics, visit the Dublin Zoo, or explore the park’s many walking and cycling trails.

These are just a few of the many attractions Dublin has to offer. From its rich history and culture to its vibrant nightlife and friendly locals, the city has something to offer every traveler. So, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a family holiday, or a solo adventure, be sure to include Dublin on your travel itinerary!

Explore Dublin’s Culture and History

When planning your vacation to Dublin, be sure to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history that this vibrant city has to offer. With convenient flights from Tenerife airport to Dublin, getting there is easy and hassle-free.

Dublin is a city steeped in centuries of history, with landmarks and attractions that showcase its past. One must-see destination is Dublin Castle, which dates back to the medieval period and is now the seat of the Irish government. Take a guided tour to learn about its fascinating history and explore its stunning state apartments.

No visit to Dublin would be complete without a trip to the Guinness Storehouse. Discover the secrets behind Ireland’s most famous export and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the Gravity Bar. Learn how to pour the perfect pint and indulge in a tasting session.

For a taste of Ireland’s literary heritage, visit the historic Trinity College. Explore the Old Library, home to the world-renowned Book of Kells, a beautifully illuminated manuscript dating back to the 9th century. Take a stroll through the picturesque campus and soak in the academic atmosphere.

Dublin is also renowned for its vibrant music and pub scene. Spend an evening in Temple Bar, the city’s cultural quarter, and enjoy live traditional Irish music in one of its many pubs. Sample a pint of Irish stout and join in the festive atmosphere.

With affordable flights from Tenerife to Dublin, there’s no excuse to miss out on exploring this city’s rich culture and history. Book your tickets today and start planning your unforgettable Irish adventure.

Experience Dublin’s Nightlife

When you book your flights from Tenerife to Dublin for your vacation or holiday, you are in for an amazing experience. Dublin is a city that comes alive at night, offering an incredible nightlife scene that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Once you arrive at Dublin Airport, you can start exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife. From traditional pubs to trendy bars and clubs, Dublin has it all. Take a stroll down Temple Bar, the heart of Dublin’s nightlife, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere. Enjoy live music, traditional Irish dancing, and a pint of Guinness in one of the many pubs lining the streets.

If you’re looking for a more upscale experience, head to the city center where you’ll find a number of chic cocktail bars and rooftop lounges. Sip on innovative cocktails, enjoy panoramic views of the city, and dance the night away in style.

Dublin is also known for its live music scene, with a variety of venues hosting both local and international artists. Whether you’re into rock, jazz, or traditional Irish music, you’re bound to find a show that suits your taste. Check out iconic venues like Whelan’s and The Olympia Theatre for an unforgettable night of music.

Flight Airline Tickets
Tenerife to Dublin Direct Air Book Now

No matter what your preferences are, Dublin’s nightlife has something for everyone. So why wait? Book your flights to Dublin from Tenerife today and get ready to experience a night you’ll never forget!

Must-Try Irish Cuisine

When traveling to Dublin on your flights, holiday, vacation, or business trip, exploring the local Irish cuisine is a must. Irish food is known for its hearty and comforting dishes that showcase the country’s rich culinary history. Here are some must-try Irish dishes and drinks to add to your foodie itinerary:

1. Irish Stew

A traditional Irish stew is a delicious and filling dish made with lamb or mutton, potatoes, carrots, onions, and herbs. This comforting one-pot meal is perfect for warming up on a chilly day.

2. Boxty

Boxty is a type of traditional Irish potato pancake that is often served as a side dish or for breakfast. Made with grated potatoes, flour, and buttermilk, boxty is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It pairs perfectly with bacon and eggs.

While exploring the vibrant city of Dublin, make sure to also try these iconic Irish drinks:

1. Guinness

No visit to Dublin is complete without trying a pint of Guinness. This iconic Irish stout is known for its rich flavor and creamy texture. Head to a local pub and enjoy this world-famous beer.

2. Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a classic cocktail made with whiskey, hot coffee, sugar, and topped with whipped cream. It’s the perfect drink to warm you up after a day of exploring Dublin’s attractions.

Dublin offers a wide range of restaurants, pubs, and cafes where you can indulge in these delicious Irish dishes and drinks. So, when you book your flights, make sure to also plan your culinary adventures in this food lover’s paradise!

Remember to check the airport’s regulations on carrying liquids, including alcoholic beverages, in your hand luggage before attempting to take them with you on the flight.

Outdoor Activities in Dublin

Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland, offers an array of outdoor activities for travelers to enjoy during their vacation. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or simply looking to relax and enjoy nature, Dublin has something for everyone.

One of the best ways to explore Dublin’s natural beauty is to visit its many parks and gardens. The Phoenix Park, the largest enclosed park in Europe, is a must-visit. Here, you can go for a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, or even spot some of the park’s resident deer. The Dublin Botanic Gardens is another popular attraction, showcasing a diverse collection of plants and flowers from around the world.

If you’re a fan of water activities, the River Liffey offers opportunities for kayaking and river cruises. You can paddle along the river and soak in the sights of Dublin’s iconic landmarks, such as the Ha’penny Bridge and the Dublin Docklands. For those looking for a more relaxing experience, taking a boat tour along the canals of Dublin is a great way to enjoy the city’s picturesque scenery.

Dublin’s coastal location also makes it an ideal destination for beach lovers. The city is home to several beautiful beaches, such as Portmarnock Beach and Dollymount Strand. These sandy stretches are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and taking long walks by the shore. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try your hand at windsurfing or kitesurfing.

For a unique outdoor experience, consider visiting the Dublin Mountains. Located just outside the city, this picturesque range offers breathtaking views and numerous hiking and biking trails. You can climb to the summit of the famous Hellfire Club or explore the peaceful tranquility of the Glendalough Valley.

With its convenient airport and direct flights from Tenerife, Dublin is an excellent choice for a holiday destination. Whether you’re looking to explore its parks and gardens, enjoy water activities, or hike in the nearby mountains, Dublin has plenty to offer outdoor enthusiasts.

Popular Outdoor Activities in Dublin
Visiting Phoenix Park
Exploring Dublin Botanic Gardens
Kayaking on the River Liffey
Taking a boat tour along the canals
Enjoying the beaches of Portmarnock and Dollymount
Hiking and biking in the Dublin Mountains

Shopping in Dublin

When you book your flights to Dublin for your holiday in Tenerife, you’ll find that Dublin is a fantastic city for shopping. With a wide range of stores, boutiques, and markets, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone.

Grafton Street

Grafton Street is one of Dublin’s most famous shopping streets. You’ll find a variety of high street stores, including fashion, cosmetics, and electronics. Explore the charming pedestrian streets and discover unique shops and boutiques.

Powerscourt Centre

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, head to the Powerscourt Centre. Housed in a beautiful Georgian building, this center is home to a selection of designer shops and luxury brands. You’ll also find art, antiques, and exquisite jewelry.

Shopping Center Location Opening Hours
Grafton Street Dublin City Center Mon-Sat: 9am-7pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm
Powerscourt Centre South William Street Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

If you’re looking for unique gifts or souvenirs, make sure to visit the Dublin Flea Market. Open on weekends, this market offers a range of vintage clothing, handmade crafts, and second-hand treasures.

Don’t forget to visit the famous brown Thomas Department Store, where you’ll find high-end fashion, cosmetics, and luxury brands. And if you’re a fan of Irish crafts, visit the Kilkenny Shop for a wide selection of Irish-made products including pottery, textiles, and jewelry.

Make the most of your trip and indulge in some retail therapy while in Dublin. Whether you’re looking for trendy fashion, luxury brands, or unique souvenirs, Dublin has it all. Book your flights and start planning your shopping adventure today!

Day Trips from Dublin

While visiting Dublin, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful landscapes and historic sites that Ireland has to offer. From charming villages to breathtaking coastlines, here are some amazing day trips you can take from Dublin to make the most of your vacation.

Destination Travel Time Highlights
Howth 30 minutes by train Enjoy stunning views of the cliffs, go hiking, and indulge in fresh seafood at the local restaurants.
Glendalough 1 hour by bus Visit the famous monastic site, explore the scenic Wicklow Mountains, and take peaceful walks around the enchanting lakes.
Malahide Castle 30 minutes by train Explore the magnificent castle, stroll through the beautiful gardens, and discover the history of the Talbot family.
Bray 45 minutes by train Take a leisurely walk along the promenade, enjoy panoramic views of the Irish Sea, and visit the famous Victorian-era amusement park.
Galway 2.5 hours by bus Experience the vibrant atmosphere of this cultural hub, explore the charming streets, and discover the lively music scene.

Make sure to check for available travel tickets and flights from Dublin Airport to your desired destinations. Whether you prefer a relaxing day in nature or a cultural adventure, these day trips from Dublin are sure to make your holiday in Ireland even more memorable!

Tenerife’s Beautiful Beaches

Tenerife, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, is known for its stunning beaches. Whether you are looking to relax on the golden sands, swim in the crystal-clear waters, or try your hand at water sports, Tenerife has it all.

With frequent airline flights and easy access to tickets, planning a vacation to Tenerife’s beaches is a breeze. The island’s main airport, located near the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, offers convenient connections to cities around the world, including Dublin.

When you arrive in Tenerife, you will be greeted by a multitude of breathtaking beaches. From the popular tourist hotspots to secluded coves, there is a beach for every holiday style. Playa de las Americas is one of the most well-known beaches, offering a vibrant atmosphere with its nearby bars, restaurants, and shops.

If you prefer a more tranquil beach experience, head to Playa de las Teresitas. With its golden sands imported from the Sahara Desert, it is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun. For a unique beach experience, visit the black sand beaches of Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz, surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

Tenerife’s beaches are not just for sunbathing and swimming. Adventure seekers can try their hand at a variety of water sports, including surfing, snorkeling, and jet skiing. Enjoy a day of adrenaline-pumping fun or simply relax and watch the waves from the comfort of your beach towel.

So why wait? Book your trip from Dublin to Tenerife today and experience the beauty of Tenerife’s beaches for yourself. With its convenient airline flights, affordable tickets, and stunning coastline, Tenerife is the ideal destination for your next beach holiday.

Weather in Tenerife

Tenerife, with its position as a popular vacation destination, offers a favorable climate that attracts visitors year-round. The weather in Tenerife is known for its mild temperatures, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking to escape harsher climates.

The island enjoys a subtropical climate, characterized by warm summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature in Tenerife is around 23°C (73°F), making it a great destination for outdoor activities and relaxation.

During the summer months of June to September, temperatures can reach highs of 28°C (82°F), perfect for lounging on the beautiful beaches and taking a refreshing dip in the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The cooling trade winds offer relief from the heat, creating pleasant conditions for outdoor adventures and exploring the island.

Even during the winter months, Tenerife remains relatively warm with average temperatures around 20°C (68°F). This makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a winter getaway or a break from the harsh cold temperatures found in other parts of Europe. The island’s well-known nickname, “The Island of Eternal Spring,” is a testament to its pleasant weather conditions year-round.

When planning your Tenerife vacation, it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast to ensure you pack accordingly. With its mild and enjoyable climate, Tenerife provides a great backdrop for a relaxing and memorable holiday. So book your flights from Tenerife to Dublin today and get ready for an amazing travel experience with our airline!

Things to Do in Tenerife

Tenerife is a popular vacation destination known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and year-round sunny weather. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or planning a longer holiday, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Here are some things you can do during your stay in Tenerife:

1. Explore the Beaches: With its golden sands and crystal-clear waters, Tenerife boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Spend a day lounging on the shore, swimming in the ocean, or trying your hand at various water sports.

2. Visit Mount Teide: As the highest point in Spain, Mount Teide is a must-visit attraction. Take a cable car to the summit for breathtaking views of the island and the surrounding landscape. Don’t forget to pack warm clothing, as temperatures can be cooler at higher altitudes.

3. Discover Historic Sites: Tenerife has a rich history, and there are several historic sites worth exploring. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Cristobal de La Laguna, with its beautiful architecture and charming streets.

4. Enjoy Local Cuisine: Tenerife’s culinary scene is diverse and delicious. Sample traditional Canarian dishes like papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), mojo sauce, and fresh seafood. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of local wine!

5. Go Whale and Dolphin Watching: Tenerife is a great destination for marine life enthusiasts. Join a boat tour and spot whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures in their natural habitat.

6. Explore Anaga Rural Park: Located in the northeastern part of the island, Anaga Rural Park offers stunning hiking trails, dense forests, and picturesque villages. Lace up your hiking boots and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.

7. Visit Siam Park: For a day of family fun and adventure, head to Siam Park, one of the best water parks in the world. Zoom down thrilling slides, float along lazy rivers, and relax in tropical surroundings.

8. Shop at Local Markets: Tenerife is home to several vibrant markets where you can find unique souvenirs, fresh produce, and local crafts. Visit the Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa in Santa Cruz or the Mercado Municipal de La Laguna.

No matter what your interests are, Tenerife offers a wide range of activities and experiences that will make your trip unforgettable. Book your Tenerife to Dublin flights today and start planning your dream holiday with our reliable airline!

Explore Tenerife’s Natural Beauty

Tenerife, the largest island in the Canary Islands, is known for its stunning natural beauty. From soaring mountains to golden sandy beaches, this Spanish paradise has something for everyone.

When you fly with our airline to Tenerife, you’ll land at Tenerife Airport, conveniently located near the island’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. From there, you can easily start your holiday adventure.

One of the must-see attractions in Tenerife is Mount Teide, a majestic volcano that is also the highest peak in Spain. Take a cable car ride to the summit and marvel at the breathtaking views of the island. For the more adventurous, there are hiking trails that lead to the top.

If hiking isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Tenerife also offers beautiful beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun. Playa de las Teresitas, located just outside Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a picture-perfect golden sand beach that is perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

For a unique natural experience, head to Los Gigantes, a spectacular cliff formation on the west coast of Tenerife. These towering cliffs reach heights of up to 800 meters and offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Don’t forget to explore Tenerife’s charming towns and villages, such as La Orotava and Garachico. These picturesque places are filled with traditional Spanish architecture, colorful houses, and charming streets lined with shops and restaurants.

With our affordable flight tickets from Dublin to Tenerife, you can easily explore the natural beauty of this amazing island. So why wait? Book your trip today and start your Tenerife adventure!

Visit Tenerife’s Historic Sites

While Tenerife is often associated with vacation beaches and sunny weather, it also offers a rich historical heritage that is worth exploring. When you book your airline tickets for your holiday to Tenerife, make sure to plan a visit to the island’s historic sites.

1. Discover the Ancient Pyramids of Guimar

Located in the southern part of the island, the Pyramids of Guimar are mysterious structures that were once thought to be of Indigenous Canarian origin. However, recent scientific studies suggest that they may have been built by local farmers in the 19th century. Regardless of their origins, these pyramids provide a fascinating insight into Tenerife’s past.

2. Explore the Historic City of La Laguna

Just a short drive from the airport, the city of La Laguna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its well-preserved historic center. Take a leisurely stroll through its narrow streets, lined with colorful buildings and beautiful colonial architecture. Don’t miss the majestic Cathedral of La Laguna, which is a prominent landmark in the city.

When you travel from Dublin to Tenerife on flights offered by our airline, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the island’s history. So, don’t miss out on the chance to visit these historic sites and add a cultural dimension to your Tenerife vacation.

Taste Tenerife – Local Cuisine

When you’re on vacation in Tenerife, you can’t miss out on the chance to experience the delicious local cuisine. From traditional Canarian dishes to international favorites, the island has something to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking to try something new, Tenerife is sure to delight your taste buds.

One of the must-try dishes in Tenerife is “papas arrugadas”, which translates to “wrinkled potatoes”. These small, salty potatoes are traditionally served with “mojo” sauce, which comes in two varieties – red and green. The red mojo sauce is made with paprika, garlic, and olive oil, while the green mojo sauce is made with coriander or parsley. The combination of the crispy potatoes and flavorful mojo sauce is simply irresistible.

If you’re a seafood lover, Tenerife won’t disappoint. The island is known for its fresh fish and seafood, which can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. One popular seafood dish is “caldo de pescado”, a flavorful fish soup made with local catches such as grouper, snapper, or sea bass. Another delicious option is “paella”, a rice dish cooked with a mix of seafood, including shrimp, mussels, calamari, and sometimes even lobster.

Tenerife is also famous for its “Gofio”, a traditional Canarian flour made from roasted corn or wheat. Gofio is used in a variety of dishes and desserts, adding a unique and nutty flavor. It can be sprinkled over soups, used to make dough for bread or cookies, or even mixed with milk as a nutritious breakfast option.

No visit to Tenerife would be complete without trying the local dessert, “ron miel”. This honey rum is made from a blend of locally produced honey and Spanish rum. It has a sweet and smooth flavor that pairs perfectly with a scoop of ice cream or a slice of cake.

So, when you’re planning your trip to Tenerife, make sure to leave plenty of time to explore the island’s culinary delights. From traditional Canarian dishes to international flavors, Tenerife offers a wide range of options to satisfy any food lover. Don’t forget to try the local specialties and experience the unique flavors of this beautiful island!

Tenerife’s Nightlife and Entertainment

Tenerife, known for its beautiful beaches and stunning natural landscapes, is also famous for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment. Whether you’re visiting this Spanish island for a holiday or just a short vacation, you’ll find plenty of options to enjoy a fun-filled evening.

With direct flights from Dublin to Tenerife, getting to this vibrant destination has never been easier. Various airlines offer affordable tickets, making it convenient for travelers to explore the island’s exciting nightlife scene.

Once you arrive at Tenerife’s airport, you’ll be greeted with numerous options for a night out. The main tourist areas, such as Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje, are known for their lively bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxed evening sipping cocktails by the beach or a night of dancing to the latest tunes, Tenerife has something for everyone. The island boasts a wide range of venues catering to different tastes and preferences.

If you’re a fan of live music, you won’t be disappointed. Tenerife hosts various live performances throughout the year, featuring both local and international artists. From jazz and blues to rock and pop, you can enjoy a diverse range of music genres in the island’s concert venues and bars.

For those seeking a more upbeat atmosphere, Tenerife is home to a thriving clubbing scene. You can dance the night away in some of the island’s most popular nightclubs, where internationally renowned DJs spin the latest tracks.

If you prefer a more laid-back evening, Tenerife also offers a variety of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. From traditional Spanish tapas to international cuisine, you’ll find an array of dining options to satisfy your palate.

Overall, Tenerife’s nightlife and entertainment scene is diverse and exciting. Whether you’re a night owl looking to party until sunrise or someone who enjoys a relaxed evening with good food and company, this Spanish island has it all. So why wait? Book your Tenerife flights from Dublin today and experience the vibrant nightlife for yourself!

Adventure Sports in Tenerife

Tenerife is not only known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather, but it also offers a wide range of adventure sports for thrill-seekers. Whether you are on a vacation or holiday in Tenerife, make sure to check out these adrenaline-pumping activities.

1. Paragliding

Soar through the clouds like a bird and enjoy breathtaking views of Tenerife’s stunning landscapes. Paragliding is a popular adventure sport in Tenerife, and there are several companies that offer tandem flights, suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike.

2. Scuba Diving

Dive into the crystal clear waters of Tenerife and explore the vibrant underwater world. The island has numerous dive sites that cater to divers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, you can experience the beauty of colorful coral reefs, fascinating marine life, and even underwater caves.

3. Jet Skiing

Feel the thrill of the speed and the splashing waves as you ride a jet ski along Tenerife’s coast. Jet skiing is a fun-filled activity that allows you to explore the island’s stunning beaches and hidden coves in a unique way. Rent a jet ski or join a guided tour to make the most out of your adventure.

4. Hiking and Mountaineering

For those who prefer a more grounded adventure, Tenerife offers several hiking and mountaineering opportunities. Lace up your hiking boots and explore the island’s diverse landscapes, from lush forests to volcanic rock formations. Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain, is a popular hiking destination that offers stunning panoramic views.

5. Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

With its consistent winds and ideal water conditions, Tenerife is a paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you can enjoy the thrill of gliding across the waves and performing impressive tricks. Rent equipment or take lessons from one of the many windsurfing and kitesurfing schools on the island.

When planning your trip to Tenerife, make sure to consider these exciting adventure sports. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or simply want to try something new, Tenerife has something to offer for everyone. So pack your bags, book your tickets and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Tenerife!

Family-Friendly Activities in Tenerife

Tenerife is a popular travel destination, known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and stunning natural landscapes. If you’re planning a holiday with your family in Tenerife, here are some fantastic activities that will keep everyone entertained.

1. Visit Siam Park: This water park is a must-visit for families. It boasts thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and a children’s area with plenty of interactive features. Your kids will have a blast while you relax by the pool or enjoy the park’s many amenities.

2. Explore Loro Parque: Loro Parque is a world-famous animal adventure park, home to an incredible variety of creatures. From dolphins and killer whales to gorillas and penguins, there’s so much to see and learn about here. The park also offers educational shows and exhibits, making it both entertaining and informative.

3. Take a boat trip in search of whales and dolphins: Tenerife is one of the best places in Europe for whale and dolphin watching. There are many companies that offer boat trips, taking you out into the Atlantic Ocean to observe these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. It’s an unforgettable experience that the whole family can enjoy.

4. Enjoy a day at the beach: Tenerife has some stunning beaches, perfect for a day of sun, sand, and sea. Whether you prefer the lively atmosphere of Playa de las Americas or the more relaxed vibe of Playa El Duque, there’s a beach for everyone. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and beach toys!

5. Visit the Lago Martianez: This beautiful complex in Puerto de la Cruz is home to several seawater swimming pools, surrounded by tropical gardens and sun loungers. It’s a great place to spend a day relaxing with your family, taking a dip in the pool, and enjoying the stunning views of the ocean.

6. Explore Teide National Park: If your family loves nature and adventure, a trip to Teide National Park is a must. The park is dominated by Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain. You can take a cable car to the summit and enjoy breathtaking views of the island. There are also hiking trails and picnic areas, making it a great place for a family day out.

7. Visit the Jungle Park: This zoo and botanical garden is another great family-friendly attraction. It’s home to a wide range of animals, including tigers, orangutans, and crocodiles. The park also features a variety of shows, such as bird of prey demonstrations and sea lion performances, that will entertain both kids and adults.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or educational experiences, Tenerife has something for everyone. With convenient flights from Dublin to Tenerife, planning your family vacation has never been easier. Book your trip today and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Shopping in Tenerife

When planning your travel to Tenerife for a holiday or vacation, make sure to leave some room in your suitcase for all the incredible shopping opportunities available on the island. From high-end designer boutiques to local markets, Tenerife has something to offer every shopper.

For those looking for designer brands and upscale shopping experiences, head to one of the many shopping centers located in Tenerife. Here, you’ll find a wide range of international brands and luxury goods, perfect for treating yourself or finding the perfect gift for someone back home.

If you prefer a more unique and local shopping experience, make sure to visit the local markets scattered throughout Tenerife. These markets are the perfect place to find handmade crafts, local products, and souvenirs. From colorful ceramics to delicious cheeses and wines, you’ll be able to find a variety of authentic Tenerife products to take home with you.

In addition to the shops and markets, Tenerife also boasts a vibrant fashion scene. Head to one of the local fashion shows or events to discover the latest trends and styles. You might even find a unique piece from a local designer that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, local souvenirs, or high-end luxury goods, Tenerife has it all. Make sure to set aside some time during your trip to explore the shopping scene and find some treasures to bring back with you.

Explore Tenerife’s Unique Towns

When traveling to Tenerife from Dublin, you won’t want to miss out on exploring the island’s unique towns. Tenerife is a vibrant destination with a variety of towns that offer something for every traveler, whether you’re seeking bustling city life or a peaceful getaway.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The capital city of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a must-visit destination. This cosmopolitan city boasts a blend of modern architecture, historical landmarks, and a vibrant cultural scene. Take a stroll along the promenade, visit the iconic Auditorio de Tenerife, or explore the local markets for a taste of the island’s vibrant atmosphere.

La Orotava

If you’re looking for a taste of traditional Canarian culture, head to the charming town of La Orotava. Known for its beautiful colonial architecture and well-preserved historical center, this town offers a glimpse into Tenerife’s past. Explore the cobbled streets, visit the famous Casa de Los Balcones, and immerse yourself in the local traditions and festivals.

Puerto de la Cruz

For those seeking a beachside retreat, Puerto de la Cruz is the perfect town to visit. This popular resort town is home to black sand beaches, beautiful botanical gardens, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Spend your days relaxing on the beach, exploring the local shops and restaurants, or take a trip to Loro Parque, a family-friendly attraction that is home to a variety of exotic animals.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or simply relaxing on the beach, Tenerife’s unique towns have something for everyone. So, book your flights from Dublin to Tenerife today and start exploring all that this beautiful island has to offer!

How to Get to Tenerife

If you’re planning a trip to Tenerife, there are several travel options available to you. Whether you’re looking to relax on a holiday or explore the beautiful landscapes of Tenerife, you’ll need to figure out the best way to get there.

One of the most convenient ways to travel to Tenerife is by airplane. There are direct flights available from Dublin Airport to Tenerife, making it easy to book your tickets and enjoy a comfortable journey. You can choose from a variety of airlines that operate these flights, ensuring that you can find a schedule and price that suits your needs.

When booking your flights, it’s important to consider the different airports in Tenerife. The island has two main airports: Tenerife North Airport (TFN) and Tenerife South Airport (TFS). The airport you choose will depend on your destination in Tenerife and the availability of flights. It’s worth noting that Tenerife South Airport is the busier airport, with more international flights.

Once you’ve arrived at your chosen airport in Tenerife, you have a few options to continue your journey. You can rent a car at the airport if you plan on exploring the island independently. Tenerife has a well-developed road network, making it easy to get around by car.

If you prefer not to drive, you can also take a taxi or use public transportation. The island has a reliable bus service that connects all major towns and tourist attractions. This can be a cost-effective way to get around Tenerife, especially if you’re traveling on a budget.

Overall, getting to Tenerife is relatively easy. With direct flights from Dublin Airport, you can book your tickets and start planning your holiday in this beautiful island destination. Whether you choose to relax on the beaches or explore the mountains, Tenerife offers a wide range of activities for every traveler.

Transportation within Dublin

Once you arrive in Dublin from your Tenerife flight, it’s important to know the various transportation options available to explore the city. Dublin has a well-connected transportation system that makes getting around easy and convenient.


Dublin Bus is the main public transportation option in the city. It operates an extensive network of bus routes covering all major areas and attractions. You can purchase tickets directly from the driver or use a Leap Card for a more convenient and cost-effective option. The buses are a popular choice among travelers as they offer a chance to see the city while getting to your destination.


The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is a suburban railway network that connects the city center with coastal areas in Dublin. It’s a great mode of transportation if you want to visit places like Howth or Dun Laoghaire. The DART is frequent and reliable, making it a preferred choice for both locals and tourists.


The Luas is Dublin’s light rail system consisting of two lines – the Red Line and the Green Line. The Luas offers a convenient way to travel within the city center and its surrounding suburbs. It’s a fast and efficient mode of transportation, especially during peak hours.


Taxis are readily available throughout Dublin and can be hailed on the street or booked through various taxi apps. They offer a more direct and flexible mode of transportation, especially if you have heavy luggage or prefer a more private travel experience. Make sure to use licensed taxis and be aware of any extra charges that may apply.


Dublin has a bike-sharing system called “Dublinbikes” which allows you to rent bicycles for a short period. It’s a great option if you prefer a more eco-friendly and active way to explore the city. There are several bike stations located throughout Dublin where you can pick up and drop off the bicycles.

With the various transportation options available in Dublin, getting around the city and exploring its attractions is easy and hassle-free. Whether you prefer buses, trains, trams, taxis, or even bicycles, you’ll find a suitable mode of transportation to meet your travel needs.

Tips for a Smooth Trip

Planning a trip from Tenerife to Dublin? Here are a few tips to ensure a seamless travel experience:

1. Arrive at the Airport Early

To avoid any last-minute stress or delays, it’s always a good idea to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure. This will give you ample time to check-in, go through security, and navigate the airport.

2. Check Your Airline’s Baggage Policy

Each airline has its own baggage policy, so make sure to check the specific regulations before packing. This will help you avoid any extra fees or unexpected surprises at the check-in counter.

3. Double-Check Your Travel Documents

Before leaving for the airport, double-check that you have all your necessary travel documents, including your passport, tickets, and any required visas. Keep them in a safe and easily accessible place, such as a travel document organizer.

4. Research the Airport Layout

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the layout of both the Tenerife and Dublin airports. This will help you navigate easily throughout your journey, whether it’s finding the check-in counters, security checkpoints, or transfer gates.

5. Keep Important Travel Information Handy

Make sure to have your flight and accommodation details, emergency contact numbers, and any other important information easily accessible. This will come in handy in case you need to refer to them during your trip.

  • Remember to carry a copy of your travel insurance policy.
  • Have a list of useful phrases in the local language of your destination.
  • Keep the contact information of your airline and hotel readily available.

6. Pack Essential Items in Your Carry-On

When packing for your trip, make sure to keep essential items, such as medications, a change of clothes, toiletries, and any valuables, in your carry-on baggage. This way, you’ll have everything you need in case your checked luggage gets lost or delayed.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free journey from Tenerife to Dublin. Have a fantastic vacation!

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Convenient Connections at Tenerife Airport

With multiple airlines offering flights from Tenerife to Dublin, you can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. Tenerife Airport is well-connected to major cities around the world, making it easy to start your holiday journey.

Discover the Charms of Dublin

Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland, is waiting to be explored. From its rich history and cultural heritage to its lively nightlife and friendly locals, Dublin offers something for every traveler.

Immerse yourself in the city’s history by visiting iconic landmarks such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Indulge in traditional Irish cuisine and enjoy a pint of Guinness at one of the city’s many cozy pubs.

Don’t wait any longer! Book your Tenerife to Dublin flight today and start planning your dream holiday. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an exciting city adventure, Tenerife and Dublin have it all. Fly with us and make your travel dreams come true!


How long is the flight from Tenerife to Dublin?

The flight from Tenerife to Dublin takes approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.

What airlines offer flights from Tenerife to Dublin?

Several airlines offer flights from Tenerife to Dublin, including Ryanair, Aer Lingus, and Norwegian Air.

Are there direct flights from Tenerife to Dublin?

Yes, there are direct flights available from Tenerife to Dublin.

How much does a flight from Tenerife to Dublin cost?

The cost of a flight from Tenerife to Dublin can vary depending on the airline, time of year, and how far in advance you book. However, prices typically range from $100 to $300.

What is the best time of year to visit Dublin?

The best time to visit Dublin is during the summer months of June, July, and August when the weather is generally mild and there are many outdoor festivals and events taking place.

What airlines offer flights from Tenerife to Dublin?

Several airlines offer flights from Tenerife to Dublin, including Ryanair, Aer Lingus, and Norwegian Air. You can compare prices and schedules on travel websites or contact the airlines directly for more information.

How long does the flight from Tenerife to Dublin usually take?

The duration of the flight from Tenerife to Dublin depends on the airline and the specific route. On average, the flight time is around 4 to 5 hours, including a layover if applicable. It’s always best to check with the airline for the most accurate and up-to-date information on flight duration.