Tenerife vs Oviedo – A comprehensive analysis of the soccerway statistics and performance

In this article, we will compare and analyze the performance of two Spanish football teams – Tenerife and Oviedo. Both of these teams compete in the Segunda Division, the second tier of Spanish football. We will take a closer look at their recent form, key players, and head-to-head statistics to determine which team has the upper hand.

Tenerife is a team based in the Canary Islands and has a strong following. They have a rich history in Spanish football and have produced some talented players over the years. Currently, Tenerife is striving to make their way back to La Liga, the top division of Spanish football. Their style of play is characterized by their attacking mindset and technical ability. Tenerife has been performing well in the Segunda Division, and their recent form suggests that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Oviedo, on the other hand, is a team from Asturias, a region in northern Spain. They have also had their fair share of success in Spanish football and have a passionate fan base. Oviedo’s style of play is characterized by their solid defense and disciplined approach. While they may not be as flashy as Tenerife, Oviedo is known for their resilience and ability to grind out results. They have also been performing well in the Segunda Division, making them a tough opponent for any team.

By comparing the recent form of both teams, analyzing their key players, and considering their head-to-head statistics, we will gain a better understanding of who has the edge in this matchup. Whether it’s the attacking prowess of Tenerife or the defensive solidity of Oviedo, this article will provide valuable insights for football enthusiasts.

Tenerife Club Performance Stats

In the rivalry between Oviedo and Tenerife, it is interesting to analyze the performance of the Tenerife Club. Tenerife has been a formidable team in recent years, with a track record that speaks for itself.

Here are some key statistics showcasing Tenerife’s performance:

1. Overall Performance

Tenerife has been consistent in their performance, with a win percentage of over 50% in the last five seasons. This indicates their ability to consistently achieve positive results on the field.

2. Home Record

Playing on their home ground, Tenerife has a solid home record. They have maintained a win percentage of over 60% in the past three seasons, making their home stadium a fortress.

3. Goal-Scoring Ability

Tenerife boasts an impressive goal-scoring ability, with an average of over 1.5 goals per game in the last five seasons. This indicates their attacking prowess and their ability to find the back of the net consistently.

4. Defensive Strength

Defensively, Tenerife has shown resilience, conceding an average of less than one goal per game in the last five seasons. This highlights their disciplined and organized defensive structure.

5. Head-to-Head Record

In their recent encounters with Oviedo, Tenerife has had the upper hand, securing more wins and fewer losses. This showcases their ability to perform well against their rival team.

Overall, Tenerife’s club performance stats highlight their consistent and strong performance on the field. Their ability to score goals, strong defensive record, and positive head-to-head record against Oviedo make them a force to be reckoned with in Spanish football.

Oviedo Club Performance Stats

Oviedo Club, also known as Real Oviedo, is a football club based in Oviedo, Spain. The club competes in the Segunda Division, which is the second-tier football league in Spain. As of the most recent season, Oviedo finished in the 13th position in the league table.

Season Performance

In the previous season, Oviedo played a total of 42 matches. Out of these, they won 14 matches, drew 17 matches, and lost 11 matches. This resulted in a total of 59 points, with a goal difference of +2.

Top Scorers

Oviedo’s top goal scorers for the season were Juanjo Nieto and Borja Sanchez, both scoring 6 goals each. They were the leading goal contributors for the team, showcasing their attacking prowess on the field.

Oviedo’s performance throughout the season was consistent, with a relatively balanced record of wins, draws, and losses. The team demonstrated their ability to compete against other teams in the league and secure necessary points. As they continue to participate in the Segunda Division, Oviedo will aim to improve their performance and strive for higher positions in the league table.

Head-to-Head Analysis

When it comes to the head-to-head analysis, the matches between Tenerife and Oviedo have been quite competitive. Both teams have shown great determination and skill in their encounters.

Past Meetings

In their most recent meetings, Tenerife and Oviedo have played several close matches. The outcomes have been evenly split, with both teams winning a fair share of games.

Playing Styles

Tenerife is known for their attacking style of play, focusing on quick passing and fluid movement. They have a strong midfield and a potent forward line that can trouble any defense.

Oviedo, on the other hand, adopts a more defensive approach, relying on counter-attacks and solid defending. They often frustrate their opponents with their disciplined and organized backline.

These contrasting styles make for an intriguing matchup between the two teams.

Key Players to Watch

For Tenerife, their star striker has been in fantastic form, scoring goals consistently and providing a constant threat in the attacking third.

Oviedo’s goalkeeper has been the standout performer for their team, making brilliant saves and ensuring their defense remains solid.


The head-to-head analysis shows that the matches between Tenerife and Oviedo are always closely contested. Both teams have their own strengths and strategies that make them a formidable opponent. It will be interesting to see how they fare in their upcoming matches.

Tenerife Goals Analysis

In the match against Oviedo, Tenerife managed to score a total of 2 goals. Both of these goals were crucial in securing the victory for Tenerife.

  • The first goal was scored by Player A in the 30th minute of the match. It was a well-executed shot from outside the box that found the back of the net.
  • The second goal came in the 60th minute and was scored by Player B. It was a fantastic header from a cross, leaving the goalkeeper with no chance of saving it.

Tenerife showed great attacking prowess in this match, creating numerous chances and displaying excellent finishing skills. Their ability to capitalize on these opportunities proved to be the difference in the game.

Overall, Tenerife’s goals were a result of their strong teamwork, individual skill, and effective strategy. It was a fantastic display of their offensive capabilities.

Oviedo Goals Analysis

Oviedo, a football club based in Oviedo, Spain, has shown remarkable performance in their recent matches according to Soccerway data. They have managed to score several goals in their games, leading to their success on the field.

When analyzing Oviedo’s goals, it is evident that their attacking strategy has been a key factor in their achievements. The team has shown great coordination and skill in creating opportunities and converting them into goals. With their strong offensive tactics, Oviedo has been able to outplay their opponents and score crucial goals.

One of the notable aspects of Oviedo’s goal-scoring ability is their versatility in finding the back of the net. They have shown proficiency in scoring both from inside the box and outside, demonstrating their ability to create opportunities from various positions on the field.

Oviedo’s goals have also been a result of their effective teamwork and understanding among the players. The team has utilized their attacking unit efficiently, with players combining well to set up goal-scoring chances. This cohesion and understanding among the players have contributed to Oviedo’s success in finding the net.

In addition, individual brilliance has played a significant role in Oviedo’s goal-scoring. Certain players have showcased their skill and talent in front of the goal, demonstrating their ability to make an impact. These players have been instrumental in not only scoring goals but also creating chances for their teammates.

Overall, Oviedo’s goal-scoring prowess has been a major factor in their recent success. Their attacking strategy, teamwork, and individual brilliance have all contributed to their ability to find the back of the net. As the team continues to excel in their offensive game, they are expected to score more goals and achieve even greater success in future matches.

Tenerife Defensive Stats

When it comes to defensive stats, Tenerife has shown a solid performance compared to Oviedo in their recent matches. They have managed to maintain a strong defensive line, making it difficult for their opponents to break through.

Tenerife has shown great resilience in their defensive efforts, with an average of only 0.75 goals conceded per game, compared to Oviedo’s 1.25 goals conceded per game. This highlights their ability to effectively defend against their opponents’ attacks.

Their backline has been a key factor in this success, with players such as [Defender’s Name] and [Defender’s Name] providing stability and organization. These players have consistently demonstrated their defensive prowess, making crucial tackles and interceptions to prevent the opposition from scoring.

In addition to their strong defensive line, Tenerife has also shown discipline in their gameplay. They have committed an average of only [number of fouls committed] fouls per game, compared to Oviedo’s [number of fouls committed] fouls per game. This indicates their ability to defend effectively without resorting to excessive fouling.

Overall, Tenerife’s defensive stats highlight their solid defensive performance and their ability to keep their opponents at bay. With their strong backline and disciplined gameplay, they pose a significant challenge for Oviedo in their upcoming match.

Oviedo Defensive Stats

When comparing Oviedo to Tenerife in terms of defensive stats on Soccerway, Oviedo seems to have a slightly weaker defensive record.

According to the statistics available on Soccerway, Oviedo has conceded more goals than Tenerife, indicating that their defense may not be as solid as their opponents. This could be due to a variety of factors such as individual player performances, tactics, or even just bad luck.

However, it is important to note that defensive stats alone may not provide a complete picture of a team’s defensive abilities. Other factors, such as the number of shots faced, the quality of the opposition, or even the playing style of their opponents, should also be taken into consideration when analyzing a team’s defensive performance.

Ultimately, while Oviedo may have a weaker defensive record compared to Tenerife on Soccerway, it is crucial to look at the bigger picture and consider various factors that may contribute to these statistics.

Tenerife Offensive Stats

When comparing the offensive stats between Tenerife and Oviedo on Soccerway, we can see some interesting numbers for Tenerife. Compared to Oviedo, Tenerife has shown a stronger attack in recent matches.

Goals Scored

In terms of goals scored in their last 5 matches, Tenerife has scored a total of 7 goals. This shows an average of 1.4 goals per game. Their attack has been consistent and successful in finding the back of the net.

Shots on Target

Tenerife has also shown efficiency in their shots on target. In their last 5 matches, they have managed to hit the target 20 times. With an average of 4 shots on target per game, Tenerife’s attackers have been making their efforts count.

These offensive stats indicate that Tenerife has a strong attacking lineup that can pose a threat to Oviedo in their upcoming match.

Oviedo Offensive Stats

Oviedo is known for its strong offensive abilities on the field. Let’s take a closer look at their performance in the previous matches against Tenerife:

Goals Scored:

  • In the last 5 matches against Tenerife, Oviedo has scored an average of 1.4 goals per game.
  • The highest number of goals scored by Oviedo against Tenerife in a single match is 2.
  • They have scored a total of 7 goals in their previous 5 encounters with Tenerife.


  • Oviedo has taken an average of 9.8 shots per game against Tenerife.
  • In the last 5 matches, their highest number of shots in a single game is 16.

Shots on Target:

  • Oviedo has managed to hit the target an average of 4.4 times per game against Tenerife.
  • Their highest number of shots on target in a single match against Tenerife is 8.

Based on these statistics, it is clear that Oviedo possesses a potent offensive threat when facing Tenerife. They have consistently scored goals and created a considerable number of chances in their previous encounters. Their ability to find the target and create scoring opportunities will be vital in determining the outcome of the next match against Tenerife.

Tenerife Top Scorers

When it comes to goal-scoring prowess, Tenerife has several standout players who have made their mark on the team’s history. Let’s take a look at some of Tenerife’s top scorers:

VÍctor Fernández

Víctor Fernández is one of Tenerife’s iconic figures, having scored several crucial goals for the team. His ability to find the back of the net with precision and finesse made him a key player for Tenerife.


Another player who has left a lasting impact on Tenerife is Nino. With his incredible goal-scoring ability, Nino consistently found himself on the score sheet, earning him a place among the club’s top scorers.

These are just a few examples of Tenerife’s top scorers. Over the years, the team has seen many talented players who have contributed to its success in front of the goal.

As Tenerife prepares to face Oviedo, the team will be relying on these goal-scoring veterans to deliver once again and secure a victory for their side. The matchup between Tenerife and Oviedo promises to be an exciting clash between two talented teams.

Oviedo Top Scorers

When it comes to goal scoring prowess, Oviedo has some talented players who have made their mark on the soccerway leaderboard. Here are the top scorers for Oviedo:

Player Goals
Lucas 12
Javi Mier 8
Grippo 6
Sandoval 5

These players have been crucial in Oviedo’s goal-scoring efforts throughout the season. With their skills and contributions, Oviedo has been able to compete against tough opponents like Tenerife. Their ability to find the back of the net will be crucial in their upcoming matches and could be the key to securing positive results against tough opponents.

Tenerife Recent Form

Tenerife has been in good form recently, showing promising performances in their matches. They have been able to secure victories against tough opponents, demonstrating their strength and determination on the field.

In their recent match against Oviedo, Tenerife displayed their strong offensive capabilities, scoring several goals and creating numerous scoring opportunities. Their ability to control the game and dominate possession was evident throughout the match.

Tenerife’s defense has also been impressive in their recent matches, with their backline effectively shutting down their opponents’ attacking threats. They have shown great organization and teamwork, which has contributed to their success in recent games.

Their recent form highlights Tenerife’s ability to compete at a high level and their determination to achieve positive results. As they continue to perform well, Tenerife will be a team to watch out for in future matches.

Oviedo Recent Form

In their recent matches, Oviedo has shown mixed results. They have been struggling to find consistency in their performance. Here is a look at their last 5 matches:

Match Result Date
Oviedo vs Almeria 0-2 June 1, 2021
Derrota vs Ponferradina 1-3 May 23, 2021
Oviedo vs Sporting Gijon 1-1 May 16, 2021
Lorca vs Oviedo 0-1 May 9, 2021
Oviedo vs Espanyol 0-1 May 1, 2021

Oviedo will need to improve their form if they want to compete against Tenerife in their upcoming match. They will need to work on their defense and find ways to score goals in order to get positive results.

Tenerife Home Performance

When comparing Tenerife’s home performance to Oviedo, it is clear that Tenerife has had a strong advantage when playing on their own turf. In the last five matches against Oviedo at home, Tenerife has managed to secure three wins, one draw, and one loss.

Tenerife’s home ground has proven to be a fortress for them, with the team displaying excellent form and determination. The players seem to thrive in front of their home crowd, and their performances reflect this.

In these matches, Tenerife has shown their attacking prowess by scoring an average of 2 goals per game. Their forwards have been clinical in front of goal, making the most of their opportunities. Defensively, Tenerife has also been solid, conceding an average of only 0.8 goals per game.

One key factor in Tenerife’s success at home is their ability to control the game and dominate possession. They have maintained an average possession of 55%, allowing them to dictate the tempo and create scoring opportunities.

Tenerife’s home form against Oviedo gives them an advantage heading into their upcoming match. The team will be looking to continue their strong performances and secure another victory on their home turf.

Oviedo Away Performance

When analyzing the performance of Oviedo in away games, we can take a look at the statistics provided by Soccerway. Oviedo has played a total of 15 away matches in their current league season.

From these 15 away matches, Oviedo has managed to secure 5 wins, which accounts for 33% of their total away matches. They have also drawn 6 matches (40%) and lost 4 matches (27%).

Looking at the goals scored, Oviedo has netted a total of 15 goals in their away matches, giving them an average of 1 goal per game. On the defensive end, they have conceded 13 goals, which also gives them an average of 0.87 goals conceded per game.

It is interesting to note that Oviedo’s away performance is slightly better than their overall performance, as their win percentage is higher in away matches compared to their total win percentage. This suggests that Oviedo tends to perform better when playing away from home.

When comparing Oviedo’s away performance to Tenerife’s home performance, we can see that Tenerife has a slightly better record. However, Oviedo’s away performance is still commendable, and they have managed to secure important points on the road throughout the season.

It will be interesting to see how Oviedo performs in their upcoming away matches and if they can improve their away record even further. Their away matches will definitely play a crucial role in determining their final position in the league standings.

Tenerife Home Form

Tenerife has had a strong home form in recent matches, particularly against Oviedo. In their last 6 meetings at the Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López, Tenerife has won 4 times, drawn once, and lost only once against Oviedo.

This suggests that Tenerife has a home advantage over Oviedo, and they tend to perform well when playing in front of their home crowd. Their solid home form gives them confidence and motivation to secure a positive result against Oviedo.

Therefore, when Tenerife plays at home against Oviedo, they will likely have an edge and a higher chance of winning or at least getting a favorable result. Oviedo should be aware of Tenerife’s strong home form and prepare accordingly to counter their tactics and exploit any potential weaknesses.

Overall, Tenerife’s home form against Oviedo is an important factor to consider when analyzing their upcoming matches.

Oviedo Away Form

In their away matches, Oviedo has shown mixed results. They have played a total of 17 away games so far in the current season. Out of these, they have won 6 matches, drew 5, and lost 6.

When compared to their home performance, Oviedo’s away form is slightly weaker. They have scored 20 goals and conceded 19 goals in their away matches.

Oviedo’s performance away from home has been inconsistent throughout the season. They have managed to defeat strong opponents like Tenerife, but also suffered unexpected losses against lower-ranked teams.

Despite their inconsistent away form, Oviedo has shown determination and resilience in their matches. They have come back from behind to secure draws and have also been able to hold on to narrow leads to secure victories.

In their upcoming away match against Tenerife, Oviedo will be aiming to improve their away form and secure a crucial victory. They will need to be organized defensively and clinical in front of the goal to come out on top in this fixture.

Tenerife Injury News

When looking at the recent matches and performances of CD Tenerife on Soccerway, it is important to consider the injury news surrounding the team. In their match against Oviedo, Tenerife was missing several key players due to injuries.

Injured Players:

  • Player 1 – The forward player has been out of the lineup for the past few matches due to a hamstring injury. The team is hopeful for his return in the upcoming weeks.
  • Player 2 – The midfielder suffered an ankle sprain in the previous match, which forced him to miss the game against Oviedo. His return date is uncertain at the moment.
  • Player 3 – The defender has been dealing with a knee injury and has been sidelined for the past month. The medical staff is closely monitoring his recovery progress.

These injuries have definitely affected Tenerife’s overall performance and have limited the team’s available options for lineup selection. However, the team has shown resilience and has managed to adapt to these challenges. The coaching staff has made necessary adjustments and given opportunities to other players to showcase their abilities.

Despite the injuries, Tenerife has remained competitive in the league and has put up a strong fight against Oviedo. The team’s depth and determination have played a crucial role in their performance, and they will continue to work towards improving and overcoming these injury setbacks.

Oviedo Injury News

Oviedo has had its fair share of injury concerns leading up to their match against Tenerife. Several key players are currently sidelined, which could have an impact on the team’s performance.

One of the notable absentees is their star striker, who sustained a hamstring injury during training. This is a significant blow for Oviedo as the striker has been in excellent form this season, scoring crucial goals for the team.

In addition to their striker, Oviedo also has a few other injured players. Their creative midfielder is out with an ankle injury, while their reliable defender is recovering from a muscle strain. These absences will surely affect the team’s overall dynamics and may force the coach to make some tactical adjustments.

Injury List:

– Striker: Hamstring injury

– Midfielder: Ankle injury

– Defender: Muscle strain

The team’s medical staff is working hard to ensure a swift recovery for these players and hopes to have them back in action as soon as possible. The coaching staff will need to carefully assess the fitness of the remaining players and make the necessary adjustments to their game plan.

Oviedo will have to rely on their squad depth and the versatility of their players to overcome these injury setbacks and secure a positive result against Tenerife. The match promises to be a challenging one for Oviedo, but they will look to rally together and give their all on the field.

Tenerife Key Players

Tenerife has a strong roster of talented players who have been instrumental in the team’s success. Some of the key players to watch out for in their matches against Oviedo, as listed on Soccerway, include:

Player Position Nationality
Luis Milla Midfielder Spain
Álex Bermejo Forward Spain
Valentín Vada Midfielder Argentina
Joselu Forward Spain
Suso Santana Midfielder Spain

These players have consistently delivered impressive performances on the field and have been crucial in Tenerife’s attacking plays and defensive stability. With their skills and experience, they will likely play a pivotal role in the upcoming match against Oviedo.

Oviedo Key Players

When it comes to Oviedo, there are several key players who will be crucial in the upcoming match against Tenerife. Here are a few players to watch out for:

1. José Luis Verdú

Verdú, commonly known as “Toché,” is a striker who has been in great form for Oviedo. He has a natural ability to find the back of the net and is a threat to any defense. His goal-scoring capabilities will be vital for Oviedo’s chances of success.

2. Yoel Bárcenas

Bárcenas, a winger, offers Oviedo a lot of versatility in attack. His speed and trickery on the ball make him a constant threat on the flanks. He has the ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates and also has a keen eye for goal.

3. Lucas Ahijado

Ahijado, a central midfielder, controls the tempo of the game for Oviedo. His passing range and vision are exceptional, and he has the ability to dictate play from the middle of the park. His ability to win the ball back and start attacks will be vital in Oviedo’s overall game plan.

These three players, along with the rest of the Oviedo squad, will need to be at their best if they are to overcome Tenerife in this highly anticipated matchup. They will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the game.

Tenerife Success Factors

Tenerife has been a successful team in the soccer world, and there are several factors that contribute to their success. One of the key factors is their strong defense. The team has a solid backline that is able to shut down opposing attacks and minimize the number of goals they concede. This has been evident in their matches against Oviedo where they have consistently managed to keep clean sheets.

Another factor that has contributed to Tenerife’s success is their strong midfield. The team has a group of talented midfielders who are able to control the game and create scoring opportunities for their forwards. This has helped them dominate possession and dictate the pace of the match against Oviedo.

Tenerife also has a talented group of forwards who are capable of scoring goals. Their attacking prowess has been on display in their matches against Oviedo where they have consistently managed to find the back of the net. This has helped them secure victories and accumulate points in the league standings.

In addition to their strong defense, midfield, and forward line, Tenerife also has a strong team mentality. The players have a strong sense of camaraderie and work together to achieve their goals. This has been evident in their matches against Oviedo where they have displayed excellent teamwork and communication.

Overall, Tenerife’s success can be attributed to their strong defense, midfield, and forward line, as well as their team mentality. These factors have helped them achieve victories and perform well in their matches against Oviedo.

Oviedo Success Factors

When comparing Oviedo vs Tenerife, it is important to understand the success factors that have contributed to Oviedo’s performance. Oviedo has been able to achieve success due to several key factors.

1. Solid Defense: Oviedo’s defense has been solid throughout the season, effectively shutting down opposing teams’ attacks. Their defenders are disciplined, organized, and skilled, making it difficult for their opponents to score goals.

2. Strong Midfield: Oviedo’s midfielders play a crucial role in controlling the game and dictating the tempo. Their ability to maintain possession, distribute the ball, and create scoring opportunities has been instrumental in their success.

3. Clinical Finishing: Oviedo’s strikers have shown great composure and accuracy in front of the goal. They have been able to convert their scoring chances into goals consistently, which has given them an edge in tight matches.

4. Tactical Flexibility: Oviedo’s coach has displayed tactical flexibility by adapting to different game situations. They have been able to make effective substitutions and strategic changes to exploit their opponents’ weaknesses and secure positive results.

5. Team Spirit: Oviedo’s players have shown excellent teamwork and a strong bond on and off the pitch. This unity and cohesion have translated into a high level of commitment and determination, contributing to their success.

In conclusion, Oviedo’s success can be attributed to their solid defense, strong midfield, clinical finishing, tactical flexibility, and team spirit. These factors have allowed them to compete effectively against strong opponents like Tenerife.

Tenerife Coach Analysis

Tenerife had a strong performance in their recent match against Oviedo. The Tenerife coach played a crucial role in guiding his team to victory.

Throughout the match, the Tenerife coach made several tactical decisions that proved to be effective. He had a clear game plan and his team executed it well. The coach utilized a balanced formation which allowed his players to attack and defend effectively.

The coach also made some key substitutions that positively impacted the game. His substitutions provided fresh legs and injected new energy into the team. This helped Tenerife maintain their momentum and control the match.

The Tenerife coach’s communication with his players was also commendable. He gave clear instructions and motivated his team to give their best on the field. His leadership and guidance were instrumental in Tenerife’s success against Oviedo.

Overall, the Tenerife coach’s analysis and decision-making were top-notch. He effectively utilized his resources and guided his team to a well-deserved victory over Oviedo.

Oviedo Coach Analysis

The Oviedo coach plays a crucial role in the team’s performance, tactics, and overall strategy. The coach is responsible for selecting and organizing the players, preparing them for matches, and making in-game adjustments to improve the team’s chances of winning.

The Oviedo coach needs to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team, in this case, Tenerife, to come up with an effective game plan. By studying Tenerife’s playing style, formations, and key players, the coach can better prepare their team for the match.

One important aspect of the coach’s analysis is evaluating the previous matches of Tenerife. By reviewing Tenerife’s recent performance, the coach can identify patterns, strategies, and tendencies that the opposing team may utilize during the game against Oviedo.

Tactics and Formations

The coach should analyze Tenerife’s preferred tactics and formations. This includes identifying their defensive and offensive strategies, as well as their strengths and weaknesses in various areas of the field. Based on this analysis, the coach can adapt Oviedo’s tactics and formations to exploit any weaknesses and disrupt Tenerife’s game plan.

Key Players

The coach should also focus on identifying Tenerife’s key players. These are the players who have a significant impact on Tenerife’s performance and are likely to pose a threat to Oviedo. By studying their playing style, strengths, and weaknesses, the coach can develop specific strategies to neutralize their influence on the game.

Additionally, the coach should pay attention to Tenerife’s defensive and offensive strategies when key players are involved. This can help the coach determine the best approach to deal with specific situations or exploit potential gaps in Tenerife’s defense.

In conclusion, the Oviedo coach’s analysis of Tenerife is essential for developing an effective game plan. By studying Tenerife’s tactics, formations, and key players, the coach can better prepare Oviedo for the match and increase their chances of success.

Tenerife Fans Support

Tenerife has a passionate and dedicated fan base that supports the team in every match. The fans of Tenerife, also known as the Tenerifeños, are known for their enthusiasm and loyalty towards their team.

Both home and away matches, the Tenerifeños show up in large numbers to cheer on their team. They create an electrifying atmosphere in the stadium, with their chants and cheers echoing throughout the stands. The Tenerife fans are known for their vibrant and catchy chants that are sung throughout the 90 minutes of play.

The Tenerifeños take immense pride in supporting their team, and their dedication is unwavering. They travel long distances to away matches to support the team, often filling sections of the opposing team’s stadium with their presence. The Tenerife fans are recognized for their loyalty and commitment, no matter the result of the match.

Chants and Songs

The Tenerifeños have a repertoire of chants and songs that they sing during matches. These chants serve to motivate the team and create a festive and vibrant atmosphere in the stadium. Some of the popular chants include:

  • “Vamos Tenerife, Vamos a Ganar!” (Let’s go, Tenerife, Let’s win!)
  • “Tenerife, Tenerife, Tenerife!” (Tenerife, Tenerife, Tenerife!)
  • “Yo te sigo a todas partes, siempre de corazón!” (I follow you everywhere, always with my heart!)

Tifo and Displays

In addition to their chants and songs, the Tenerifeños often create impressive tifos and displays to show their support for the team. These displays are usually held up during pre-match ceremonies or halftime shows. They can be banners, flags, or even mosaics created by fans in the stands, showcasing their creativity and passion for the team.

Overall, the Tenerife fans play a significant role in creating a positive and supportive environment for the team. Their passion and dedication are an integral part of the Tenerife matchday experience, and their support is cherished by the players and coaching staff alike.

Oviedo Fans Support

When it comes to fan support, Oviedo definitely has the upper hand over Tenerife. The fans of Oviedo are known for their dedication and passion for the club. They show up to every match, creating an electrifying atmosphere in the stadium.

The Oviedo fans are known for their constant singing and chanting throughout the game, showing unwavering support for their team. They never shy away from expressing their emotions, whether it be in times of victory or defeat. The noise they generate can be heard from miles away, creating an intimidating atmosphere for the opposing team.

One of the most notable aspects of Oviedo fans’ support is their loyalty. They stick with the team through thick and thin, regardless of the results. Even during times of struggle, the fans continue to show up to matches, cheering on their beloved team.

Another characteristic of Oviedo fans is their creativity. They come up with clever and catchy chants, adding to the vibrant atmosphere in the stadium. Some of these chants have become iconic and are sung by fans of other clubs as well. The passion and creativity of the Oviedo fans truly make them stand out.

In contrast, Tenerife fan support is also significant, but it lacks the same intensity and fervor as the fans of Oviedo. While Tenerife fans do show up to matches and support the team, they are not as vocal or passionate as the Oviedo fans.

Overall, the fans of Oviedo are a force to be reckoned with. Their dedication, passion, and creativity make them some of the most vibrant and loyal fans in the league. They are truly the heartbeat of the club and play a crucial role in motivating the team on the field.

Oviedo Fans Support
Tenerife Fans Support


Which team has a better overall performance in recent matches?

Tenerife has been performing better in recent matches compared to Oviedo. Tenerife has won 4 out of their last 5 matches, while Oviedo has only won 2.

How do Tenerife and Oviedo compare in terms of goals scored?

In terms of goals scored, Tenerife has a slight advantage over Oviedo. Tenerife has scored 10 goals in their last 5 matches, while Oviedo has scored 8 goals.

Which team has a stronger defense?

Both Tenerife and Oviedo have a similar defensive record in their recent matches. Tenerife has conceded 5 goals in their last 5 matches, while Oviedo has conceded 6 goals.

Has there been any head-to-head matches between Tenerife and Oviedo?

Yes, Tenerife and Oviedo have played against each other in the past. In their last 5 head-to-head matches, Tenerife has won 3 times, Oviedo has won 1 time, and 1 match has ended in a draw.

Which team has a better position in the league table?

Currently, Tenerife has a higher position in the league table compared to Oviedo. Tenerife is in the 8th position, while Oviedo is in the 12th position.

Which team has a better goal-scoring record this season, Tenerife or Oviedo?

Tenerife has a better goal-scoring record this season compared to Oviedo. Tenerife has scored 40 goals in 31 matches, while Oviedo has scored 34 goals in 31 matches.

How have Tenerife and Oviedo performed in their recent matches?

Tenerife has been performing well in their recent matches, winning 4 out of their last 5 matches. On the other hand, Oviedo has been struggling, managing to win only 1 out of their last 5 matches.