Fantasia Tenerife – The Ultimate Guide to a Magical Holiday Experience

Welcome to Fantasia Tenerife, a place where the beauty of nature meets the excitement of entertainment. Situated in the heart of the stunning Spanish island of Tenerife, this resort offers a unique blend of luxury and adventure. Whether you are seeking relaxation or thrill, Fantasia Tenerife has something for everyone.

With its breathtaking landscapes and crystal-clear waters, Tenerife is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the island’s majestic mountains and lush forests, or relax on its golden-sand beaches. The activities here are endless – from hiking and mountain biking to surfing and snorkeling. Tenerife is truly a playground for nature lovers.

But Fantasia Tenerife is not just about outdoor adventures. This family-friendly resort also offers a wide range of entertainment options. Immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife, with live music performances and dazzling shows. Indulge in a world-class dining experience, with an array of international cuisines to choose from. At Fantasia Tenerife, entertainment is taken to a whole new level.

And if you are looking for a little luxury, Fantasia Tenerife has got you covered. From lavish accommodations to indulgent spa treatments, this resort is designed to pamper you in style. Relax by the poolside and soak up the sun, or unwind with a rejuvenating massage. Fantasia Tenerife offers the perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and discover the magic of Fantasia Tenerife. Whether you are seeking adventure, entertainment, or simply a beautiful and family-friendly resort, Tenerife has it all. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing for more.

Discover the Enchanting Landscapes

When it comes to natural beauty, Tenerife truly stands out. This stunning Spanish island is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. From the towering volcanic peaks of Mount Teide to the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the scenery here is nothing short of magical.

One of the best ways to experience the enchanting landscapes of Tenerife is by staying at the Fantasia Tenerife resort. Situated in a beautiful location, this luxury resort offers the perfect base for exploring all that the island has to offer. With its family-friendly atmosphere and top-notch amenities, it’s a great choice for travelers of all ages.

Start your adventure by exploring the island’s stunning natural parks and gardens. From the vibrant colors of the Botanical Gardens to the lush greenery of the Anaga Rural Park, there are plenty of opportunities to get lost in the beauty of nature. Take a leisurely stroll through the stunning landscapes or pack a picnic and soak up the sun.

If you’re looking for a little more excitement, why not head to the Fantasia Tenerife waterpark? This thrilling attraction offers a wide range of water slides, pools, and rides that are sure to keep the whole family entertained. Spend the day zipping down slides, splashing in the pools, or simply relaxing by the water.

When the sun goes down, the entertainment doesn’t stop. Tenerife is known for its vibrant nightlife, with plenty of bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet dinner overlooking the ocean or a night of dancing and music, there’s something for everyone on this magical island.

So, if you’re looking for a truly enchanting getaway, Tenerife is the place to be. With its beautiful landscapes, luxury resorts, and endless entertainment options, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to visit this stunning Spanish island.

Experience the Vibrant Culture

When visiting Fantasia Tenerife, you can’t miss out on experiencing the vibrant culture this beautiful Spanish island has to offer. From traditional activities to lively entertainment, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Immerse yourself in the local traditions by attending a flamenco show or participating in a wine tasting tour. These activities provide an authentic look into the rich heritage of the island and allow you to engage with the local community.

If you’re looking for more excitement, Fantasia Tenerife offers a variety of entertainment options. Enjoy live music performances or theatrical shows that showcase the island’s history and culture. These events are held in stunning venues that add to the overall experience.

For a fun-filled family day, head to the local waterpark or explore the resort’s luxury amenities. Whether you choose to relax by the pool or participate in watersports, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Fantasia Tenerife is known for its family-friendly environment, ensuring that both kids and adults have a memorable experience.



Engage in a variety of activities that highlight the island’s culture, such as cooking classes or traditional crafts workshops. These activities allow you to learn and appreciate the skills and traditions passed down through generations.

Spend a day at the waterpark, enjoying thrilling rides and slides. Cool off in the refreshing pools or relax on the lazy river, while taking in the stunning views of the island’s natural beauty.

No matter your interests, Fantasia Tenerife offers a vibrant and cultural experience that will leave you in awe. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the magic of this stunning Spanish island.

Indulge in Delicious Canarian Cuisine

When visiting Tenerife, one of the activities you must not miss is trying the delicious Canarian cuisine. The island’s cuisine is known for its unique flavors and blend of Spanish, African, and Latin American influences.

Tenerife offers a wide variety of restaurants and local eateries where you can savor traditional Canarian dishes. From rustic taverns to fine dining establishments, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

Traditional Canarian Dishes

One of the most famous Canarian dishes is “papas arrugadas” or wrinkled potatoes. These small, salted potatoes are boiled in their skins until they are tender and served with a tasty mojo sauce made from garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and chili peppers.

Another popular dish is “gofio”, a type of roasted flour that is used as a base for many Canarian recipes. Gofio can be mixed with broth to create a thick and hearty soup known as “gofio escaldado”. It can also be used as a coating for meat and fish or added to desserts for a unique flavor.

Seafood and Fresh Fish

Tenerife is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s no surprise that seafood and fresh fish are staples of Canarian cuisine. The island offers an abundance of seafood dishes, such as “caldo de pescado” (fish soup), “pescado a la sal” (salt-baked fish), and “paella de mariscos” (seafood paella).

Don’t miss the opportunity to try some local specialties like “cherne” (wreckfish), “vieja” (parrotfish), and “lapas” (limpets). These dishes are often grilled or fried to bring out the natural flavors of the fish.

Sweet Treats

To satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure to indulge in some Canarian desserts. One popular dessert is “bienmesabe”, a rich and creamy almond cream flavored with cinnamon and lemon. Another delicious treat is “quesadilla”, a sweet pastry filled with fresh cheese and often served with a scoop of ice cream.

Whether you’re a foodie or just someone who enjoys good food, Tenerife offers a culinary experience that will delight your taste buds. From the freshest seafood to traditional Canarian dishes, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful Spanish island.

Explore the Volcanic Wonders

When visiting Fantasia Tenerife, make sure to take some time to explore the volcanic wonders that the island has to offer. Tenerife is home to the famous Teide National Park, which features the largest volcano in Spain, Mount Teide. This beautiful natural attraction offers a variety of activities for both nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

One of the most popular activities in the park is hiking to the summit of Mount Teide. The trail offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, with its unique volcanic formations and colorful flora. It’s a challenging but rewarding experience that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

If you’re looking for something more family-friendly, the park also offers guided tours and educational programs. You can learn about the geological history of the island and its volcanic origins. Kids will love the interactive exhibits and the chance to see real volcanic rocks up close.

After exploring the wonders of Teide National Park, head back to Fantasia Tenerife Resort for some well-deserved relaxation. The resort offers a variety of amenities, including a waterpark and entertainment options for the whole family. Spend a day splashing around in the pools or sliding down the thrilling water slides.

In the evening, you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the resort’s restaurants, which offer a variety of cuisines to satisfy every palate. After dinner, you can take in a show or live music performance at the resort’s entertainment venues.

Exploring the volcanic wonders of Tenerife is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or family-friendly entertainment, Fantasia Tenerife has it all. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the magic of this stunning Spanish island!

Marvel at the Pristine Beaches

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is known for its breathtaking beaches. The island is home to a variety of pristine sandy shores, offering visitors a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Entertainment Resorts and Waterparks

Along the coastline of Tenerife, you will find several world-class resorts that cater to all your needs. These resorts not only provide luxurious accommodation but also offer a range of activities and entertainment options for families and couples alike. From live performances to water sports, there is never a dull moment at these entertainment resorts.

Family-Friendly Activities

Tenerife is an excellent destination for a family vacation. Its beaches are equipped with numerous facilities, making them ideal for kids and parents to enjoy a day out in the sun. From playgrounds to beach clubs, there is something for everyone. You can also partake in various water activities such as snorkeling and paddleboarding, ensuring a memorable experience for the whole family.

Fantasia Tenerife: If you are looking for an extraordinary beach adventure, don’t miss out on Fantasia Tenerife. This unique waterpark combines the thrill of water slides with the enchantment of a themed park. Dive into pools, conquer exhilarating slides, and relax in the lazy river, all within the magical setting of Fantasia Tenerife.

Whether you are seeking a serene escape or an action-packed beach day, Tenerife’s beaches offer an abundance of options. With its family-friendly facilities and luxurious resorts, this Spanish island is the perfect destination for your beach getaway.

Embrace the Year-round Sunshine

One of the many reasons why Fantasia Tenerife is a popular destination is its beautiful year-round sunshine. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, this stunning Spanish island is the perfect place to soak up the rays and enjoy a warm climate no matter the time of year.

Whether you prefer to relax by the pool or take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the ocean, Fantasia Tenerife has something for everyone. Families will love the family-friendly waterpark, where kids can splash around and have fun in the sun. For those who seek entertainment and luxury, the resort offers a wide range of activities and amenities.

From relaxing on the golden sandy beaches to exploring the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of the island, Fantasia Tenerife has it all. Whether you’re interested in water sports, hiking, or simply enjoying a cocktail by the pool, this resort has something to offer every type of traveler.

So, why wait? Embrace the year-round sunshine at Fantasia Tenerife and experience the magic of this stunning Spanish island today.

Enjoy Exciting Water Sports

While staying at the Fantasia Tenerife resort, you can take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and enjoy a wide range of exciting water sports activities. Tenerife, known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, is the perfect destination for water enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced water sports enthusiast, there is something for everyone. The resort offers a variety of water activities to cater to all skill levels. From jet skiing and parasailing to paddleboarding and windsurfing, you’ll never run out of options to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

If you’re looking for a thrilling experience, head to the resort’s waterpark, where you can find an array of exhilarating water slides and rides. Feel the adrenaline rush as you whizz down the slides and splash into the refreshing pools below. With its state-of-the-art facilities and exhilarating rides, the waterpark offers endless entertainment for guests of all ages.

For those seeking a more relaxed water experience, the resort also offers luxury boat tours and sunset cruises. Sit back and relax as you cruise along the coast of Tenerife, taking in the breathtaking views of the island. This is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean.

The Fantasia Tenerife resort understands the importance of providing top-notch entertainment for its guests. They have made sure to offer a wide range of water sports activities to ensure that everyone can find something they enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure or a peaceful retreat, there’s no better place to experience the magic of water sports than in Tenerife.

Visit the Picturesque Villages

While Fantasia Tenerife is primarily known for its luxury waterpark resort and exciting entertainment activities, the island also boasts a number of picturesque villages that are well worth a visit. These charming, family-friendly villages offer a glimpse into the authentic beauty and charm of the Spanish countryside.

Los Silos

One such village is Los Silos, located on the northwest coast of the island. With its cobblestone streets and traditional Canarian architecture, Los Silos is a delight to explore. Wander through the village’s narrow alleys and discover beautiful courtyards adorned with colorful flowers. Don’t miss the historic church and the quaint local shops and cafes.


Another must-visit village is Garachico, known for its stunning natural pools and volcanic landscapes. This small coastal town was once the main port on the island and has a rich and fascinating history. Explore the charming streets lined with traditional houses, visit the beautiful town square, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean.

Garachico is also home to the famous “El Caletón,” a unique natural swimming pool carved out of volcanic rock. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or simply relax and soak up the sun on the surrounding rocks.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of peace and tranquility or simply want to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Spanish countryside, Fantasia Tenerife’s picturesque villages are not to be missed. Plan a day trip to Los Silos, Garachico, or both, and experience the true magic of this stunning island.

Admire the Stunning Architecture

When visiting Tenerife, you can’t miss the opportunity to admire the stunning architecture that the island has to offer. From luxurious resorts to entertainment complexes, Tenerife is known for its remarkable buildings and structures that will leave you in awe.

One of the most iconic architectural marvels on the island is Fantasia Tenerife, a family-friendly resort and entertainment destination. As soon as you step foot into this complex, you will be greeted by an enchanting world of fantasy and imagination.

The resort boasts a unique design that blends perfectly with its surroundings. The buildings are adorned with intricate details and vibrant colors, creating a magical atmosphere that is sure to captivate visitors of all ages. The use of traditional Spanish architecture combined with modern elements adds to the beauty and charm of the resort.

As you stroll through the resort, you’ll come across various architectural gems that will take your breath away. From grand entrances to stunning facades, every corner of Fantasia Tenerife is a feast for the eyes. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, making it a true architectural masterpiece.

One of the highlights of the resort is its magnificent waterpark, which is not only a thrilling attraction but also a work of art. The waterpark features beautifully designed slides, pools, and structures that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. It’s a perfect example of how architecture can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary architecture or appreciate the beauty of traditional designs, Fantasia Tenerife will not disappoint. Its stunning architecture is a testament to the island’s commitment to providing a luxurious and visually striking experience for its visitors.

In conclusion, Tenerife’s architecture is a reflection of its beauty and charm. From the beautiful resorts to the family-friendly waterpark, Fantasia Tenerife will take your breath away with its stunning architecture. So make sure to add this destination to your itinerary and immerse yourself in the magic of Tenerife’s architectural wonders.

Discover the Rich History

Tenerife, with its diverse activities and entertainment options, is not just a luxury resort or a family-friendly destination, but also a place steeped in rich history. The island of Tenerife has a fascinating past that dates back thousands of years.

One of the must-visit historical sites in Tenerife is Fantasia Tenerife, a waterpark and resort that showcases the island’s rich history. The park is designed to transport visitors back in time to experience the magic and charm of the island’s past.

At Fantasia Tenerife, you can explore ancient ruins, walk through replica villages, and learn about the traditions and customs of the island’s early inhabitants. The park also offers interactive exhibits and guided tours that provide a deeper understanding of Tenerife’s history.

From the indigenous Guanche people to the Spanish colonization and beyond, Tenerife has seen many historical events that have shaped its culture and identity. Fantasia Tenerife aims to bring these stories to life and allow visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s rich heritage.

Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply curious about the island’s past, a visit to Fantasia Tenerife is a must. You can combine fun and education as you enjoy the park’s attractions and learn about Tenerife’s fascinating history.

So, if you are planning a trip to Tenerife, make sure to include a visit to Fantasia Tenerife to discover the rich history of this stunning Spanish island.

Immerse Yourself in Local Festivals

When visiting Tenerife, make sure to immerse yourself in the vibrant local festivals that celebrate the rich culture and traditions of the island. These festivals are not only a feast for the eyes but also offer a fantastic way to experience the true spirit of Tenerife.

Colorful Parades and Traditional Dances

One of the highlights of the local festivals in Tenerife is the colorful parades that take place throughout the year. These parades feature stunning floats, traditional costumes, and lively music that create a joyful atmosphere. You can witness dancers performing traditional dances and local artists showcasing their talents.

Gastronomic Delights

Tenerife is known for its delicious cuisine, and the local festivals provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in some mouth-watering dishes. From fresh seafood to traditional Canarian recipes, you can savor a wide range of gastronomic delights. Don’t forget to try the famous papas arrugadas con mojo, a local specialty made of wrinkled potatoes served with a spicy sauce.

During the festivals, there are often food stalls and outdoor markets where you can sample different dishes and buy local products to take home as souvenirs.

Cultural and Sporting Events

In addition to the parades and food, the local festivals in Tenerife also offer a variety of cultural and sporting events. You can enjoy live music concerts, theatrical performances, and art exhibitions that showcase the local talent. There are also sports competitions such as surfing, beach volleyball, and traditional Canarian wrestling.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast, art lover, or sports enthusiast, there’s something for everyone at these festivals.

So, while staying at a beautiful resort in Tenerife, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lively local festivals. It’s a perfect way to enhance your vacation and create lasting memories with your family and friends.

Relax in Luxurious Resorts

When visiting Tenerife, be sure to indulge in the ultimate luxury experience by staying at one of the island’s stunning resorts. Tenerife is famous for its beautiful resorts that cater to every type of traveler.

One of the most luxurious resorts in Tenerife is the Fantasia Tenerife Resort. This 5-star resort combines elegance, comfort, and top-notch service to create a truly unforgettable stay. From the moment you step into the resort, you will be immersed in a world of luxury and relaxation.

The resort offers a range of spacious and beautifully designed rooms and suites, each equipped with modern amenities and stunning views of the island. Whether you choose a room with a sea view or a garden view, you can be sure to wake up to breathtaking sights every morning.

One of the highlights of the Fantasia Tenerife Resort is its amazing waterpark. The resort boasts a family-friendly waterpark with thrilling slides, lazy rivers, and splash pools, making it a perfect destination for both adults and children. Spend your days lounging by the pool, enjoying the sun, and cooling off in the crystal-clear water.

In addition to the waterpark, the resort offers a wide range of entertainment options for guests of all ages. From live shows and performances to sports facilities and kids’ clubs, there is never a dull moment at Fantasia Tenerife Resort.

When it comes to dining, the resort features exquisite restaurants that offer a mix of local and international cuisine. Treat yourself to a culinary journey and indulge in delicious dishes prepared by world-class chefs.

Overall, Tenerife’s luxurious resorts, like the Fantasia Tenerife Resort, provide the perfect setting for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. Soak up the sun, unwind in style, and create unforgettable memories in this stunning Spanish island.

Experience Thrilling Outdoor Adventures

When you visit Fantasia Tenerife, the adventure never ends. The island is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes, providing the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities.

One of the highlights of Fantasia Tenerife is the waterpark. This state-of-the-art waterpark offers a variety of thrilling slides and pools, providing hours of fun for the whole family. Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool or brave the exhilarating waterslides, there’s something for everyone.

In addition to the waterpark, Fantasia Tenerife offers a range of other outdoor activities. Explore the stunning hiking trails that wind through the island’s lush forests and dramatic cliffs. Take a guided tour to discover hidden caves and waterfalls, or rent a bike and explore the island at your own pace.

For those seeking a bit more excitement, Fantasia Tenerife also offers a variety of adrenaline-pumping adventure sports. Try your hand at rock climbing, zip-lining, or paragliding, and experience the stunning beauty of the island from a unique perspective.

After a day of outdoor activities, unwind at the resort’s luxurious facilities. Indulge in a spa treatment, take a dip in the infinity pool, or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the resort’s fine dining restaurants.

With its wide range of activities, entertainment, and family-friendly amenities, Fantasia Tenerife truly is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking thrills or simply looking to relax in a beautiful setting, this luxury resort has something for everyone.

Witness Breathtaking Sunsets

While Fantasia Tenerife offers a plethora of entertainment options, don’t forget to take some time to relax and witness the stunning sunsets that grace this beautiful Spanish island. Whether you’re lounging by the waterpark or enjoying the luxury of the resort, the sunsets in Tenerife are sure to leave you in awe.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colors, painting a mesmerizing backdrop for your evening activities. The vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples create a picturesque scene that is truly unforgettable.

Family-Friendly Activities

Make the most of the family-friendly environment at Fantasia Tenerife and take the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets together. From beachside picnics to leisurely strolls along the coast, there are countless ways to experience the magic of Tenerife’s sunsets as a family.

Don’t forget to bring some snacks and beverages to enhance your sunset experience. Set up a cozy spot on the beach, relax, and watch as the sun sets, casting its warm hues across the ocean waves. This is the perfect moment to bond with your loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Activities for Couples

If you’re visiting Fantasia Tenerife for a romantic getaway, make sure to plan a special evening to witness the breathtaking sunsets together. Take a sunset cruise along the coast, savoring the views and enjoying each other’s company. This intimate experience will create a magical ambiance and set the stage for a truly memorable evening.

After enjoying the sunset, indulge in a romantic dinner at one of the resort’s exquisite restaurants. With a backdrop that showcases nature’s artistic beauty, this is the perfect setting to celebrate your love and create unforgettable moments together.

Why Witnessing Tenerife’s Sunsets is a Must
1. Unparalleled beauty
2. Creates a magical atmosphere
3. Perfect for family bonding
4. Sets the stage for a romantic evening

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the breathtaking sunsets that Tenerife has to offer. From the vibrant colors to the serene atmosphere, these sunsets are truly a sight to behold. Whether you’re traveling with family or enjoying a romantic escape, the beauty of Tenerife’s sunsets will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Indulge in Shopping and Entertainment

When visiting Fantasia Tenerife, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of beautiful luxury resorts and a wide range of activities for all ages. And when it comes to shopping and entertainment, this Spanish island does not disappoint.

Whether you’re looking to splurge on designer brands or explore local markets, Tenerife offers something for everyone. The island is home to several shopping centers, including the popular Siam Mall and the upscale El Corte Ingles. Here, you can indulge in a day of retail therapy, browsing through an array of fashion, accessories, and home decor.

In addition to the shopping centers, Tenerife also boasts vibrant street markets where you can find unique souvenirs and local handicrafts. From the bustling Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa to the charming Feria del Agricultor, these markets provide a glimpse into the island’s rich culture and heritage.

When it comes to entertainment, Fantasia Tenerife offers a variety of options for the whole family. The island is home to several theaters, where you can enjoy live performances ranging from musicals to comedy shows. The popular Magma Art & Congress Center is a hub for entertainment, hosting a variety of events throughout the year.

If you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment, Tenerife has got you covered. The island is home to several amusement parks, including Siam Park and Loro Parque. These parks offer a mix of thrilling rides, beautiful shows, and interactive experiences that the whole family will enjoy.

So whether you’re in the mood for a shopping spree or crave some entertainment, Tenerife has it all. Indulge in the luxury, explore the beautiful resorts, and immerse yourself in the vibrant shopping and entertainment scene that Fantasia Tenerife has to offer.

Unwind in Tranquil Natural Parks

One of the most popular natural parks in Tenerife is Fantasia Natural Park. This family-friendly park is set in a beautiful location and offers a wide range of activities for all ages. Explore the lush gardens, take a leisurely stroll around the lake, or enjoy a picnic surrounded by the stunning scenery. It’s the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Fantasia Natural Park

Fantasia Natural Park is also home to a luxury waterpark, making it an ideal destination for families. Spend the day splashing around in the pools, riding the thrilling water slides, or simply relaxing on a sun lounger. The park offers something for everyone, ensuring a memorable day out.

For those seeking a more secluded experience, there are several other tranquil natural parks to explore in Tenerife. Anaga Rural Park is known for its untouched beauty and hiking trails, offering a chance to discover hidden valleys and remote beaches. Teide National Park, on the other hand, is home to the highest peak in Spain and boasts breathtaking landscapes, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment or a peaceful escape, Tenerife’s natural parks have it all. So, don’t miss the chance to unwind and immerse yourself in the beauty of this stunning Spanish island.

Visit Impressive Museums and Art Galleries

Explore the cultural side of Tenerife by visiting its impressive museums and art galleries. This luxury island is not just about the Fantasia Tenerife waterpark and family-friendly entertainment activities, but also offers a rich history and vibrant art scene.

One of the must-visit museums in Tenerife is the Museum of Nature and Man, located in the heart of Santa Cruz. This museum showcases the island’s natural and cultural heritage, with exhibits on archaeology, anthropology, and natural sciences. Discover the fascinating history of the Canary Islands and learn about the indigenous Guanche people.

Another prominent museum is the Museum of Fine Arts, situated in a beautiful historic building in Santa Cruz. Here, you can admire a collection of Spanish and European art from the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum features works by renowned artists such as Picasso, Goya, and Dalí, providing a great opportunity to appreciate the world of art.

If contemporary art is more your style, head to the TEA – Tenerife Espacio de las Artes. This modern art museum showcases a diverse range of works by local and international artists. With its state-of-the-art exhibition spaces and interactive displays, TEA offers a unique and immersive art experience.

For a different kind of museum visit, check out the Museum of Science and the Cosmos. This interactive museum is perfect for families and science enthusiasts. Explore the wonders of the universe, enhance your knowledge of astronomy, and enjoy hands-on experiments and demonstrations.

When visiting Tenerife, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the island’s art and culture. These museums and art galleries offer a glimpse into the rich heritage and creative spirit of this stunning Spanish resort.

Explore Underwater Marine Life

One of the most beautiful aspects of Fantasia Tenerife is its underwater marine life. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters filled with an abundance of colorful fish, coral reefs, and other fascinating creatures.


At Fantasia Tenerife, you can explore the wonders of the underwater world at the state-of-the-art aquarium. The aquarium is home to a wide variety of marine species, including tropical fish, sharks, turtles, and even stingrays. You can take a leisurely stroll through the aquarium’s numerous exhibits and marvel at the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the marine life.

Diving and Snorkeling

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also embark on a diving or snorkeling excursion to truly immerse yourself in the underwater paradise. The clear waters around Tenerife offer excellent visibility, making it an ideal destination for both experienced divers and beginners. Explore the vibrant coral reefs, swim alongside schools of tropical fish, and observe the unique behaviors of marine life up close.

Fantasia Tenerife offers a range of diving and snorkeling activities suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a first-timer, the knowledgeable guides and instructors will ensure that you have a safe and unforgettable experience.

Conservation Efforts

As part of its commitment to preserving the underwater ecosystem, Fantasia Tenerife actively participates in several conservation initiatives. The park is involved in coral reef restoration projects, marine wildlife conservation programs, and educational campaigns to raise awareness about the fragility of marine ecosystems.

By visiting Fantasia Tenerife, you not only get to witness the beauty of underwater marine life but also contribute to the conservation efforts that help protect these precious habitats for future generations.

Whether you’re seeking family-friendly entertainment, luxurious accommodations, or thrilling water activities, Fantasia Tenerife is the perfect destination. Immerse yourself in the underwater world and discover the magic of Tenerife’s marine life.

Take a Scenic Drive along Coastal Roads

Tenerife is not only known for its beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, but also for its picturesque coastal roads that offer breathtaking views. Taking a scenic drive along these roads is a must-do activity for visitors of all ages.

Whether you are looking for a leisurely drive with your family or an adventurous road trip, Tenerife has something to offer. The island boasts well-maintained roads that wind their way along the coast, allowing you to soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

As you drive along these coastal roads, you will have the opportunity to admire the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the rugged cliffs, and the lush greenery. The scenery is truly mesmerizing and will leave you in awe of nature’s wonders.

If you are staying at the Fantasia Tenerife resort, you can easily rent a car and embark on this scenic drive. The resort offers a wide range of options for car rentals, making it convenient for you to explore the island at your own pace.

Along the way, you may also come across various family-friendly activities and attractions. For example, you can stop by the Fantasia Waterpark, which is located close to the coastal roads. This waterpark offers a plethora of water slides, pools, and other fun-filled activities that are perfect for both kids and adults.

For those seeking luxury, you can also find upscale resorts and hotels along the coastal roads. These establishments offer top-notch amenities and services, allowing you to relax and unwind in style.

So, if you want to experience the beauty of Tenerife in a unique way, hop in your car and take a scenic drive along the coastal roads. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Enjoy Nightlife in Bustling Cities

When you visit the stunning resort of Tenerife, there is no shortage of things to do and see during the day. From family-friendly attractions to luxurious resorts, there is something for everyone. But when the sun sets, Tenerife truly comes alive with its vibrant nightlife and bustling cities.

Explore the Beautiful Cities

The cities of Tenerife are known for their lively and energetic atmosphere, offering a variety of entertainment options that cater to different interests. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening or an exciting night out, Tenerife has it all.

One of the top destinations for nightlife in Tenerife is the popular city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This vibrant city boasts a variety of bars, clubs, and live music venues, ensuring that there is always something happening. Whether you prefer dancing the night away to the latest hits or enjoying live performances by talented local artists, Santa Cruz de Tenerife has plenty to offer.

Waterpark after Dark

If you’re looking for a unique nighttime experience, head to one of Tenerife’s waterparks that offer evening entertainment. Imagine sliding down thrilling water slides under the moonlight or enjoying a refreshing swim in beautifully lit pools. This is an unforgettable way to enjoy waterpark activities while experiencing the magic of Tenerife after dark.

For those who prefer a more laid-back evening, there are plenty of elegant bars and lounges where you can relax with a drink and enjoy the ambiance. Many of these establishments offer stunning views of the city or the ocean, making for a truly magical experience.


Tenerife offers a nightlife scene that is as diverse as the island itself. Whether you’re seeking a night filled with fun and excitement or a more relaxed evening, you’ll find something to suit your taste. The beautiful cities, entertainment options, and waterparks that come alive after dark make Tenerife a must-visit destination for those looking to enjoy the magic of the island’s nightlife.

Discover Charming Hidden Gems

While the beautiful resort of Tenerife is well-known for its family-friendly entertainment and luxury accommodations, there are also charming hidden gems waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking to explore beyond the popular attractions and experience a more intimate side of the island, here are a few hidden gems to consider:

1. Waterpark Fantasia

Located in the heart of Tenerife, Waterpark Fantasia is a hidden gem that offers fun and excitement for visitors of all ages. With its thrilling rides, lazy rivers, and refreshing pools, this waterpark is a must-visit for anyone seeking an adventurous day out. Whether you’re looking to relax under the sun or get your adrenaline pumping, Waterpark Fantasia has something for everyone.

2. Local Vineyards

For wine enthusiasts, Tenerife is home to a number of local vineyards that produce some of the finest wines in Spain. Take a tour of the vineyards and discover the rich history and unique wine-making techniques of the region. Sample different varieties of wine and learn about the traditional methods used to produce them. It’s a truly unforgettable experience for wine lovers.

Name Location Description
Waterpark Fantasia Tenerife A thrilling waterpark with rides, lazy rivers, and pools for all ages.
Local Vineyards Tenerife Explore the vineyards, taste the finest wines, and learn about traditional wine-making techniques.

Capture Stunning Photography Spots

If you’re a photography enthusiast visiting Tenerife, you’re in luck. This luxurious island is brimming with beautiful spots that are perfect for capturing breathtaking and memorable photographs.

One must-visit location for photography lovers is Fantasia Tenerife. This top-rated waterpark and resort offers not only incredible entertainment and family-friendly activities but also picturesque views that are sure to impress.

As you wander around the resort, you’ll find yourself surrounded by vibrant colors, lush landscapes, and stunning architecture. The resort’s well-manicured gardens and pool areas are ideal settings for capturing beautiful shots. Whether it’s a close-up of a colorful flower or a wide-angle shot of the resort’s sprawling layout, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Don’t Miss the Waterpark

For those seeking adventure and excitement, the waterpark at Fantasia Tenerife is an absolute must-visit. This thrilling park boasts a variety of water slides, pools, and attractions that are not only fun to experience but also offer great photography opportunities.

Make sure to bring your waterproof camera or smartphone while you zip down water slides or relax in one of the crystal-clear pools. Capturing the joyful expressions on your family’s faces or the excitement of fellow visitors will help you create lasting memories.

Golden Hour Magic

While Fantasia Tenerife is beautiful throughout the day, the golden hour offers a special kind of magic for photography enthusiasts. Whether you’re capturing stunning silhouettes against the setting sun or experimenting with the warm, soft light, this magical hour is a photographer’s dream come true.

Grab your camera and stroll along the resort’s promenade, capturing the breathtaking views as the sky turns into a canvas of vibrant hues. Don’t forget to photograph the reflection of the colorful sky on the resort’s tranquil waters, creating a truly mesmerizing shot.

With its luxury, beautiful landscapes, and family-friendly entertainment, Fantasia Tenerife provides the perfect backdrop for capturing stunning photographs. So don’t forget your camera and get ready to capture the magic of this Spanish island!

Embark on Whale and Dolphin Watching Tours

When visiting the beautiful island of Tenerife, one of the must-do activities is to embark on a whale and dolphin watching tour. Tenerife is known for its abundance of these majestic creatures, making it the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers.

Tenerife offers a range of tours and excursions that allow visitors to get up close and personal with these incredible marine animals. From luxury yacht cruises to more budget-friendly options, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Discover the Magic of Tenerife’s Marine Life

During the tour, you will have the opportunity to see various species of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. The crystal-clear waters surrounding Tenerife attract these marine creatures year-round, providing a unique opportunity to witness their natural behaviors.

As you cruise along the coastline, keep your eyes peeled for the playful dolphins jumping and riding the waves. You may also spot Humpback whales, Pilot whales, or even Orcas if you’re lucky!

An Educational and Family-Friendly Experience

Embarking on a whale and dolphin watching tour is not only a thrilling experience but also an educational one. Expert guides on board will provide fascinating insights into the behavior and anatomy of these incredible creatures. They will also answer any questions you may have, making it a great opportunity for children to learn about marine life.

Children and families will love the excitement of spotting these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. It’s an unforgettable experience that will create lasting memories for everyone.

Whether you are staying at the luxurious Fantasia Resort or another family-friendly resort in Tenerife, make sure to include a whale and dolphin watching tour in your itinerary. It’s an activity that combines entertainment, education, and the chance to witness the magic of nature up close.

Discover the Mysteries of Pyramids of Guimar

If you’re looking for an intriguing and mysterious attraction to explore while visiting Tenerife, the Pyramids of Guimar are a must-see. Located in the town of Guimar, these unique structures have fascinated archaeologists and historians for years.

The pyramids, believed to be constructed by the indigenous Guanche people, are a testament to the island’s rich history and culture. Despite their resemblance to the pyramids of Egypt, the purpose and origin of these structures remain shrouded in mystery.

Visitors to the Pyramids of Guimar can take a guided tour to learn more about their history and significance. The site features an Ethnographic Park with informative displays that provide insights into the Guanche civilization.

As you explore the pyramids, you’ll notice their unique construction, with six sides instead of the typical four. This architectural feature adds to the intrigue surrounding their purpose.

The Pyramids of Guimar are situated in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It’s a perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and soak up the serene atmosphere.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply want to experience something unique during your visit to Tenerife, the Pyramids of Guimar offer a fascinating and educational adventure.

To make the most of your trip to Tenerife, consider staying at the Fantasia Tenerife resort, which offers luxurious accommodations and a range of family-friendly activities and entertainment options. After a day of exploring the pyramids, you can relax by the pool or indulge in a spa treatment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the mysteries of the Pyramids of Guimar and uncover a hidden gem on this stunning Spanish island.

Savor Traditional Canarian Wine

While Tenerife is renowned for its beautiful resorts and luxury activities, it also offers a rich cultural experience. One way to immerse yourself in the local culture is by indulging in traditional Canarian wine.

Tenerife is home to several vineyards that produce exceptional wines, thanks to the island’s unique climate and volcanic soil. The most famous wine region on the island is Valle de la Orotava, where you can visit vineyards and wineries for a fascinating tour.

During your visit, you can learn about the wine-making process, from harvesting the grapes to bottling. You’ll have the opportunity to taste different varieties of Canarian wines, including the crisp and fruity white wines, as well as the rich and bold red wines.

Wine Tasting Events

If you’re a wine enthusiast, make sure to visit Tenerife during one of the wine tasting events. These events showcase the best wines from the region and offer a chance to meet local winemakers. You can learn about the different flavors and aromas and even purchase your favorite bottles to take home.

Food Pairings

No wine tasting experience is complete without food pairings. Canarian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes that complement the local wines perfectly. From fresh seafood and goat cheese to roasted meats and hearty stews, you’ll find the perfect match for your wine.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy a good glass of wine, exploring the traditional Canarian wine scene in Tenerife is a must. It’s a unique opportunity to indulge in the flavors of the island and discover the cultural heritage of this beautiful destination.

Visit the Colorful Markets

One of the must-do activities when visiting Tenerife is exploring the vibrant and colorful markets that the island has to offer. As a popular tourist destination, Tenerife is known for its diverse range of markets where you can find everything from locally made crafts to fresh produce.

For a truly immersive and enjoyable experience, make sure to visit the markets in the morning when they are bustling with activity. The Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa, located in the capital city of Santa Cruz, is one of the largest and most famous markets on the island. Here, you can wander through the aisles and discover a variety of products, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and traditional Canarian delicacies.

Another market worth exploring is the Mercado Municipal de La Laguna, located in the historic town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. This market is known for its vibrant atmosphere and wide range of stalls selling fresh produce, seafood, spices, and unique artisanal goods. It’s a great place to try local snacks and soak in the lively atmosphere.

While visiting the markets, take the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals and learn about the island’s culture and traditions. Many vendors are passionate about their products and are more than happy to share their knowledge and recommendations. You might even discover hidden gems and unique souvenirs to take back home.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply love exploring local markets, Tenerife’s colorful markets offer a memorable and authentic experience. So, make sure to add visiting the markets to your itinerary when you visit this beautiful island resort, Fantasia Tenerife.

Learn to Dance the Vibrant Salsa

At Fantasia Tenerife, we offer salsa classes for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the basic steps and help you perfect your technique. Whether you’ve never danced a day in your life or you’re a seasoned dancer looking to improve your skills, our salsa classes are perfect for everyone.

A Fun and Family-Friendly Experience

Learning to dance salsa is not only a great way to have fun and let loose, but it’s also a fantastic activity for the whole family. Our salsa classes are designed to be enjoyable and accessible to all ages, so you can bring your kids along and make it a memorable family experience. Dancing together will not only bring you closer, but it will also help you discover a new passion and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

An Experience of Luxury and Beauty

At Fantasia Tenerife, we believe that learning to dance should be a luxurious experience, and that’s why we provide top-of-the-line facilities and amenities for our guests. Our resort is set in a stunning location, with beautiful views of the island and its natural surroundings. You’ll enjoy dancing on our spacious dance floor, surrounded by lush gardens and breathtaking scenery.

In addition to our salsa classes, we offer a range of other activities that you can enjoy during your stay at Fantasia Tenerife. From swimming in our luxurious pools to indulging in spa treatments, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to provide our guests with a truly unforgettable and immersive experience, where they can relax, have fun, and learn new things.

If you’re looking to add some excitement and entertainment to your vacation in Tenerife, look no further than our salsa classes at Fantasia Tenerife. Not only will you learn to dance the vibrant salsa, but you’ll also create lasting memories and have a truly unforgettable experience. So why wait? Join us at Fantasia Tenerife and let the rhythm guide you!

Escape to Peaceful Island Retreats

Looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation? Look no further than the stunning island of Tenerife. With its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, and warm weather, it’s the perfect destination for those seeking tranquility.

One of the best ways to experience the peacefulness of Tenerife is by staying at one of its luxurious island retreats. These resorts offer a range of amenities and activities to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Whether you’re looking for a spa retreat, a beachfront villa, or a golf resort, Tenerife has it all.

Activities for the Whole Family

Tenerife is not only a peaceful destination but also a family-friendly one. Many resorts offer activities for the whole family, ensuring that everyone has a good time. From kids’ clubs to sports facilities, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy Luxury at Fantasia Waterpark Resort

If you want to combine luxury and entertainment, look no further than Fantasia Waterpark Resort. This stunning resort offers not only luxurious accommodations but also a waterpark that guarantees fun for the whole family. With its thrilling slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, there’s never a dull moment at Fantasia.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a trip to Tenerife. Its peaceful island retreats, family-friendly activities, and luxurious resorts like Fantasia Waterpark Resort make it the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation.


What are some popular attractions to visit in Tenerife?

Some popular attractions to visit in Tenerife include Mount Teide, Siam Park, Loro Park, and the Masca Valley.

Can you tell me more about Mount Teide?

Mount Teide is the highest peak in Spain and a popular tourist attraction in Tenerife. It is a volcano and offers stunning views of the island. Visitors can take a cable car ride to the summit or hike up the mountain.

What is there to do in Siam Park?

Siam Park is a water park in Tenerife with various thrilling water slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and a beach area. It is considered one of the best water parks in the world and is a must-visit attraction for families and adventure enthusiasts.

Is Loro Park suitable for children?

Yes, Loro Park is suitable for children. It is a zoo and botanical garden that is home to various species of animals and birds. The park also features shows and performances by dolphins, sea lions, and parrots, which children enjoy.

How can I explore the Masca Valley?

To explore the Masca Valley, you can take a guided hiking tour or rent a car and drive to the village of Masca. From there, you can hike down into the valley, admiring the picturesque landscapes and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. Remember to take plenty of water and wear appropriate hiking gear.

What is Fantasia Tenerife?

Fantasia Tenerife is a popular tourist attraction on the island of Tenerife in Spain. It is a themed park that offers a magical experience for visitors.

What are some of the main attractions at Fantasia Tenerife?

Some of the main attractions at Fantasia Tenerife include a stunning water show, a thrilling roller coaster, and a beautiful botanical garden.

How can I get to Fantasia Tenerife?

You can reach Fantasia Tenerife by taking a flight to Tenerife South Airport and then taking a taxi or bus to the park. It is also possible to book a tour that includes transportation to and from the park.