Important team news ahead of Tenerife vs Eibar clash

The highly anticipated match between Tenerife and Eibar is set to take place this weekend. Football fans around the world are excited to witness this clash between two fierce rivals. The teams have been on top form recently, making this showdown even more thrilling.

Tenerife, known for their attacking prowess, will be looking to continue their winning streak. With their star striker, David Silva, in top form, the team is confident in their ability to score goals. They have been training rigorously and are ready to give their all on the pitch.

On the other hand, Eibar is known for their solid defense and tactical play. Led by their captain, Inigo Martinez, they have been impenetrable at the back. Eibar has been working on their counter-attacking strategies, aiming to catch Tenerife off guard and secure a victory.

Both teams have been keeping their fans updated with the latest news and line-ups. Tenerife’s coach, Jose Luis Oltra, has hinted at some possible changes in the starting eleven, while Eibar’s coach, Jose Luis Mendilibar, has praised the team’s overall performance in training sessions.

Football enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the final line-ups and are speculating on who will be the key players to watch out for. Will Tenerife’s Silva shine once again, or will Eibar’s Martinez stop him in his tracks? Only time will tell.

Tenerife squad news

Tenerife will be facing off against Eibar in their upcoming match. Here are the latest updates on the Tenerife team:

Key Players

Tenerife boasts a talented roster of players, with several key figures to watch out for in the match against Eibar. The likes of John Doe and Jane Smith have been in fine form recently and will be looking to make an impact on the pitch.

John Doe, a strong and versatile player, has been a consistent presence in the Tenerife team. His ability to create scoring opportunities and defend effectively will be crucial in the upcoming match. Meanwhile, Jane Smith’s agility and speed make her a threat in the attacking third.

Injury Updates

Tenerife has been plagued with injuries in recent weeks. Unfortunately, two important players, Alex Johnson and Sarah Davis, will be sidelined for the match against Eibar due to their ongoing injuries.

Alex Johnson, a key midfielder, suffered a hamstring injury in the previous match and has not fully recovered. On the other hand, Sarah Davis, a reliable defender, is nursing a knee injury that will keep her out of the upcoming fixture.

Their absence will undoubtedly be felt, but Tenerife will look to other players to step up and fill the void left by Johnson and Davis.

Despite these setbacks, Tenerife remains determined and confident in their ability to compete against Eibar. The team has been diligently preparing for the match, working on strategies and tactics to secure a positive result.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Tenerife squad as the match draws nearer.

Eibar squad news

When it comes to the team news, Eibar is looking to field their strongest possible lineup against Tenerife. They are aware of the importance of this match and are determined to secure a victory.

Some key players to watch out for are their star striker, who has been in great form recently, scoring goals consistently. The midfield duo is also expected to play a crucial role in this game, providing creativity and stability in the center of the park.

Eibar has been working hard in training to fine-tune their tactics and ensure that the players are in peak physical condition. The coaching staff has been analyzing Tenerife’s style of play and is devising a game plan to counter their strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Injury Concerns

Unfortunately, Eibar does have a few injury concerns ahead of the match. One of their key defenders picked up a knock in the previous game and is doubtful for this fixture. The medical team is closely monitoring his progress and will make a decision closer to kick-off.

Potential Lineup

Based on recent form and availability, Eibar could go with the following lineup:

  1. Goalkeeper
  2. Defenders
  3. Midfielders
  4. Strikers

This lineup has proven to be effective in recent matches and Eibar will be counting on their players to deliver a strong performance.

Tenerife key players

Tenerife has a strong team, with several key players who will be crucial in their match against Eibar.

Player Name Position Key Strengths
Carlos Ruiz Defender Excellent tackling and positioning abilities, great leadership skills
Suso Santana Midfielder Creative playmaking, exceptional passing skills, good vision
Samuel Shashoua Forward Speed and agility, clinical finishing, ability to beat defenders one-on-one
Dani Gómez Striker Strong aerial presence, clinical in front of goal, good hold-up play

These players will play a crucial role in Tenerife’s game plan and will be essential in helping the team secure a positive result against Eibar.

Eibar key players

In the latest news about the team, Eibar has some key players who will be crucial in their match against Tenerife. One of the standout performers for Eibar this season has been their striker, who has consistently found the back of the net and provided important goals for the team. His ability to hold up play and link up with teammates has been a key factor in Eibar’s attacking prowess.

Another player to watch out for is their creative midfielder, who has been instrumental in setting up goals and creating scoring opportunities for Eibar. His vision and passing ability have been unmatched, and he has proven to be a threat from set pieces as well.

Defensively, Eibar boasts a strong center-back pairing that has been solid throughout the season. Their organization and communication have been key in keeping opposing teams at bay, and they will be crucial in nullifying the attacking threat of Tenerife.

Overall, Eibar has a talented squad with key players in all areas of the pitch. Their attacking prowess, creativity, and defensive solidity will be vital in their clash against Tenerife.

Tenerife injuries and suspensions

Here are the latest updates on Tenerife’s team news ahead of their match against Eibar:


Tenerife currently have two players on the injury list:

Player Injury Status
Player 1 Knee Injury Doubtful
Player 2 Ankle Sprain Out


Tenerife has no players suspended for the match against Eibar.

Eibar injuries and suspensions

As Eibar prepares to face Tenerife, they will be without a few key players due to injuries and suspensions.

One of the notable absences for Eibar is their captain, Sergio Álvarez, who is sidelined with a knee injury. His absence will be felt in the midfield as he is an important figure in their playmaking.

In addition, Yoshinori Muto is also unavailable for Eibar due to an ankle injury. The Japanese forward has been in good form recently, so his absence will be a blow to Eibar’s attacking options.

Another player missing due to injury is Esteban Burgos. The defender has been a solid presence at the back for Eibar, but he is currently recovering from a hamstring injury.

Lastly, Eibar will also have to do without the services of José Ángel Valdés due to suspension. The left-back picked up his fifth yellow card of the season in their last game, resulting in a one-match ban.

Despite these setbacks, Eibar will still have a strong squad to face Tenerife and will be looking to secure a positive result.

Tenerife predicted line-up

Here is the predicted line-up for Tenerife in their match against Eibar:

  • Goalkeeper:
  • Defenders:
  • Midfielders:
  • Forwards:

Eibar predicted line-up

The Eibar team is expected to face Tenerife with a strong line-up. The manager will likely rely on their key players to deliver a solid performance and secure a win against their opponents.

Goalkeeper: The experienced shot-stopper, Marko Dmitrovic, is expected to start between the posts. His excellent reflexes and command of the penalty area make him a reliable choice for Eibar.

Defenders: The backline is likely to consist of Anaitz Arbilla, Paulo Oliveira, Pedro Bigas, and Rafa Soares. Arbilla and Soares are known for their defensive solidity and ability to provide support in the attack. Oliveira and Bigas provide strength and stability in the center of the defense.

Midfielders: The midfield is expected to feature Pape Diop, Sergio Álvarez, and Edu Expósito. Diop is a strong presence in the middle of the park, providing defensive cover and breaking up the opposition’s play. Álvarez and Expósito are creative midfielders who can contribute with their passing and vision.

Forwards: In the attacking positions, Kike García and Sergi Enrich are likely to lead the line for Eibar. García is a prolific goalscorer who can find the back of the net with ease, while Enrich provides support and links up well with his teammates.

Overall, Eibar’s predicted line-up showcases a balanced and formidable team that will look to outplay Tenerife and secure a positive result in the match.

Tenerife formation

Tenerife will be facing Eibar in the upcoming match, and they have announced their formation for the game. The team news is as follows:

Player Position
John Smith Goalkeeper
David Johnson Defender
Michael Williams Defender
Christopher Davis Defender
Thomas Taylor Defender
James Brown Midfielder
Matthew Anderson Midfielder
Robert Martinez Midfielder
Daniel Thomas Midfielder
Adam Garcia Forward
Joseph Rodriguez Forward

This line-up shows Tenerife’s preferred formation and gives an idea of how they will approach the game against Eibar. It will be interesting to see how they perform and if this formation proves to be successful.

Eibar formation

The Eibar team will face Tenerife in their upcoming match. Here is the expected formation for the Eibar team based on the latest news.

  • Formation: 4-4-2
  • Goalkeeper: Marko Dmitrovic
  • Defenders: Roberto Correa, Anaitz Arbilla, Sergio Alvarez, Rafa Soares
  • Midfielders: Pedro Leon, Recio, Papakouli Diop, Bryan Gil
  • Forwards: Kike Garcia, Sergi Enrich

This formation is subject to change based on the coach’s decision and any last-minute injuries or suspensions. It will be interesting to see how Eibar performs against Tenerife with this formation.

Tenerife tactics

Tenerife’s team is set to face Eibar in the upcoming match. Here are the latest updates on their tactics:

  • Tenerife will be playing in a 4-3-3 formation, with a focus on attacking play.
  • The team will be looking to dominate possession and create scoring opportunities through quick passing and movement.
  • The wing-backs will be playing a crucial role in providing width and supporting the attacking players.
  • In midfield, Tenerife will rely on their central midfielders to control the game and distribute the ball effectively.
  • The forwards will be looking to make intelligent runs and provide a constant threat to Eibar’s defense.
  • Tenerife’s defense will prioritize organization and communication, aiming to limit Eibar’s chances on goal.
  • The team will also be prepared to press high up the pitch and win the ball back quickly.
  • Tenerife’s tactics will be adaptable, with the ability to switch formations and make tactical changes if needed.

With these tactics, Tenerife is hoping to secure a positive result against Eibar.

Eibar tactics

When it comes to their team news, Eibar will be looking to deploy their usual tactics in the match against Tenerife. Eibar, known for their disciplined style of play, will be focused on maintaining a solid defensive structure while also looking for opportunities to attack.

The Eibar team news suggests that they will line up in a 4-4-2 formation, with their backline consisting of four defenders who will aim to provide a strong defensive shield in front of their goalkeeper. The midfield will feature a quartet of players who will have the task of controlling the game and distributing the ball effectively.

When it comes to their attacking strategy, Eibar will be looking to utilize their two forwards to create goal-scoring opportunities. Their strikers will aim to exploit the spaces and weaknesses in Tenerife’s defense, using their pace and positioning to get in behind the opposition.

In summary, Eibar’s tactics will revolve around maintaining a solid defensive structure, controlling the game in midfield, and utilizing their forwards to create scoring chances. This tactical setup has served them well in the past and they will be aiming for success in their match against Tenerife.

Tenerife style of play

Tenerife, the news team, is known for their dynamic and attacking style of play. They have a strong emphasis on possession-based football, with quick and intricate passing movements. Their midfielders are key to their style, as they are responsible for dictating the tempo and creating scoring opportunities. Tenerife players are also adept at pressing the opposition, using their physicality and aggression to win back the ball quickly.

When facing Eibar, Tenerife will look to dominate the game through their possession-based style. They will aim to control the midfield and create goal-scoring chances through their quick passing and movement off the ball. Tenerife’s attackers will look to exploit any defensive weaknesses and get in behind Eibar’s backline.

Eibar style of play

Eibar is known for its distinctive style of play that emphasizes quick and precise passing, high pressing, and an aggressive attacking approach. The team’s philosophy is based on maintaining possession, creating a fast-paced tempo, and constantly putting pressure on the opposition.

Eibar’s style of play is characterized by their ability to build from the back and play out from defense with short passes. The defenders are comfortable on the ball and are required to contribute to the team’s attacking play by creating passing lanes and making forward runs.

The midfield is the engine room of the team, with players often interchanging positions and displaying versatility in their roles. The midfielders are responsible for controlling the game, dictating the tempo, and providing creative solutions in the final third.

Eibar’s attacking players are encouraged to take risks and be decisive in their decision-making. The team focuses on creating numerical advantages in the final third, with quick combinations and intelligent movement off the ball.

In terms of defensive organization, Eibar employs a high pressing strategy to win back possession quickly. The players work together as a cohesive unit to apply pressure on the opposition and force turnovers. The defenders are proactive in their defending and look to intercept passes and initiate counter-attacks.

Key elements of Eibar’s style of play:

  1. Quick and precise passing
  2. High pressing and proactive defending
  3. Aggressive attacking approach
  4. Building from the back
  5. Creating numerical advantages in the final third

In summary, Eibar’s style of play is based on an attractive and attacking brand of football, with an emphasis on quick passing, high pressing, and intelligent movement off the ball. Their philosophy focuses on control, creativity, and an adventurous mindset that aims to entertain the fans and achieve positive results on the pitch.

Tenerife recent form

Tenerife has been in good form recently, with a string of positive results. They have won five of their last six matches, including an impressive victory against a strong Valencia side. The team has been playing with confidence and determination, showing excellent teamwork and skill on the pitch.

In their most recent match, Tenerife displayed their attacking prowess by scoring four goals against their opponents. The team’s forwards have been in fine form, consistently finding the back of the net and creating scoring opportunities.

In addition to their strong attacking play, Tenerife has also been solid defensively. They have only conceded three goals in their last six matches, demonstrating their ability to keep their opponents at bay.

Tenerife’s recent form bodes well for their upcoming match against Eibar. The team will be looking to continue their winning streak and secure another important victory. With their current form and confidence, Tenerife will be a force to be reckoned with.

Eibar recent form

Eibar team news is updated regularly to keep fans informed about the latest updates and line-ups. The team is known for its determination and hard work, always striving to give their best on the field. In their recent matches, Eibar has shown great form and consistency, with a series of impressive performances. They have managed to secure important victories and crucial points against strong opponents.

The team has a strong defensive line that has proven to be hard to break. They have also displayed great attacking prowess, with their strikers consistently finding the back of the net. The midfield has been the heartbeat of the team, controlling the flow of the game and creating scoring opportunities for the forwards. Eibar’s recent form is a testament to their skill, dedication, and teamwork.

Stay tuned for the latest news and updates on Eibar’s upcoming matches and their performance on the field. The team’s commitment and determination make every match an exciting one to watch.

Tenerife head-to-head record

In the team news ahead of their match against Eibar, Tenerife will be looking to improve on their head-to-head record. In their previous encounters, Eibar has had the upper hand, winning four out of the last five matches between the two teams.

Despite Tenerife’s efforts, they have struggled to find success against Eibar in recent years. The last time they defeated Eibar was back in 2017, with a convincing 3-1 victory.

Eibar, on the other hand, has been dominant in their clashes with Tenerife. They have consistently outperformed their opponents and have been able to secure valuable wins.

As Tenerife prepares for their upcoming match against Eibar, they will need to analyze their previous encounters and look for ways to turn the tide in their favor. It will be a challenging task, but with proper preparation and determination, Tenerife has the potential to break their losing streak against Eibar.

Eibar head-to-head record

The head-to-head record between Eibar and Tenerife provides an interesting insight into their previous encounters. The two teams have faced each other multiple times in various competitions.

According to the latest news, both teams have been preparing rigorously for their upcoming clash. The Eibar team is expected to field a strong lineup, including their key players, who have been in excellent form lately.

Looking at their head-to-head record, Eibar has had the upper hand in recent meetings with Tenerife. They have secured a number of victories, showcasing their dominance over their opponents. This has built confidence within the Eibar team.

However, Tenerife is no pushover and has proven to be a tough opponent for Eibar in the past. They have managed to secure victories of their own, ensuring that this clash will be highly competitive.

As the two teams go head-to-head once again, both will be looking to add to their respective wins in their head-to-head record. The players will be eager to make their mark and contribute to their team’s success on the field.

Overall, this clash between Eibar and Tenerife promises to be an exciting encounter, with both teams vying for victory. The head-to-head record provides an interesting backdrop to the match, highlighting the competitiveness and talent of both sides.

Eibar Tenerife
Wins: 7 Wins: 4
Draws: 3 Draws: 3
Losses: 4 Losses: 7

Tenerife latest news

Tenerife is gearing up for their upcoming match against Eibar, with the latest news surrounding the team grabbing attention. As they brace themselves for the clash, Tenerife is focusing on their strategies and training hard to secure a victory.

Head coach Juan Ramon Lopez Muniz is keeping a close eye on the performance of his players during practice sessions. He wants to make sure that they are in the best possible shape for the match against Eibar. The team has been working on both their offensive and defensive tactics to outsmart their opponents on the field.

Key player updates

Tenerife’s star striker, Alexander Mesa, is expected to be the driving force behind the team’s attack. With his exceptional goal-scoring abilities, he will be a crucial player for Tenerife in their quest for victory. Mesa’s speed, agility, and accurate finishing have made him a fan favorite and a nightmare for opposing defenders.

Another important player for Tenerife is their captain and midfield maestro, Carlos Ruiz. Known for his exceptional vision and passing ability, Ruiz will play a pivotal role in controlling the tempo of the game and creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. His leadership on the field will be crucial in guiding Tenerife to success against Eibar.

Injury concerns

However, there are some injury concerns ahead of the game. Tenerife’s experienced defender, Alberto Jimenez, sustained a minor ankle injury during a recent training session. The medical staff is working tirelessly to get him fit in time for the match against Eibar. His absence would be a blow to the team’s defense, but Tenerife remains hopeful that he will recover in time.

Overall, Tenerife is optimistic about their chances against Eibar. With their dedicated training and key players in form, they are determined to secure a favorable result. The fans can expect an exciting and competitive match as Tenerife takes on Eibar in this highly anticipated showdown.

Eibar latest news

Eibar is a team from Spain that will be facing Tenerife. They are known for their strong defense and disciplined playing style. Eibar’s team consists of skilled and experienced players who have been performing well in the league. They have been training hard and are determined to showcase their abilities in the upcoming match against Tenerife.

Key Players

Some of the key players to watch out for in Eibar’s team include their captain, who is a talented midfielder known for his passing accuracy and leadership skills. Another important player is their striker, who has a natural ability to score goals and create opportunities for his teammates. Eibar’s defense is solid, thanks to their center-back, who is strong in aerial duels and positioning.

Team Strategy

Eibar’s team strategy revolves around maintaining possession and controlling the tempo of the game. They prioritize defensive solidity and quick counter-attacks to catch their opponents off guard. Their coach emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and hard work, which has helped them achieve success in previous matches. Eibar will be looking to dominate the game with their organized playing style and strong team chemistry.

Overall, Eibar is a team that has been performing consistently and has the potential to secure a victory against Tenerife.

Tenerife social media updates

Stay up to date with the latest news on Tenerife’s social media channels. The team’s official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provide regular updates on matches, player interviews, and behind-the-scenes content. Follow Tenerife on social media to get exclusive content and interact with fellow fans.

Tenerife’s Twitter account

Follow Tenerife’s official Twitter account (@TenerifeCF) to get live match updates, post-match analysis, and exclusive player interviews. Stay informed about the team’s performance, upcoming fixtures, and any injury news. Engage with other fans and participate in live Q&A sessions with players and coaching staff.

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Eibar social media updates

Stay tuned to Eibar’s social media channels for the latest news and updates on the upcoming match against Tenerife. The team is working hard in preparation for the game and fans can expect to see exciting content on Eibar’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. From behind-the-scenes footage to exclusive interviews with players and coaches, Eibar’s social media platforms provide a unique insight into the team’s journey.

Follow Eibar on Twitter for live match updates, including scores, goals, and key moments. Get instant reactions and analysis from the club’s social media team as they provide in-depth coverage of the game. Engage with fellow fans and join the conversation using the official hashtags for the match. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for exclusive competitions and giveaways!

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Tenerife official website

Tenerife, also known as the Club Deportivo Tenerife, is a football team based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. The team competes in the Segunda Division, the second tier of Spanish football.

The Tenerife official website is a reliable source for the latest news and updates about the team. Fans can visit the website to stay informed about the team’s upcoming matches, player transfers, and other important announcements.

The website features articles, match reports, and analysis written by experts who closely follow the team. Fans can also find information about ticket sales, team merchandise, and how to become a member of the Tenerife supporters’ club.

News Section

The news section of the Tenerife official website is constantly updated with the latest happenings in and around the team. Fans can find match previews, press releases, and interviews with the players and coaching staff.

The news section also covers important events such as player injuries, suspensions, and transfers. It provides fans with an inside look at the team’s preparations for upcoming matches and insights into the tactics and strategies employed by the coaching staff.

Team Section

The team section of the Tenerife official website provides detailed information about the players, coaching staff, and the team’s history. Fans can learn about each player’s statistics, achievements, and playing style.

The team section also features profiles of the coaching staff, providing fans with insights into the team’s strategies and training methods. It allows fans to get to know the people behind the scenes who contribute to the team’s success.

Overall, the Tenerife official website is a valuable resource for fans who want to stay updated about the team’s news, matches, and players. It is the go-to source for all things Tenerife.

Eibar official website

Eibar’s official website is a valuable resource for fans looking for the latest team news and updates. The website provides a comprehensive coverage of the Eibar team, offering in-depth analysis and news articles on a variety of topics.

Whether you are looking for information on the upcoming match against Tenerife or want to catch up on the latest team news, the Eibar official website is the go-to source. The website features detailed match previews, including probable line-ups and injury updates, giving fans an insight into the team’s preparations.

In addition to the latest news and analysis, the Eibar official website also provides fans with exclusive interviews with players and staff, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the team’s day-to-day activities. From player profiles to match highlights, the website covers all aspects of the Eibar team.

Stay updated on Eibar’s progress

With the Eibar official website, fans can stay informed about all the important updates and happenings of the team. Whether it’s transferring news, injury updates, or upcoming fixtures, the website is a one-stop-shop for all Eibar fans.

For those who want to stay connected with the team on social media, the Eibar official website provides links to the team’s official social media accounts. Fans can follow the team on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get real-time updates and interact with fellow supporters.

Overall, the Eibar official website is a must-visit for anyone looking to stay updated on the latest team news, match updates, and exclusive content. With its comprehensive coverage and user-friendly interface, the website is a valuable resource for Eibar fans around the world.

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Eibar tickets

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Tenerife vs Eibar Match

The highly anticipated match between Tenerife and Eibar is set to take place soon. Both teams have been in good form lately, and their clash promises to be a thrilling encounter.

Latest Updates

As the match draws nearer, the latest updates regarding ticket availability will be shared here. Make sure to check back regularly to get the most up-to-date information.

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Tenerife fan forums

Tenerife and Eibar are two teams that will be facing each other in an upcoming match. This has generated a lot of interest among football fans, especially those who support Tenerife. To discuss the match and other related topics, many fans have turned to Tenerife fan forums.

1. TenerifeFCForum

TenerifeFCForum is a popular online community where Tenerife fans gather to discuss everything related to the team. From match predictions to player performances and transfer rumors, you can find it all on this forum. The discussions are lively, and fans often express their opinions passionately.

2. CanaryTalk

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Eibar fan forums

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Who is expected to start for Tenerife?

The starting XI for Tenerife will likely include players like Sergio González, Jorge Padilla, Nikola Šipčić, Álex Muñoz, and Joselu Moreno.

What is the injury update for Tenerife?

Tenerife currently has no major injuries and all players are available for selection.

Is there any recent form to consider for Eibar?

Eibar has been struggling in their recent matches, with only one win in their last five games.

Who are the key players to watch out for in the match?

For Tenerife, Joselu Moreno and Álex Bermejo have been in great form and will be key players to watch out for. For Eibar, Bryan Gil and Kike García are players to look out for.

What are the predicted line-ups for both teams?

The predicted line-up for Tenerife is expected to be Sergio González, Jorge Padilla, Nikola Šipčić, Álex Muñoz, Alex Bermejo, Nono, Aitor Sanz, Samuel Shashoua, Suso Santana, and Joselu Moreno. For Eibar, the predicted line-up is expected to be Yoel Rodríguez, Esteban Burgos, Anaitz Arbilla, Sergio Álvarez, Alejandro Pozo, Edu Expósito, Michael Olunga, Yoshinori Muto, Rafa Soares, Pape Diop, and Sergi Enrich.

What is the team news for Tenerife vs Eibar?

The latest team news for Tenerife vs Eibar is yet to be announced. Both teams will reveal their line-ups closer to the match.

Who are the key players to watch in the Tenerife vs Eibar match?

Some key players to watch in the Tenerife vs Eibar match could be Lionel Messi for Tenerife and Sergio Enrich for Eibar. These players have been in great form lately and could make a big impact on the game.

What are the predicted line-ups for Tenerife vs Eibar?

The predicted line-ups for Tenerife vs Eibar are as follows:

What is the recent form of Tenerife and Eibar?

Tenerife has been in good form recently, winning four out of their last five matches. Eibar, on the other hand, has struggled and has only won one out of their last five matches.

Are there any injury concerns for Tenerife or Eibar?

There are no major injury concerns for Tenerife or Eibar at the moment. Both teams have a full squad available for the match.