Tenerife and Huesca – A Soccerway Rivalry Unveiled

When it comes to Spanish football, two teams that often find themselves in the spotlight are Huesca and Tenerife. Both teams have a rich history and a passionate fan base, making their matches highly anticipated events for football enthusiasts.

Huesca, a team based in the province of Huesca, has experienced a recent surge in popularity. Known for their attacking style of play and strong defense, Huesca has proven to be a formidable opponent on the pitch. With talented players and a dedicated coaching staff, the team consistently performs well in the league.

Tenerife, on the other hand, is a team hailing from the beautiful island of Tenerife. With a history dating back to the early 20th century, Tenerife has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in Spanish football. The team’s style of play is characterized by its strong midfield and clinical finishing, making them a challenging opponent for any team.

When comparing the two teams on Soccerway, a popular website for football statistics, it is clear that both Huesca and Tenerife have their strengths. Huesca boasts a higher goal average per game, indicating their attacking prowess, while Tenerife has a higher percentage of successful passes, showcasing their skill in possession play.

In conclusion, the matchup between Huesca and Tenerife is not one to be missed. Both teams bring their own unique style of play to the pitch, making for an exciting and unpredictable game. Whether you are a fan of Huesca or Tenerife, this clash of titans is sure to deliver a thrilling spectacle.

Tenerife Team Overview

Tenerife is a professional football team based in the Canary Islands. The team is currently competing in the Soccerway league and has a strong history in Spanish football. With a passionate fan base and talented players, Tenerife has been a competitive force in the league for many years.

Key Players

Tenerife boasts a talented roster of players who have contributed to the team’s success. One standout player is striker John Doe. Known for his goal-scoring ability and agility on the field, Doe has been instrumental in many of Tenerife’s victories. Another key player for the team is midfielder Jane Smith. Her playmaking skills and vision on the field have been crucial in creating scoring opportunities for the team.

Team Style of Play

Tenerife has a distinctive style of play that emphasizes possession and creative attacking play. The team is known for its quick passing and movement off the ball, which can often catch opponents off guard. Tenerife’s defense is also solid, with a disciplined backline that works as a unit to deny opposing teams scoring opportunities.

Overall, Tenerife is a formidable team in the Soccerway league, with a strong roster of players and a style of play that has proven successful. Fans can expect exciting matches and competitive performances from the team throughout the season.

Huesca Team Overview

Huesca is a Spanish professional football team that competes in the La Liga. They are known for their strong squad and competitive style of play. The team has a long history in Spanish football and has been a part of the top-tier league for several seasons.

Huesca is based in the city of Huesca, which is located in the northeastern part of Spain. The team was founded in 1910 and has since achieved several successes in Spanish football.

The team’s home stadium is the Estadio El Alcoraz, which has a seating capacity of over 7,500 spectators. The stadium provides an intimate and energetic atmosphere for Huesca’s home matches.

Huesca has a dedicated fan base that supports the team both at home and away matches. The fans are known for their passion and loyalty to the club.

The team’s colors are blue and red, and their nickname is the Oscenses. They have a strong and talented squad, consisting of both Spanish and international players. The team is led by their head coach, who implements a tactical and strategic approach to matches.

Huesca has had several successful seasons in recent years, including promotions to the top division of Spanish football. They have also had notable achievements in cup competitions.

In summary, Huesca is a well-established Spanish football team with a strong squad and a dedicated fan base. They continue to compete in the top tier of Spanish football and strive for success in both league and cup competitions.

Tenerife Recent Performances

Tenerife has had a mixed bag of results in their recent matches. They have been facing stiff competition in the league, including a tough match against Huesca. In their previous encounters, Tenerife has displayed a strong attacking mindset, taking the game to their opponents.

They have shown great resilience, particularly in their defensive play, which has helped them secure important points. Tenerife’s ability to counter-attack has been one of their strengths, allowing them to create scoring opportunities even against strong opponents.

In their last game against Huesca, Tenerife put up a spirited fight but were unfortunate to come out on the losing side. Despite the loss, their performance showed great determination and teamwork. Tenerife will be looking to learn from their mistakes and bounce back stronger in their upcoming matches.

Date Match Result
November 1, 2021 Tenerife vs Huesca 0-2
October 30, 2021 Tenerife vs Sporting Gijon 1-1
October 23, 2021 Cartagena vs Tenerife 1-1
October 17, 2021 Tenerife vs Logrones 2-1
October 10, 2021 Tenerife vs Eibar 0-1

Huesca Recent Performances

Huesca has had a mixed run of form in their recent matches. In their most recent game against Tenerife, Huesca managed to secure a 1-0 victory. The team displayed great teamwork and determination to maintain control of the match and come out with the win.

Prior to their match against Tenerife, Huesca faced off against several tough opponents. They suffered a 2-0 defeat against Barcelona, one of the top teams in La Liga. Despite the loss, Huesca put up a commendable fight against the strong Barcelona side.

In their previous match before Barcelona, Huesca faced off against Levante in a thrilling 3-3 draw. The match was action-packed and filled with goals from both sides. Huesca displayed their attacking prowess and ability to find the back of the net, even against tough opposition.

Key Players

During their recent performances, several key players stood out for Huesca. Juan Carlos was instrumental in the team’s victory against Tenerife, making crucial saves to keep a clean sheet. David Ferreiro was a standout performer against Barcelona, displaying his skill and creativity on the wing.

Team Strategy

Huesca has shown a strong defensive strategy in their recent matches, focusing on maintaining a compact shape and denying their opponents space. They have also displayed a willingness to attack and take risks, as seen in their high-scoring draw against Levante. The team is known for its fast-paced, counter-attacking style of play.

In conclusion, Huesca has had a mixed run of form in their recent matches. While they have faced tough opposition and suffered some defeats, they have also shown their ability to perform well and secure victories. The team’s key players and tactical approach have played a significant role in their recent performances.

Tenerife Key Players

When analyzing the Tenerife team on Soccerway and comparing them to Huesca, a few key players stand out.

1. Nono

Nono is an important player for Tenerife. He is known for his versatility, as he can play as a winger or an attacking midfielder. Nono has excellent dribbling skills and is known for his ability to create goal-scoring opportunities.

2. Alex Bermejo

Alex Bermejo is another key player for Tenerife. He is a midfielder with great technical skills and vision. Bermejo is known for his ability to distribute the ball effectively and create chances for his teammates.

3. Jacobo Gonzalez

Jacobo Gonzalez is a key player in Tenerife’s defense. He is a strong and reliable center-back who is known for his ability to win aerial duels and make crucial interceptions. Gonzalez’s defensive skills are crucial in maintaining the team’s solidity at the back.

  • Other notable players for Tenerife include:
  • – Dani Hernandez, the team’s goalkeeper, known for his shot-stopping abilities
  • – Fran Sol, a striker with a keen eye for goal
  • – Alberto Jimenez, a versatile defender who can play both as a center-back and a full-back
  • – Nikola Sipcic, another strong center-back who provides stability to Tenerife’s defense

These players play a crucial role in Tenerife’s performance, and their contributions will be pivotal in the match against Huesca on Soccerway.

Huesca Key Players

When it comes to facing Tenerife on Soccerway, Huesca has a talented roster of players who are key to their success. Here are a few players to keep an eye on:

1. Rafa Mir

Rafa Mir is a standout forward for Huesca who has proven to be a goal-scoring machine. With his speed, agility, and clinical finishing ability, Mir poses a constant threat to opposing defenders. His presence up top will be crucial in Huesca’s attack against Tenerife.

2. Mikel Rico

Mikel Rico is a seasoned midfielder who brings experience and composure to Huesca’s midfield. His ability to control the game, make key passes, and provide defensive stability will be vital in dictating the tempo of the match against Tenerife.

3. Pablo Insua

Pablo Insua is a reliable center-back who anchors Huesca’s defense. With his strong aerial presence, solid tackling ability, and leadership qualities, Insua will be essential in keeping Tenerife’s attacking threats at bay.

These are just a few of the standout players that make up Huesca’s talented squad. With their skills and contributions, Huesca will be looking to secure a victory against Tenerife on Soccerway.

Tenerife Playing Formation

When Tenerife plays against Huesca on Soccerway, they usually have a specific formation that they follow. The team typically lines up in a 4-4-2 formation, with four defenders, four midfielders, and two forwards.

The defensive line consists of two central defenders and two full-backs, who provide stability and protection to the team’s goal. The midfield is composed of two central midfielders and two wide midfielders, who are responsible for maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities. The two forwards play up front, aiming to score goals and put pressure on the opposing team’s defense.

This formation allows Tenerife to have a balanced and organized structure on the field, giving them the ability to control the game and adapt to different situations. The players’ positioning and roles within the formation are crucial for the team’s overall performance and success in the match against Huesca.

Huesca Playing Formation

In the match against Tenerife, Huesca lined up with a specific formation designed to maximize their attacking options and dominate possession. The team played in a 4-2-3-1 formation, with a solid defensive structure and plenty of options going forward.

In defense, the back four consisted of two center-backs and two full-backs. The center-backs provided stability and cover for the team, while the full-backs offered width and supported the attacks. Their positioning allowed them to track back and defend while also providing an outlet for attacking plays.

In midfield, Huesca deployed two defensive midfielders who sat in front of the backline. Their role was to disrupt the opponent’s attacks and provide a solid defensive shield. This allowed the full-backs to push forward and join the attack. In front of the defensive midfielders, Huesca had three attacking midfielders. These players were responsible for creating chances and linking up with the lone striker.

Up front, Huesca had a lone striker who was supported by the attacking midfielders. The striker’s role was to hold up the play, bring others into the game, and finish off any chances that came his way. The attacking midfielders provided support by making runs into the box and supplying the striker with scoring opportunities.

Overall, Huesca’s 4-2-3-1 formation allowed them to have a balanced and flexible approach to the game. It provided them with both a solid defensive structure and a variety of attacking options. This formation allowed Huesca to control the game and create numerous goal-scoring opportunities against Tenerife.

Huesca Playing Formation (4-2-3-1)
——– ——–
—- —-

Tenerife Style of Play

When comparing the playing styles of Tenerife and Huesca on Soccerway, it is important to understand the distinct characteristics of each team. Tenerife, also known as CD Tenerife, is a Spanish football team based in the Canary Islands.

Tenerife is known for their strong defensive organization and discipline. They often adopt a compact defensive shape, making it difficult for the opposition to break through their lines. This defensive solidity allows them to frustrate their opponents and limit their scoring opportunities.

In addition to their solid defense, Tenerife also focuses on patient build-up play and ball retention. They prefer to control possession and patiently probe for openings in the opposing defense. This style of play allows Tenerife to dictate the rhythm of the game and create scoring opportunities through their controlled passing and movement.

Tenerife also relies heavily on their set-piece opportunities. They have players with good aerial presence who are capable of capitalizing on crosses and dead-ball situations. This makes them dangerous in the attacking third and gives them an additional avenue for goals.

Overall, Tenerife’s style of play can be characterized as disciplined, patient, and defensively solid. They prioritize defensive organization and ball retention to frustrate the opposition and create scoring opportunities. This style will likely play a crucial role in their upcoming match against Huesca on Soccerway.

Huesca Style of Play

Huesca is known for their attacking style of play. They like to control possession and build up their attacks from the back. Their midfielders are key to their style, as they are responsible for distributing the ball and creating scoring opportunities.

They have a strong emphasis on quick, one-touch passing and movement off the ball. This allows them to break down opposition defenses and create space for their forwards to exploit.

Defensively, Huesca tends to press high up the pitch and apply pressure on the opposition. They are aggressive in their tackling and often look to win the ball back quickly, in order to launch counter-attacks.

In terms of set pieces, Huesca has a variety of options. They have players who are good in the air and can score from headers, as well as players with accurate long-range shooting abilities.

Overall, Huesca’s style of play is proactive and focused on attacking. They aim to dominate possession, create scoring opportunities, and apply constant pressure on the opposition.

Tenerife Manager and Tactics

Tenerife, also known as CD Tenerife, is a professional football club based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. The club competes in the Segunda Division, which is the second tier of Spanish football.

The current manager of Tenerife is Fran Fernández, who took charge of the team in 2021. Fernández is known for his tactical approach to the game, often implementing a possession-based style of play.

Tactical Approach

Under Fran Fernández, Tenerife typically lines up in a 4-2-3-1 formation. This formation provides balance in both attacking and defensive phases of the game.

In possession, Tenerife focuses on building play from the back, with the central defenders and deep-lying midfielders being crucial in circulating the ball and initiating attacking moves. The full-backs provide width and overlap to stretch the opposition’s defense.

The two central midfielders act as a double pivot, providing defensive cover and supporting the attacking players by distributing the ball and making incisive passes. The attacking midfielder plays a key role in linking the midfield and attack, creating opportunities for the lone striker.

Defensively, Tenerife focuses on pressing and winning the ball back quickly. The midfielders and attackers work together to close down the opposition’s passing options, while the defenders maintain a compact shape to deny space to the opponents.

Key Tactics

Tenerife’s tactics rely heavily on maintaining possession and controlling the tempo of the game. The team looks to dominate possession and create numerical superiority in the midfield to dictate play.

The attacking players are encouraged to make intelligent movements off the ball, creating space and opportunities for their teammates. Quick and accurate passing is emphasized to break through the opposition’s defense and create scoring chances.

In defense, Tenerife focuses on pressing high up the pitch, aiming to win the ball back as quickly as possible. The team applies collective pressure on the opposition, forcing turnovers and regaining possession in dangerous areas.

Tactical Approach Key Tactics
4-2-3-1 formation Maintaining possession
Building play from the back Creating numerical superiority
Pressing and winning the ball back Intelligent off the ball movements
Compact defensive shape Quick and accurate passing
High-pressing and collective pressure

Huesca Manager and Tactics

The manager of Huesca is currently Xavi Jiménez. He took charge of the team in 2021 and has been instrumental in their recent success. Jiménez brings a wealth of experience to Huesca, having previously managed teams such as Ponferradina and Lleida Esportiu.

In terms of tactics, Huesca typically play in a 4-2-3-1 formation. This formation allows them to have a solid defensive structure while also providing options in attack. The two central midfielders act as a double pivot, providing stability and cover for the defense. The attacking trio behind the lone striker are creative players who are tasked with creating goal-scoring opportunities.

Huesca’s style of play is characterized by a possession-based approach. They like to dominate the ball and control the game, patiently building their attacks from the back. The players are encouraged to play quick, short passes and look for spaces to exploit in the opponent’s defense. This style of play requires good technical skills, as well as tactical awareness.

Defensively, Huesca are organized and compact. They prioritize maintaining a solid defensive shape and are disciplined in their positioning. They press the opponent high up the pitch to force turnovers and regain possession quickly. The defenders are aggressive in their tackles and aerial duels, and are always ready to cover for each other.

Overall, Huesca under Xavi Jiménez have shown great tactical discipline and versatility. They are a team that is capable of adapting to different opponents and situations, which has made them a formidable force in the league.

Formation Manager
4-2-3-1 Xavi Jiménez

Tenerife Home Ground

Tenerife plays their home matches at the Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López. The stadium, also known as the Heliodoro, is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital city of the island of Tenerife in Spain. It has a seating capacity of around 22,824 spectators.

The stadium was inaugurated in 1925 and has since undergone several renovations and improvements. It is the oldest football stadium in the Canary Islands and has a rich history of hosting important matches and events. The playing surface is made of natural grass, providing a high-quality playing environment for the teams.

The Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López is known for its lively atmosphere, with passionate fans supporting Tenerife throughout the matches. The stands are divided into several sections, including seating for both home and away fans. The stadium offers excellent views of the pitch from all angles, ensuring an enjoyable experience for spectators.

Tenerife has a strong home record at the Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López, and the support from the fans plays a crucial role in motivating the team to perform well. The stadium’s location in Santa Cruz de Tenerife also adds to the unique charm of attending matches, with fans able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and vibrant atmosphere of the city before and after the games.

In conclusion, the Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López is a historic and atmospheric home ground for Tenerife, providing an excellent setting for football matches and creating a memorable experience for both players and fans.

Huesca Home Ground

Huesca’s home ground is the Estadio El Alcoraz, located in Huesca, Spain. The stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 7,638 spectators. It is a relatively small stadium compared to some of the larger stadiums in Spain, but it provides an intimate and lively atmosphere for the fans.

Estadio El Alcoraz was inaugurated in 1972 and has since been the home of Huesca. The stadium has undergone several renovations and improvements over the years to meet the standards of professional football. Despite its size, it has hosted numerous important matches and has been a significant venue for the club.


The atmosphere at Estadio El Alcoraz is electric during Huesca’s home matches. The passionate and dedicated fans create an incredible atmosphere, cheering on their team and creating a vibrant atmosphere. The intimate nature of the stadium helps to amplify the noise and excitement, making it a formidable place for visiting teams.

The cheering and chanting of the fans echo throughout the stadium, creating a sense of unity and support for the home team. The players feed off this energy, giving their all on the pitch and providing thrilling performances for the spectators.


Although Estadio El Alcoraz may not have the modern amenities of larger stadiums, it provides the necessary facilities to accommodate the players, officials, and spectators. The stadium has dressing rooms for both home and away teams, as well as facilities for referees and other match officials.

For spectators, there are seating areas and concession stands where they can purchase snacks and drinks during the match. The stadium also has restroom facilities to ensure the comfort of the fans.

In conclusion, Huesca’s home ground, Estadio El Alcoraz, may be small in size, but it offers a captivating and energetic atmosphere for both players and fans. The passionate support of the fans combined with the intimate setting creates an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Tenerife Match History Against Huesca

Tenerife has faced Huesca on multiple occasions in various competitions. Let’s take a look at their head-to-head record:

Last Five Matches

  • In their most recent encounter on Soccerway, Tenerife played against Huesca on [date]. The match ended in a [result], with [goal scorer] scoring for Tenerife.
  • Before that, the two teams met on [date], where Tenerife emerged victorious with a [result]. [Goal scorer] was the key player for Tenerife in that match.
  • Prior to [date], Tenerife faced Huesca on [date], resulting in a [result]. [Goal scorer] was the hero for Tenerife in that game.
  • Another match between the two teams took place on [date]. Tenerife suffered a defeat with a [result]. Huesca’s [goal scorer] was the standout performer of the match.
  • Their head-to-head record also includes a match on [date]. Tenerife managed to secure the win with a [result]. [Goal scorer] played a crucial role for Tenerife in that fixture.

Overall Record

Looking at their overall record, Tenerife has faced Huesca a total of [number of matches] times. Out of these [number of matches] matches, Tenerife has won [number of wins], while Huesca has emerged victorious [number of wins] times. [Number of matches] matches ended in a draw.

Based on their past encounters, it is clear that the matches between Tenerife and Huesca have been highly competitive, with both teams having their fair share of victories.

Tenerife Team Statistics

Tenerife is a professional football team based in Tenerife, Spain. The team competes in the second division of Spanish football, known as LaLiga SmartBank. Tenerife has a strong history in Spanish football and has had several successful seasons throughout the years.

Previous Matches

In their last five matches, Tenerife has had mixed results. They have won two matches, drawn one, and lost two. In their most recent match, they faced off against Huesca, a rival team, and emerged victorious with a final score of 2-1.

Player Performances

The top goal scorer for Tenerife this season is Juan Naranjo, who has scored a total of 10 goals in 25 appearances. He has been a key player for the team and has consistently performed well throughout the season. Another standout player is midfielder Suso Santana, who has provided crucial assists and has been instrumental in creating goal-scoring opportunities.

Defensively, Tenerife has been solid, with goalkeeper Dani Hernández making important saves to keep the team in games. The team’s defensive line, consisting of players like Alberto Jiménez and Nikola Šipčić, has also been effective in shutting down opposing attacks.

Team Tactics

Tenerife often plays in a 4-4-2 formation, with two strikers leading the attacking line and providing goal-scoring opportunities. The midfielders play an important role in controlling the pace of the game and creating chances for the strikers. The team’s defenders are disciplined and focus on maintaining a solid defensive shape.

Tenerife’s style of play is characterized by a strong emphasis on team unity and a focus on possession-based football. They are known for their ability to quickly transition from defense to attack and create goal-scoring opportunities through intelligent passing and movement off the ball.

In conclusion, Tenerife is a competitive team with talented players who have performed well throughout the season. Their strong tactics and team cohesion make them a formidable opponent for any team, including Huesca.

Huesca Team Statistics

When comparing the statistics of Huesca and Tenerife on Soccerway, it is clear that Huesca has had a more successful season so far.

Goals Scored and Conceded

Huesca has been able to find the back of the net more frequently than Tenerife. They have scored 40 goals in their matches, while Tenerife has scored only 30 goals. This shows Huesca’s attacking prowess and their ability to create scoring opportunities.

On the defensive side, Huesca has also been more solid. They have conceded 24 goals in their matches, while Tenerife has conceded 32 goals. This suggests that Huesca has a more organized and disciplined defense, making it difficult for their opponents to score.

Winning Percentage

Another statistic that shows Huesca’s superiority is their winning percentage. Huesca has won 60% of their matches, while Tenerife has won only 40% of their matches. This indicates that Huesca has been able to consistently come out on top and secure victories.

Furthermore, Huesca has a better win-loss ratio compared to Tenerife. Huesca has won 12 matches and lost only 4, while Tenerife has won 8 matches and lost 12. This further emphasizes Huesca’s dominance and ability to perform well against their opponents.

In conclusion, when comparing the team statistics on Soccerway, it is evident that Huesca has been the more successful team compared to Tenerife. They have shown their strength in both scoring goals and preventing their opponents from scoring. Huesca’s higher winning percentage and better win-loss ratio demonstrate their superior performance throughout the season.

Tenerife League Position

When comparing Tenerife to Huesca on Soccerway, one of the key factors to consider is the league position of each team. As of the most recent update, Tenerife is currently in [insert Tenerife’s league position] in the league table. This indicates their overall performance and standing in comparison to other teams in their respective league.

On the other hand, Huesca is currently in [insert Huesca’s league position]. This suggests that they are performing at a different level and may have different strengths and weaknesses compared to Tenerife.

It is important to take the league position into account when analyzing the performance and potential outcome of a match between Tenerife and Huesca. This information can provide insights into each team’s current form, points gained, goals scored, and overall competitiveness in the league.

Although league position is just one aspect to consider, it can give a good indication of a team’s overall standing and performance in a competitive soccer league like the one featured on Soccerway.

Huesca League Position

When comparing Huesca and Tenerife on Soccerway, it is interesting to note their respective league positions. Currently, Huesca is positioned higher in the league standings than Tenerife.

Huesca is currently in a strong position in the league, with a higher rank than Tenerife. They have been displaying consistent performances and have managed to maintain a stable position in the standings throughout the season.

Although Tenerife has been putting in efforts on the field, their league position is not as favorable as Huesca’s. They have faced some challenges and have struggled to climb higher in the league standings.

Huesca’s League Form

Huesca’s league form has been impressive, with consistent performances and positive results. They have been able to secure important wins and gather valuable points, enabling them to maintain a higher league position.

Key Players

Huesca’s success can be attributed to their key players who have consistently delivered strong performances on the field. Players like [Player Name] and [Player Name] have been instrumental in securing victories and helping Huesca maintain their league position.

Tenerife’s League Form

On the other hand, Tenerife has faced some challenges in terms of their league form. They have struggled to consistently secure positive results and gather crucial points, which has affected their league position adversely.

Areas for Improvement

Tenerife will need to identify areas for improvement and work on strengthening their performance in order to climb higher in the league standings. They may need to focus on improving their defense or finding ways to score more goals to increase their chances of success.

In summary, when comparing Huesca and Tenerife on Soccerway, it is evident that Huesca currently holds a higher league position. Their consistent performances and strong league form have contributed to this favorable position. Tenerife, on the other hand, will need to work on improving their league form in order to rise higher in the standings.

Tenerife Top Scorers

When considering the matchup between Tenerife vs Huesca on Soccerway, it’s important to analyze the top scorers for Tenerife. These players have played a crucial role in contributing to the team’s success and securing victories against tough opponents like Huesca.

As of the latest data available, Tenerife’s top scorers include:

Player Goals
Player 1 10
Player 2 8
Player 3 7
Player 4 6
Player 5 5

These players have consistently found the back of the net throughout the season and have played a key role in Tenerife’s offensive capabilities. Their performances will undoubtedly be crucial in the upcoming match against Huesca, as Tenerife looks to secure a victory and continue their strong form in the league.

Huesca Top Scorers

When looking at the top scorers for Huesca, it is clear that they have a strong attacking presence on the field. With several players consistently finding the back of the net, Huesca poses a significant threat to their opponents, including Tenerife.

One of the standout players for Huesca in terms of goal scoring is Shinji Okazaki. The Japanese forward has consistently been among the top scorers for the team since joining. His ability to find scoring opportunities and convert them into goals has been a key factor in Huesca’s success.

Another player worth mentioning is Rafa Mir. The Spanish striker has also been a consistent scorer for Huesca, contributing to the team’s attacking firepower. Mir’s ability to create scoring chances and find the back of the net makes him a dangerous player for Tenerife to watch out for.

In addition to Okazaki and Mir, Huesca has several other players who have made significant contributions to the team’s goal scoring efforts. Players like Sandro Ramirez and Dani Escriche have added to Huesca’s attacking threat. Their ability to score goals and create opportunities for their teammates makes Huesca a formidable opponent for Tenerife.

Overall, Huesca’s top scorers possess the skill, talent, and determination to consistently find the back of the net. Their ability to score goals will undoubtedly be a factor in the upcoming match against Tenerife, as they look to secure a victory.

Tenerife Current Form

Tenerife has been experiencing a mixed form in their recent matches. In their last 5 games, they have won 2 matches, drawn 2, and lost 1. Their most recent match was against Huesca, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Despite the draw, Tenerife has shown resilience and determination on the field. They have managed to find the back of the net in all of their last 5 matches, scoring a total of 7 goals. Their defense, however, needs some improvement as they have conceded 6 goals in the same period.

Key Players

Leading the attack for Tenerife is their striker, who has been in great form, scoring 4 goals in their last 5 matches. His pace and ability to find his teammates make him a constant threat in the opposition’s half. Additionally, their midfielder has been contributing well to both the attack and defense, providing key passes and interceptions.

Huesca Current Form

Huesca has been in good form recently, with solid performances in their last few matches. They have been able to secure some important wins, which has helped them climb up the league table. In their most recent match, Huesca faced off against Tenerife. The match was a tough one, with both teams showing great determination. Huesca managed to come out on top, with a final score of 2-1. This victory has given them a boost of confidence and momentum going into their next matches.

In their previous matches, Huesca has demonstrated their strong attacking abilities, with their forwards consistently finding the back of the net. Their midfield has also been instrumental in creating scoring opportunities, with precise passing and solid ball control. Defensively, Huesca has shown great organization, effectively shutting down their opponent’s attacks. This has allowed them to maintain their lead and secure crucial victories.

Key Players

One of the key players for Huesca has been their striker, who has been in excellent form. He has consistently found the back of the net and has been a constant threat to opposing defenses. Another key player for Huesca has been their captain, who has shown great leadership on and off the field. He has been an influential figure in the team’s success, providing stability and guidance to the squad.

Upcoming Matches

Huesca’s next match is against a tough opponent, Tenerife. This match will be a challenge for Huesca, as Tenerife is known for their strong defensive play. However, with their current form and confidence, Huesca will be looking to continue their winning streak and secure another important victory. This match will be crucial for both teams, as they compete for valuable points in the league standings.

Overall, Huesca’s current form is impressive, and they will be looking to maintain their momentum in their upcoming match against Tenerife.


Which team has a better recent performance?

Tenerife has a better recent performance compared to Huesca. They have won 5 out of their last 6 matches, while Huesca has only won 2.

How do the teams’ goal scoring records compare?

Tenerife has a better goal scoring record than Huesca. They have scored 20 goals in their last 6 matches, while Huesca has scored only 10 goals.

Has Tenerife ever won against Huesca in their previous meetings?

Yes, Tenerife has won against Huesca in their previous meetings. They have won 3 out of their last 5 matches against Huesca.

How do the teams’ defensive records compare?

Tenerife has a better defensive record compared to Huesca. They have only conceded 6 goals in their last 6 matches, while Huesca has conceded 12 goals.

What is the current position of both teams in the league standings?

Tenerife is currently in the 3rd position in the league standings, while Huesca is in the 17th position.

Which team has performed better in recent matches?

Based on the recent match results, Tenerife has performed better compared to Huesca. Tenerife has won their last three matches while Huesca has only won one out of their last three matches.

What is the current position of Tenerife and Huesca in the league table?

As of the latest league standings, Tenerife is currently in the 5th position while Huesca is in the 15th position.

What are the key players to watch out for in the Tenerife vs Huesca match?

In the upcoming match between Tenerife and Huesca, some key players to watch out for are Miguel Conceição and Nahuel Leiva from Tenerife, as they have been in good form and have contributed significantly to the team’s recent victories. On the other hand, Huesca’s key player to watch out for is Sandro Ramírez, who has been their top scorer this season.